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V. Vasilyev Athanasius

( social activist and writer)

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Biography V. Vasilyev Athanasius
Born in 1851. He graduated from St. Petersburg University, Faculty of Law. He served in the State control in 1893 - 96 g. was general inspector of the railway accounting. Firmly defended the position that the railways of general use can not be privately owned joint stock companies, but they are only temporary, conditional use. In the bills and in an official memorandum reports the State Comptroller, . during general kontrolerstva Vasilyeva, . detail was proved ruinous for the state construction and operation of railways uncontrolled disposal of joint stock companies and the need to focus both in the hands of the Treasury,
. Following repeated statements in this direction against the finance ministers Vyshnegradsky and Witte, Vasiliev was moved in 1896. the position of the Comptroller General of the Department of Military and Marine reporting. In 1904. Vasiliev was appointed a member of the council of state control. He was an active member of the St. Petersburg Slavic Benevolent Society, where he held the post of Secretary and member of the Board; is based chairman of the same in 1905. society "Cathedral Russia, the chairman of the society for the welfare for the needy persons and chairman of the 19 th of urban welfare of the poor of the city of St. Petersburg, and from 1910. - The vowel of the St. Petersburg City Council. In 1874,. in the Journal of Criminal and Civil Law "published the first article Vasiliev" The doctrine of theft under current Russian law ". He has written many articles on various legal issues (among other things - against the death penalty and exceptional courts), . on the railway sector (in the article "On the order of liquidation of affairs of insolvent railroad companies" given the theory of railway rights and property of joint-stock railway companies to the state) and on church issues,
. Many of them went separate editions ( "On the legalization and the Adoption of Children", 1890, etc.). Separate out a number of brochures about the Slavs and Slavic question, as well as a collection of poems ( "Slavs", Saint Petersburg., 1876). At one time led the magazine Blagovest. In 1908, Mr.. Vasiliev published a book "The world-People. My Report lived through time ", which included most of his articles, speeches, poems, reports and notes on matters of Christian morality, law, public administration and economy. Vasiliev - a follower of the original Slavophilism, the main task of his career, he believes the interpretation of the values of communality. Vasiliev calls for a "collective failure of the Russian land and freedom in her work" and "collective self-governing, free in its decisions and actions of the church". Attitudes differ Vasilyeva full of strangers, and tolerate dissent. His views on the land issue close to the Christian socialism. Less clear is created Vasilyev monetary theory: it considers erroneous idea of paper money as a debt obligation of the treasury. According to Vasiliev paper currency is a "certificate issued by the Treasury that, in the amount shown in its non-profit work is done" and because Vasiliev is a supporter of the widest circulation of paper money. - See. Priest. N.R. Antonov, "Russian secular scholars and their religious and social world view" (t. I, St. Petersburg., 1912).

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V. Vasilyev Athanasius, photo, biography
V. Vasilyev Athanasius, photo, biography V. Vasilyev Athanasius  social activist and writer, photo, biography
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