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BRBLLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich

( Architect)

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Biography BRBLLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich
(1798 - 1877), elder brother Karl Pavlovich Briullov (see). Two brothers in 1809, Mr.. taken to the Academy of Fine Arts, at government expense, and in 1822, Mr.. at the expense of society to promote the Arts were sent to 6 years abroad. Brothers spent the winter in Munich, and in May 1823, Mr.. arrived in Rome. With the special love Bryullov studied the ruins of ancient cities, which in 1824. with ap. Lvov visited Sicily in the autumn of that year, Pompeii, where diligently engaged in the restoration of Pompeii Baths. By 1826. they had already been implemented Pompeian baths, in the engravings Sands issued later in Paris (the text to him was printed in French only in 1829). 1827 g. Bryullov held in Paris, where he listened to the course of mechanics at the Sorbonne, and attended lectures on the history of architecture Byuona. Hence Bryullov traveled to England, Chartres, and other places in 1829. returned to St. Petersburg. "Pompeian terms" taken Briullov title of architect of His Majesty, Corresponding Member of the French Institute, the Royal Institute of Architects in England and the title of member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and St. Petersburg. Very fruitful architectural practice Bryullov expressed in the building in St. Petersburg and other places of a number of capital units, . incidentally, . in the construction of the Pulkovo Observatory Hill, . which was built simultaneously with the building of the General Staff,
. Talent Bryullov showed the resumption of the residential premises of the Winter Palace after a fire in 1831, Mr.. in the construction here ekzertsir-rays. Soon Briullov was assigned to the restructuring of the Marble Palace on the day of the wedding of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich, while the work was on the construction of the building of the Alexander Hospital, Nadezhdinskaya with paved streets, to the Nevsky Prospekt. In addition, Bryullov built Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg (in 1831), the gothic church in Pale for the Countess Pargolovo, home of Countess Samoilova in Slavyanka. In 1832, Mr.. Bryullov drafted St. Peter's Lutheran Church on Nevsky Prospect, in the style of English Gothic, and in the same year he was awarded the title of professor of architecture for the project of the church in the capital in a classic style. Bryullov was also an excellent painter watercolor. Even while living in Naples, where he had gone to Pompeii, Bryullov Nepolitanskogo made portraits of the royal family, and for the Empress Maria Feodorovna - picture amphitheater Flavian. In Paris, he was executed (in 1837) at a party at the Princess Golitsyna most similar portrait of Walter Scott (with a blanket around his neck), which the artist himself turned to stone. In 1830, Mr.. St. Petersburg Bryullov exhibited watercolor portrait of Prince Lopukhina, in 1831, Mr.. wrote a watercolor portrait of the Emperor Nicholas, surrounded by cadets of different buildings.

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  • Bryullov Alexander P.

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BRBLLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich

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BRBLLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich, photo, biography
BRBLLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich, photo, biography BRBLLOV Aleksandr Pavlovich  Architect, photo, biography
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