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Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)

( 16y U.S. president)

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Biography Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)
photo Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)
1809 - 1865
Abraham Lincoln, 16 th President of the United States of America, a descendant of Puritan settlers, was born in Kentucky in 1809, in 1817, Mr.. moved with his father in Indiana, then almost uninhabited, and in 1830. - Even further into the west, in Illinois.
The young Lincoln lived at the time the common life of the pioneers of children: from his early years he helped his father in building a house in the field work in the logging and in the hunt. Possessing great physical strength, a purely American energy, resourcefulness and efficiency in danger, he was a farmer, a woodcutter, a hunter, a wandering agent of a trading company, the employees in the post office, a boatman. In 1832, Mr.. he participated as a volunteer in the expedition organized against the Black Falcon - an Indian chief, worries about the white settlers in their raids, here he was selected to captain. Later, he tried to organize their own retail business, but went bankrupt and began to prepare for the title of counsel, tirelessly working on completion of their meager schooling.
In 1836, Mr.. Lincoln passed the exam to counsel; even before he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Illinois. He skillfully mastered the national language; his speech, full of humor, apt comparisons, biblical images, he always knew how to place its students in their favor. He was assisted and reputation of incorruptible honesty. During his travels on business, . He had the opportunity to get acquainted with slavery, and hated it, yet, . however, . He found, . that "the proliferation of theories hostile to slavery (in the form, . in which they arose at the time) is a stronger evil of slavery, . than to eliminate it completely,
. The United States Congress, in letter and spirit of the constitution, no right to interfere in the issue of slavery the individual states of the Union ". This view, . separating from Lincoln's Abolitionist, . pushed him into the ranks of the Whigs, . fought against slavery on the basis of private, . although quite important questions: about slavery in the District of Columbia, . accession of a slave or free state to the Union (Texas), . to abolish the Missouri compromise,
From 1846 to 1848. Lincoln was a member of Congress, in 1854, Mr.. He was again elected to Congress. Whig Party broke up at this time, Lincoln was one of the prominent organizers of the new Republican Party. In 1856, Mr.. Lincoln struggled with Douglas for the Senate seat from Illinois, but was not elected, in the same year he was offered a candidate for the vice presidency, but the election victory of the democratic party.
In 1858, Mr.. Lincoln said, became very popular question of "Discord in the house", . which proved, . that slavery is a source of such discord in the United States and will serve as the death of the Union, . unless revoked; combating needed, . but the direct intervention of the Union in the affairs of individual states would still unconstitutional,
. Nevertheless, indirect measures, for which Lincoln stood, was so dangerous for the slave, that slave states have looked at the possible rise of Lincoln as a great danger. In May, 1860. Republican convention in Chikogo Lincoln elected U.S. presidential candidate, and in November the same year he was elected to this post.
Shortly after this event, the Southern States, at the convention in Charlestown, decided to withdraw from the Union. Valid at the time the president, Democrat Buchanan, acknowledged that the legal department. When March 4, 1861, Mr.. Lincoln assumed office of President, the situation was very difficult. Southern states had to organize, develop a constitution and prepare for war, the treasury of the Union and its arsenal were empty due to the fault Buchanan. In his opening speech Lincoln said, . that he still does not recognize the Union to intervene in the question of slavery in some states, but, . he said, . "I look at the Union, . accordance with the constitution, . as an indivisible whole, and I will faithfully execute the laws in all states of the Union ",
. This conciliatory speech has not led to the goal. Southern States went to war.
During the war, Lincoln found a great energy and administrative ability, and this has immortalized his name. At first he did not want to look at the war as a struggle against slavery and even deprived of power by General Fremont, arbitrarily proclaimed emancipation of slaves in Missouri. But Sept. 22, 1862, Mr.. straits Union forced him to admit all slaves in the Union free; that he drew a lot of blacks in the ranks of the combatants.
In 1864 he was again elected president of the republic. April 9, 1865, Mr.. war ended, and April 14 Lincoln was assassinated in a theater in Washington, a shot from a pistol, a former actor Booth. From the lodge president Booth jumped onto the stage, shouted: "Freedom! South avenged!" and disappeared. After some time he was killed by soldiers during arrest. On the morning of April 15 Lincoln died.

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Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln), photo, biography
Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln), photo, biography Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln)  16y U.S. president, photo, biography
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