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Njegos Vasily Petrovich

( Bishop of Montenegro, writer, author of the first printed 'Stories of the Serbian people')

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Biography Njegos Vasily Petrovich
(1709 - 1766). Nephew of lord of Daniel and Assistant Metropolitan Sava Petrovich, Vasily Petrovich as the future ruler of the Black Mountain was a relatively good education. In 1750, Mr.. devoted to the nominal bishops' skenderiyskoy and coastal diocese "in" Exarch of the Holy throne of the Serbian "; in Russia referred to himself as" Metropolitan "non-existing dioceses, and represented a fraudulent letter. I was looking for favors from the Austrian court, referring to the previous services Montenegrins before Austria and their willingness to serve at any time of Maria Theresa in arms. After the failure of these quests went to Russia with the same goals and two years later he returned to Austria. In Vienna, he was asked to leave as quickly as possible from the borders of Austria under threat of expulsion. Three times he traveled to Russia, where he died. Intriguer and adventurer, he spent over money received in Russia for the Montenegrin Church. A brief history of Montenegro Vasily wrote and sent to Russia in 1746, but it was not published. History of the Black Mountain "(sic!) Was published in Moscow in the Slavic language with a mass Russianism (1754) and has in mind primarily Montenegro relations with Russia. Imbued with the trend that the "northern brother" must help in every way edinoplemennym, she had to serve as a memo, an application to the application of the author before the powers that be on cash assistance. For topographical and geographical description of Montenegrin lands is a historical sketch, in part driven to 1711, with a tour of ancient political history of the Serbian people. History Balshichey and Crnojevici follows a description of the Kosovo battle. In the annex to the second part gives a list of Serbian bishops in Turkey and Austria before 1750, article about Dubrovnik and the name of the Black Mountain. With a relatively rich sources, . but having no critical sense, . Vasily draws Montenegro unusually large and rich country, . all exaggerates, . transforming the village in the city, . inhabiting the country "gentry", . speaking of the existence in it, even gold mines and salt mines,
. From Moscow (in Sopikova at 4927 N St. Petersburg is incorrect.) Edition 1754, Mr.. History of the Black Mountain "is reprinted Job. Subotic in Serbian Chronicle "(Book 68, 1845), On. Bodyansky in "Readings History and Antiquities" (1860, t. II); Serbian translation is annexed to the book M. Dragovic (cm. below). There are two French translation of "History" in the magazines (1837 and 1862). Prior to the second half of the XIX century, Basil the book was considered very authoritative, perhaps - thanks to the author's title, but the impact on subsequent historical writings were not available, due to its bias and poor literariness. Basil belong more autobiographical notes, from the early 50-ies. - See: Dragovic, Metropolitan of Montenegro and its Vasily relations with Russia "(" Christian Readings ", 1881, N 11, 12); his" Metropolitan. пія€пҐпЎпЁпЎя€я?п?п? B., . or History Tsrne Mount OD 1750 to 1766 "(Cetinje, . 1884); Ruvarats "Vasily Vladik пія€пҐпЎпЁпЎя€я?п?п?" ( "Spomenik", . XXXIII, . 1898, . 23 - 36, . 46 - 47 and documents 39 - 45); Tomih on Istoriji Tsrne Mountain tsrnogorskoga Metropolitan B. " (Godishnitsa ", . 1909); Kamanin "Letter Montenegrin Bishop Basil in 1757" (Reading Society of Nestor the Chronicler ", . XVIII, . 1904, . II, . 45 - 47, . and Izbornik Kiev ", . Kiev, . 1904),
. A. R ".

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Njegos Vasily Petrovich, photo, biography
Njegos Vasily Petrovich, photo, biography Njegos Vasily Petrovich  Bishop of Montenegro, writer, author of the first printed 'Stories of the Serbian people', photo, biography
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