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Vinogradov, Nikolai Andreevich

( professor of internal medicine clinic in Kazan)

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Biography Vinogradov, Nikolai Andreevich
(1831 - 1886). Until the age of 14 was brought up partly at home under the guidance of his father, a priest, and partly in the house lords Vyksinskih plants Shepelev. In 1845 - 55 he studied in the Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary, in 1851. entered the Moscow University medical school. On the occasion of the Crimean War he graduated from the course to speed up production in 1855, Mr.. and defined by a doctor in the 1 st Battalion, who was then in the Polish kingdom. In Warsaw, Vinogradov worked in Alexander's military hospital and quickly prepared for doctoral examinations, and in 1858. was recognized medical meeting the Kingdom of Poland MD. In 1860 - 61 years. assigned to the Surgical Academy in St. Petersburg, where he enrolled as resident in a therapeutic clinic, which was headed by Prof. Shipulinsky, then Professor Botkin, under the leadership of the last Vinogradov worked for about a year. In 1861, Mr.. Vinogradov was seconded for 2 years abroad, where he worked in clinics Traube, Frerihsa, Skoda, Oppoltsera, Bamberger, Trusso and Piorri and the famous patalogoanatomicheskom Institute Virchow, physiological chemistry - under the leadership of Kuehne. In 1863, Mr.. Vinogradov was elected as extraordinary professor in the department of private pathology and therapy in Kazan University, shortly afterwards the head of the faculty and the clinic in 1864. - Full professor. The University Vinogradov made figure while, . Faculty of Medicine began when updated, . when, instead of foreign professors, . often not acquainted with the Russian language and read in Latin or broken Russian, . preferred medicine natural-philosophical deduction of observation and experience, . - Spoken young Russian men, . prevailing in their social attitudes of the reforms under the impression the 60-ies, . in research - under the influence of ideas and discoveries of Virchow, . Claude Bernard, . Pasteur and other,
. In Kazan Vinogradov became the most outstanding representative of a new direction. As a professor at the University of Vinogradov has created a school out of which turned out a lot of respectable practitioners and professors, for example, Levitsky, Neschastlivtsev, Khomyakov Kotovschikov; as a public figure, he worked with Professor K.Z. Kuchin, founded the Society of Physicians in Kazan, and in 1868. was elected the first chairman. In his own participation was based in Kazan, inadequate welfare society for students, an initial fund which is formed from charges of public lectures given by Vinogradov. From 1870 to 1878. was dean of the Medical Faculty. As practitioner enjoyed immense popularity all over the Volga-Kama region and in Siberia. In the audience of faculty clinic put portrait Vinogradova Hospital, . arranged by the Admiralty suburban settlement, . in memory of the merits of the deceased to the city, . given the name "Vinogradovsky" and finally, . current medical society is going to capital for Vinogradov Prize for the best essays on therapy,
. Scientists Vinogradov's works were published from 1860 to 1886. special medical journals: "Virchovs Archiv", "Medical Journal", "Protocol society of Russian physicians," Studies of the Kazan University, "Diary of the Kazan Medical Association and others.

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Vinogradov, Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography
Vinogradov, Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography Vinogradov, Nikolai Andreevich  professor of internal medicine clinic in Kazan, photo, biography
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