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Granville Stanley Hall

( American psychologist, a representative of the ego-psychology.)

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Biography Granville Stanley Hall
Granville Stanley Hall
Born: February 1, 1844, Ashfild, Massachusetts, USA.
Died: April 24, 1924, Uochester, Massachusetts, USA.
Education: Doctor of Philosophy, Harvard University, 1878.
Hall was born in a small farming town in 1 863 enrolled in Williams College, intending to become a priest. After graduation (in 1867) he enrolled at the United Theological Seminary in New York, and a small stipend - $ 500, received in 1869 - gave him an opportunity to go to Bonn and Berlin, where he also studied philosophy and theology. In 1871 he returned to America - in debt and getting the degree - and began working as a teacher at Antioch College, Ohio, where he became acquainted with the book Wundt's Principles of Physiological Psychology. In 1876 he went to Harvard University, where he became friends with William James and produced a doctoral dissertation - one of the first in psychology at Harvard University and the United States - dedicated to muscular perception of space. Then Hall again went to Germany and studied there at first from Wundt, and later at the Helmholtz. Then he returned to Johns Hopkins in 1883 founded the willows psychological laboratory in a building adjacent to the campus. It is considered the first psychological laboratory operating in the U.S. (laboratory of William James, formed in 1875, mainly used as a training). Four years later, Hall began to publish the American Journal of Psychology, . again thanks to $ 500, . received at this time from the donor anonymous, but it soon became clear, . that the donor had confused experimental psychology with mental health research, . and therefore reversed its contribution to next year,
. Hall used his position of publisher for criticizing the work of James Mac-Kosha, representing a realistic psychology of Scotland, and several other scientists. By the time he sold the magazine to Karl Dallenbahu in 1920, Hall put it about 8000 dollars of your money. In 1883 he founded the Pedagogical Seminary, now - Journal of Genetic Psychology. From 1904 to 1915 he published the Journal of Religious Psychology, and in 1904 founded the Journal of Applied Psychology. In addition, Hall's given credit for the dissemination of psychoanalysis in the U.S.. To mark the twentieth anniversary of foundation of Clark University (1909), he invited Freud and Jung to read the lectures.

Hall's name is not associated with any outstanding empirical research or theoretical formulation of important provisions. However, he was an ardent supporter of evolutionary theory and the theory of recapitulation. This theory, now dethroned, argues that every person in the course of his life once again goes through all the evolutionary stages of mankind. His methods were largely based on questionnaires, and with his students, he developed more than 200 questionnaires on various topics.

In 1888, he left Johns Hopkins to become the first rector of the newly established Clark University, where he worked as a professor of psychology. July 8, 1892, he organized a meeting of twenty-six leading psychologists of the country - James and Dewey were unable to attend - so was founded the American Psychological Association. In the 80's and 90's of XIX century. Hall and James competed among themselves, and the followers of James founded the Psychological Review, in response to the American Journal of Psychology Hall. While James has contributed to the realm of ideas, activities of the Hall was largely organizational.

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Granville Stanley Hall, photo, biography
Granville Stanley Hall, photo, biography Granville Stanley Hall  American psychologist, a representative of the ego-psychology., photo, biography
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