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Vyazemskij Alexander

( famous statesman)

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Biography Vyazemskij Alexander
(1727 - 1793). Education received the land in the Cadet Corps. Participated in the Seven Years' War, then served in various secret overseas assignments. In 1763, Mr.. was sent by Catherine II in the Ural plants for settling relations between fluttering farmers and owners of factories, as well as to study the situation of mountain plants. In 1764, Mr.. appointed Attorney-General, as a man straight, honest, hardworking and talented. Catherine, . assuming to act through him against naisilneyshih people "and the Senate, . if the latter came out of the boundaries, . autographic Vyazemsky instruction ( "secret instruction"), . which, . outline the scope of the Procurator-General, . Vyazemsky promised its full confidence, . as it was meant to "fidelity, . diligent and frank candor ",
. He has served for nearly 29 years, almost until his death, despite the dislike for him close to the Empress of. Activities were varied and extended by entrusting to him the different agencies and Ministers. Thus, in 1765. Vyazemskij was called to the superintendence landmark expedition, in 1767, Mr.. He was entrusted with the work of the organization of the commission drafting a new Code, in 1768, Mr.. under its control is given to transfer public money abroad, and since 1780, Mr.. he shall administer all affairs of money abroad in 1769. Vyazemskij appointed a board member of the Imperial Court, with 1771. Financial Statements for the Synod and the provincial administration in fact concentrated in the hands Viazemsky; in 1772. He was entrusted with the draining of the marshes near Petersburg, in 1775, Mr.. he was appointed Chief of the Office of the guardianship of foreign settlers, in 1783. He was entrusted with "building" Fontanka, the Catherine Canal, a policeman of the shaft and the theater, water works in Riga and the postal business, in 1789. - Management of the expedition on government revenues. In the 80 years he was at the head of a number of separate branches of the administration, playing the role as a Minister of three departments: Justice, Interior and Finance. In the Senate Vyazemskij occupied a prominent position, as rapporteur to the empress and the head of the entire Senate office, he declared the Supreme Order and resolution of the Senate reports. According G.R. Derzhavina Vyazemskij secret decision of the senators. In his office were outstanding people: Khrapovitsky, Vasilyev (later Finance Minister), Derzhavin etc.. In 1789, Mr.. He was paralyzed, the Empress was very sorry for his energetic "student" as she called Vyazemsky several years not to act in his post and dismissed from the cases for only six months before death. - See. "Notes Derzhavina", "Sen. Arch. "Volumes XI - XV;" Reading ", 1862, N 2 and 3, P. Ivanov "Experience biography of Prosecutors-General and Ministers of Justice" (St. Petersburg, 1863); Gradovsky "Higher Authority and the procurator-general," "The history of human. Senate, t. II; "Journal of the Ministry of Justice", 1912, IV. M. Klochkov.

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Vyazemskij Alexander

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Vyazemskij Alexander, photo, biography
Vyazemskij Alexander, photo, biography Vyazemskij Alexander  famous statesman, photo, biography
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