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Smertin BL

( Artist)

Comments for Smertin BL
Biography Smertin BL
Born in 1947 in Rostov-na-Donu.
In 1973 he graduated from Moscow State Art Institute. VISurikova.
Prior to 1988, exhibited drawings.
Since 1988, various exhibitions showing assemblages, installations, sculptures, paintings and graphics.
Since 1967 he lived and worked in Moscow.
Died March 8, 1993 in Moscow
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Tretyakovskoy gallery
. Cultural Foundation of Russia,
. Gallery M `ARS,
. Gallery "Today"
. Memorial Museum of Space in Moscow,
. Museum of Art in New Orleans, USA,
. Fund Cremona in Maryland, USA,
. private collections in Russia, the United States, France,
. Britain, Sweden, Italy, Germany

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1976 lll-e Biennale graphics. Norway;
1979 Biennale of Graphic. Ljubljana. Yugoslavia; 1981 Triennale of European charts. Venice. Italy
1981 Group Exhibition of Artists in Moscow. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1982 Man and Space. Paris;
1983 Exhibition of Soviet machine graphics. Sweden, Belgium, Finland;
1983 Contemporary Soviet art. Mexico City;
1983 Group exhibition of Moscow artists. Gallery M `ARS. Moscow;
1983 Artist - designer. Design Center. Moscow;
1988 a quarter. House of Culture AZLK. Moscow;
1988 Labyrinth-88. Youth Palace. Moscow, Warsaw;
1988 Group Exhibition. Drama and Comedy Theater on Taganka. Moscow;
1989 Gorky Park. Dusseldorf. Germany;
1989 The Soviet Avant-Garde 1920-1980 gg.. Minsk, Warsaw, Amsterdam;
1989 The Soviet Avant-Garde. The international house. New York;
1989 Auction of Contemporary Russian Art. Versailles. Paris;
1989 Star Trek humanity. Joint exhibition of the USSR - USA. Pavilion Construction. VDNH USSR. Moscow;
1990 Permanent and variations. Gallery of Hamburg-Messe ". Germany;
1990 GTR in the fine arts. Artist's House at the Kuznetsk bridge. Moscow;
1990 Exhibition of works by 15 artists in Moscow. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1991 a quarter. The second exhibition of. Showroom Kashirka. Moscow;
1991 The past ways. Milan. Italy
1991 Art, Europe. Germany;
1991 ART MIF 2. Moscow International Art Fair. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1991 horizon. Showroom Kashirka. Moscow;
1991 15 Moscow artists. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1991 Golden Brush - 91. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1992 Contemporary Russian Paintings. Villa Ayhon. Bremen. Germany;
1992 Festival gallery. ART MIF lll. Gallery Today. Moscow
. Autobiographical notes
. Type of art at the present time, conventionally designated as assamblage-art, for me is the area of creativity, which I find to exist naturally and organically, where I can fully open up, to realize their potential.
. I almost physically feel the relief metaphors and specificity of the material on the basis of which the conceived
All of this allows me to freely and organically include, if necessary, in the process of any responsible plan, structural and substantive education of the life around. They are inevitable, if the solution found, a transformation is accompanied by fireworks peculiar associations connected directly to real life and the world of whimsical fantasy, growing out of it.
. In combination, they found, . Apart from the paintings or other structures, . if necessary, interacting with them, . acquire similar properties of these structures, . Mapping an equal on the emotional impact of visual space, . where any attempt to surface "games" with the invoice are excluded.,
. I am, . seems to those artists, . respect to which the existing criteria for authorship does not always work, . as determined not so much on the scale of the external plastic signs, . how certain, . at the subconscious level the charge of author energy, . pulses of which displayed typical author's profile,
. The appearance of the work - are the very element of creativity. I'm working on a variety of topics. Neizobrazi-tion of themes and subjects do not exist. And life tells a lot of them.


Boris Smertin occupies a special place in this exhibition, looking at the problem through a magical object, a thing. In a style for its plastic easily be attributed to the art of assemblage, to the traditional experience with the finished thing. Undoubtedly he is close to pop art and alogical nature of art dada. But in reality, its subject is beyond the boundaries of the academic approach to the subject that emerged in the forefront of the twentieth century. He seeks in his private experience to recreate a coherent fate of things to remember her past and the uselessness of interior decoration of the future - through the present. The artist considers all human life through the thing. Every object in the assemblage Boris Smertina included in the holistic field of human life. Typically, these items speaks about their ability to grow together with the properties of people become their form of existence, to act as the extension of the human body. World of Boris Smertina uttered in things and objects, is disclosed as a magic theater, where instead of people play their roles objects. The artist is constantly asking himself the question of whether to resist the world, if even one speck of dust falls out of his system, would be superfluous, nenuzhnoy.Kompozitsii Boris Smertina gain additional meaning, returning objects from oblivion, saving them. This sense of gratitude back to the man, confirming its nonrandomness and its special mission

. V. Patsukov
. Bibliography
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Smertin BL, photo, biography
Smertin BL, photo, biography Smertin BL  Artist, photo, biography
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