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Veshnyakov Vladimir Ivanovich

( Russian economist and administrative activities)

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Biography Veshnyakov Vladimir Ivanovich
photo Veshnyakov Vladimir Ivanovich
Born in 1830 in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the course at St. Petersburg University, Faculty of Law, in the category of cameral sciences. The Ministry of State Property in the Department of Agriculture, has consistently held the post of Chief of Department, Vice Director and Director. Since 1883, Vladimir Ivanovich is the deputy minister of public property, has the title of Senator and Secretary of State. Among the most important government regulations on agriculture, . held during the 8-year sojourn Vladimir Ivanovich Director of the Department, . belong: the publication of the statute and the agricultural colleges (1878); organization collecting information about the state of agriculture in different parts of Russia (1878); device for accurate recording of current agricultural events, . with permanent correspondents, . and publication of the Department of Agriculture continuing chronicle of the life of the country (1880 - 1881); the expedition to study the state of Sheep (1880), . who published their works in the seven editions of bulky, . and cattle (1882), . of the works which appeared two issues, organization of the peat affairs (1882) edition of the normal position of the lower agricultural schools (1882 - 1883),
. In 1880, Veshnyakov was sent to different provinces for a meeting with representatives of agricultural societies and mechanical establishments on measures to facilitate the farmers to purchase agricultural machinery and implements national production, . and how to promote the development of agricultural machinery in Russia,
. The result of this trip was the establishment of the commission, which worked out the basis for the so-called solovekseley issued to landowners. In 1886, Vladimir Ivanovich, presided at the Congress zheleznozavodchikov in St. Petersburg in 1888. - At the Congress of fish industrialists and, in the same year - in a special meeting at the Ministry of Finance, with the participation of breeders distilleries, which formulated the main reason the law on agricultural distillery. Also participated in the proceedings of learned societies: the geographical, where he was secretary of the department of statistics and member of the board, and free economic, where he was chairman of the politico-economic committee and vice-president of the society. Almost all Russian agricultural and two forest society believes Veshnyakov an honorary member. As a representative of the Ministry of State Property, Veshnyakov participated in the International Statistical Congress in Berlin (1863), Haga (1869) and St. Petersburg (1872) and at the Congress of farmers in Vienna (1873). Of the works Veshnyakov, . published in book form, . should be mentioned: "The reasons for the rise of the Moscow principality (1851)," Review of agricultural institutions in England, . France, . Belgium, . Holland, . Germany and Italy "(1866; it - a report on a business trip in 1861,,
. abroad, . who had a significant influence on the direction of the Ministry of State Property in subsequent years); "Notice sur l'industrie domestique en Russie" (1873 booklet, . explaining the importance of Russian handicrafts department at the Vienna international exhibition) and "Laws and regulations for landowners and farmers" (1873, . with additions in 1882 and 1888, 2 nd edition is printed),
. Edited Veshnyakova published: translate the works of Courcelles-Senelya "Guide to the theoretical and practical study of industrial enterprises, . trade and farming "(1860) and a commemorative edition -" Essay on fifty years of the Ministry of State Property "(1887) and" Historical review of 50 years of the same ministry "(1887 - 1888),
. Moreover, Veshnyakov put a lot of articles in the Journal of the Ministry of State Property "(1857 - 1864)," Proceedings of the Imperial Academy of Sciences "(1861)," Archive of historical and legal information about Russia "NV. Kalacheva (1861), . "Proceedings of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society" (1869), . Russian Messenger "(1869), . Memoirs of the Imperial Russian Technical Society "(1870), . The Messenger of Europe (1870 - 1872), . "Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society" ( "Project of the Empress Catherine II on the device of free rural inhabitants), . "Collection of public knowledge" ( "The privileges of the invention"), . "The Agricultural Gazette and other publications.,

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Veshnyakov Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography
Veshnyakov Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography Veshnyakov Vladimir Ivanovich  Russian economist and administrative activities, photo, biography
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