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Blessed Basil

( Simpleton Moscow)

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Biography Blessed Basil
died in 1551. The memory is celebrated on August 2. The relics are located in Moscow's Cathedral of the Intercession, popularly known as St. Basil's. Basil was born in 1469 in a Moscow suburban village Elohove. His parents, peasants, sent him to study shoemaking craftsmanship. The industrious and God-fearing young man - tells the life of - Basil was awarded a gift of insight, which was discovered by accident. By owner Basil man came to order boots and asked to be those that would be a few years. Basil smiled at the same. On the question master, which means that smile, Basil replied that the man, ordered boots for several years, will die tomorrow. It really happened. Basil, sixteen years old, left his master and skill, and began the feat of foolishness, without shelter and clothing, exposing themselves to great hardship, hardened body chains, which hitherto lay on his coffin. Life of the Blessed describes how he and the word and example to teach the people the moral life.
Once Blessed Basil scattered in the market rolls one Kalachnikov, and he confessed that in the flour mixed with chalk and lime. Once the thieves, saying that the holy dressed in fine fur coat given to him by some of the boyars, conceived by deceit to lure her from him and one of them pretended to be dead, while others asked the funeral of Basil. Vasily just covered the dead with his coat, but seeing the deception, saying: "do you wake dead now for your wickedness, for it is written: Wicked but necessary". Impostor really died. A power book tells that in the summer 1547, Mr.. Basil came to the Ascension Monastery Ostrog that now Vozdvizhenka, and before long the church prayed with tears in silence. It was a harbinger of the terrible fire of Moscow, the day began, it was a Vozdvizhenskoe monastery and incinerated Moscow. Tsar Ivan the Terrible revered and feared the Blessed, "like a visionary hearts and thoughts of men". When, shortly before his death, Basil fell into a grave illness, the king visited him with the queen Anastasia. Basil died on August 2, 1551. Czar himself with the nobles carried his bier; Metropolitan Macarius committed Funeral. The body of the Blessed was buried in the cemetery of Trinity Church, which is in the ditch, where the tsar Ivan the Terrible have built St. Basil's Cathedral, in memory of the conquest of Kazan. Cathedral, this is known as St. Basil's Cathedral.
Since 1588, Mr.. began to talk about the miracles that take place at the tomb of Blessed Basil, as a consequence, the patriarch Job, determined to celebrate the memory of the miracle worker on the day of his death, August 2. King Theodore Ioannovich ordered to arrange in Pokrovsky Cathedral chapel in the name of Basil, in the place where he was buried, and built for the relics of his silver shrine. Memory of the Blessed in Moscow anciently celebrated with great solemnity: he served the patriarch himself, and when present usually worship the king. P. In.

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Blessed Basil, photo, biography
Blessed Basil, photo, biography Blessed Basil  Simpleton Moscow, photo, biography
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