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Belavenets Ivan Petrovich

( Captain 1 rank and Chief compass Observatory in Kronstadt)

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Biography Belavenets Ivan Petrovich
Born in 1830. At the end of the course in the sea cadet corps, in 1848, Belavenets entered the officer class, where he graduated in 1851, and received the rank of lieutenant, entered the drill fleet. In inland navigation Belavenets made a world cruise on the schooner "Vostok" and served on the frigate General-Admiral "during the transition of the frigate from the North American States in Russia. Sailed, . Belavenets showed great curiosity in the sciences of navigation and in particular to stop its attention to the deviation of compasses, . on what the object is in the 50-ies translated from English summary of the theory of science, . developed by the English scientist Archibald Smith, . with whom I met in 1861,,
. at the London World's Fair, as well as with the latest research that scientist. In 1863, Mr.. Belavenets translated the manual to determine the deviation of compasses, composed Evensen and A. Smith, but from this translation printed alone scientific additions to this guide. In the same year in Kronstadt Belavenets read 6 lectures "On the deviation of the compass and the observatory," published in the annex to the N 11 "Sea Collection" for 1863. In these lectures Belavenets outlined the entire historical development of science, . with all requirements, . What were the very course of things, . result of education in all countries armored fleet, and despite the fact that science has moved forward considerably, . even at the present time, these lectures may serve as a good guide for beginners compass deviation,
. By convincing arguments given Belaventsom for distribution in our fleet information on deviation of compasses, as well as to monitor it (deviation) vessels emerging from Kronstadt, and for calibration of compasses themselves - in 1865. established in Kronstadt compass Observatory, which was appointed chief Belavenets. Earlier superintendence compass Observatory, in 1861 Belavenets to facilitate observation of deviation arranged now existing signs on the wall of the Kronstadt harbor, along the lines of Liverpool. Belavenets invented corrector device by which it was possible, examining the deviation of the vessel and distributing the magnets and iron, to destroy the deviation of the ship (see. Deviation and Compass). This device Belavenets adapted with great success in 1864 and 1865. a submarine Colonel Gurney, and in 1866. in the same boat, Alexander. Subsequently, in 1869. Ap. Smith is theoretically justified by practical methods, as used for the destruction Belaventsom deviation compass deviation by means of the device. Belavenets distributed all the information on the compass to, . what were known in Britain, . and through his tireless work put a compass work in our fleet at the current level, . watched all of the slightest improvements, . in England, . with scientists who had been in academic and friendly correspondence, . so well and in general abroad,
. Information collected, as well as their own finding Belavenets placed in his remarkable book: "On the deviation of compasses and digogramah and six additions to this book. In addition to activities on the part of the compass, Belavenets magnetic observations made during the repetition of His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich to the Arctic Ocean in 1871. Sometimes Belaventsu seek the advice of foreign governments, so for example, according to his instructions in Lisbon arranged deviation marks. In consideration of extensive managerial and scientific works, and in particular for the installation of a compass inside the submarine, Belavenets received in 1865. Highest award, consisting of a gold compass set with 32 diamonds. The same award was granted and the founder of the theory of deviation compasses on iron ships Ap. Smith. It should be noted that the deviation of the compasses on wooden ships was the subject of study Barlova in 1824 (cm. Peter Barlow). Belavenets died in 1878. P. G.

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Belavenets Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography
Belavenets Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography Belavenets Ivan Petrovich  Captain 1 rank and Chief compass Observatory in Kronstadt, photo, biography
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