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Linkin Park

( Rock)

Comments for Linkin Park
Biography Linkin Park
With Linkin Park was established in 1996 and was originally called Xero. When the team came a new lead singer Chester Bennington, he suggested calling in Hybrid Theory, but for it they lasted not long - it turned out that such a group already exists and is ready to sue plagiarists. So a new star - Linkin Park.
In fact, Linkin Park - is a mangled name''Linkoln Park''-''''Lincoln Park. By the way, Parks named after Abraham Lincoln is in many U.S. cities - for example, in Chicago, Michigan and New Jersey. In honor of the park it was named the team of Chester Bennington's history is silent. By the way, the musicians could not forget his second name''theory''Hybrids, and decided to use it for their debut album. On the cover of the disc Hybrid Theory, they portrayed the soldier with wings. According to Chester warrior symbolizes the rigidity of the group, and transparent wings - on the contrary its softness. Apparently this is a contradictory mix and brings them to success - most recently, they received 2 MTV awards as the best team and as the best rock band the year and their debut album became the biggest selling in the U.S. in 2001.

Linkin Park released their debut album Hybrid Theory 2 times. First, in 2000, and then in 2002, adding there a few bonus tracks, among them - a winter song My December.

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User comments
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  • paxanook for Linkin Park
  • elektra for Linkin Park
  • Excellent performance, high-quality music, interesting videos and music world has long since we did not spoil. -They are true professionals and experts in their own business! Keep it up!
  • Splint for Linkin Park
  • The most gorgeous sporty group of all time ! !
  • mike shinoda for Linkin Park
  • Hi everyone! My name is Mike Shinoda and I am from LP. I found this site in internet and want write a fue words. Great thanks to our russian and ukrainian fans! You are best with us, thank you! MKShinoda
  • Selvi for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park is the most impressive live band. Where else can you find so many? Moreover, such a voice as Chester Bennington still have to search. I think that they make music for all tastes.
  • Teen for Linkin Park
  • Wow! Is true that you've been here himself Mike Shinoda? I love this group!) Mike, you best!
  • Teen for Linkin Park
  • Mike Shinoda perfectly made in Texas! I liked how they sang "Pushing Me Away". His voice is perfect for RAP'a and ... I like their style!
  • linka for Linkin Park
  • Yulia for Linkin Park
  • LP - the most impressive live band! Such emotion and drive does not give me nor any other music. They - the best!
  • DarMiKo for Linkin Park
  • Steepest group in the world! Cool! uuuu! Especially the song California! Well done guys! Keep it up!
  • DarMiKo for Linkin Park
  • Steep Party! All songs are class! Love it!
  • Spectr for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park is the most lutchaya group on earth I like all their songs, in short, is the most afegennaya group of all I znayu.Maykl Shinoda and Chester Bennington rule.
  • Dima for Linkin Park
  • Yes, this group is the most remarkable! I know Chestora, Michael Shindol, and of course the Phoenix fellows you guys expect you to new albums you best
  • Katka for Linkin Park
  • links I have lAfFfF =)
  • Tanyuha for Linkin Park
  • I just love Linkin Park and Chester! He's the best!
  • Anonymous for Linkin Park
  • The most cool group of guys --- so keep ! LP ---- You best !
  • Vitaly for Linkin Park
  • You are my favorite band continues to write!
  • Anonymous for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park it was, is and will be! Fans around the world LP Obedenyaites ! = (Vl @ d-[LP] -250) =
  • Nesti for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park probably the best, the most cool band in the world.
  • Maxim for Linkin Park
  • linkin park cool group who agree to write 442310923
  • 007.AlexS for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park live band of Mike ????!
  • Stacia for Linkin Park
  • vi just super duper
  • dmitriy for Linkin Park
  • generally cool guys. I like it's their music and in general all ROCK
  • Vladyan for Linkin Park
  • Chester, you young man! I look forward to reviews, and Fort Minor, including!
  • (= RocK * LinkA * FaN =) for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park the best of best ... I love Linkin Park ... not me who did not forbid ...))
  • lika for Linkin Park
  • You can download them concert in 2008, look and listen to every day. To date, this is the best group! I love, love, just ???? !
  • Alex for Linkin Park
  • Hi, i am Alex. I am very like Linkin Park! It is very wonderful and important for me group ... i hear yours songs already 5 years and now i can't don't wonder are yours songs, they to inspire many people and i want to wish yours don't stop, please to be with us ... thank yours very much for yours creation and skill ...
  • anyusya for Linkin Park
  • ya laFFF Chesyulku
  • Anyuska for Linkin Park
  • Mmmm ah laFFF scratched
  • ROCK Angel for Linkin Park
  • LINKIN PARK they rule! I adore them and by Chester ???? losing my mind I like Chester, he is the best ! links forever !
  • Jas for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park's most impressive live band. Even those who do not know them surely have heard at least one of their songs.
  • Irishka for Linkin Park
  • figeyu from Linkin park and Fort Minor are coolest group in the world
  • Dasha for Linkin Park
  • I do not think that you can find the same ofigenno group! boys are singing but still make fun plus! is AAAFFFIGGITELLLNYYYYYY plus)))) Chester is the most beautiful))) and Michael most r>))
    and still they 30)))) they are always young)) boys only success ))))) YOU NO ONE WILL WIN)) ))))))!,
  • Dasha for Linkin Park
  • a and ische)) The boys are waiting for new and in your afigitelny beautiful albums))) Michael The same applies to you))) if what I was looking at a concert))) fans only forward))) We have good marshal ))! !
  • Aliska for Linkin Park
  • You are super ! just forget about everything when you listen to this ????????? group))) must go to a concert on July 26 ))))! Mike you are the most ... Uspekhi guys, you always only the first ))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • Aliska for Linkin Park
  • In the first sense ))))))))) agrees alekS Mike the best ...
  • Sveta for Linkin Park
  • guys, you're past those bastards! switched to pop music, do not care about the old fans, Gareth in hell Minutes to Midnight!
  • Pheoni :-) for Linkin Park
  • Linkin park is the best band in the world. I ?? their songs. especially the album Revolution Road. all who share my interests write: ICQ 586975349. E-mail stefen95@gmail.com Shinoda iiit
  • Pheonix :-) for Linkin Park
  • Svetka break into pieces for such charges. What then pop on dick ???! Remember the least What I've Done? Bleed it out / Shadow of the day. So what shut your ebalo and listen to Ramstein Linkin times you do not like.
  • Make for Linkin Park
  • salam, m?n az?rbaycandan siz? yazeram.M?n sizin qrupu ox sevir?m v? dem?k ist?yir?m ki, m?n sizi ox sevir?m.Xahiyu edir?m Bakeya g?l?siniz ox sevin?r?m
  • Vazgen Lp for Linkin Park
  • Linkin Park feet Fort Minor & DBS rule. Sveta herself in hell burning and Ari! A LP the best band in the world.
  • ~ L ~ for Linkin Park
  • This is the only group that at the concerts given in full, and every time as the last. In their statements, "goose bumps on the skin" is so palpable, that as much pain. And this is a real catharsis!
  • LP fan for Linkin Park
  • Linkin park the best of the every one ! I love you very much ! ! iI love all LP but Brad Delson is my love for all my life !
  • Vanya for Linkin Park
  • group just super know all the songs by heart, I trudge on Linkin park
  • [Unregistered] NKVD for Linkin Park
  • I love linkin park very march cool cool cool ....
  • Katakets for Linkin Park
  • love Linkin park. They are the most ??????. continue to create and tear and all.
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