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Dubbelt Leonti V.

( The famous leader of the secret police in the 19 century)

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Biography Dubbelt Leonti V.
photo Dubbelt Leonti V.
(1792 - 1862). He studied at the Alpine Corps, took part in the wars of 1807 and 1812 - 1815, commanded a regiment. Moved at one time in the military and liberal Masonic circles and in 1820 - 1822 he was the master of the Kiev namestnym box connected Slavs. In the army, he was considered "screamers" and waited for his arrest after the collapse of the Decembrist organization. However, arrested Dubbelt was not until 1828, Mr.. remained in military service. This year he has come some misunderstanding with the chief of the division, and he was forced to resign. After more than a year without service, in straitened material circumstances, Dubbelt in 1830, Mr.. enrolled in the corps of gendarmes, and in 1835, Mr.. was appointed chief of staff of the gendarmerie. In 1839, Mr.. Dubbelt, maintaining this position, he was appointed head compartment III Immediate His Imperial Majesty's Chancellery and a member of the Main Department of censorship and the secret committee of the dissenters. In 1848, Mr.. Dubbelt was appointed to the Committee on 2 April, which was designed to rein in the press. In an atmosphere of political investigation and incessant struggle with the awakening of social thought Dubbelt, . apparently, . retained the echoes of religious quests, . humanity and even sentimentality, . As is evident from cursory comments and letters to his wife, . as well as from the testimony of people, . he knew (Nikitenko), . even his convictions (Petrashevist Yastrzhembsky cf,
. "Last years", 1908, I). Of course, not always Dubbelt was available to these feelings. The above notes depict his struggle with himself and with the office habits. The man is very clever, Dubbelt knew the weaknesses of the Russian state system, and in "Notes" sharply condemned some of their personalities and individual aspects of policy Nicholas. Learned, not without doubt, the political canon of the ruling circles, Dubbelt took over the defense of the ruling order and enforce a system of guarding terror. Fear of Nicholas I, his court and ministers to the possibility of revolution was great, and so Dubbelt in dealing with any social movement was cruel and merciless. The tragedy of personality Dubbelt not yet fully elucidated, the psychological mystery of his political evolution has not yet solved. The issue of performance of honesty Dubbelt still controversial; charges against him in this respect were not only from his political enemies (see. note Lebedeva). Relatively more clarified his fight with the press, curious that after the events of the 1848. Dubbelt, due to the increase in purely political affairs in the Department III, sought to release him from the censor function. In 1856, with the appointment of Prince п░.п╓. Orlova, chairman of the State Council, . vacant post of chief superintendent III office and chief of police, but the court so afraid of the influence Dubbelt, . officio, . the sovereign, . that his appointment to the place of Prince Orlov did not take place, . and Dubbelt retired,
. - Wed. Letters L.V. Dubbelt to his wife "(" Russian Antiquities ", 1888, II) with a biographical sketch of E. Dubbelt; Notes L.V. Dubbelt "(Voice of the past", 1913, 3) with a foreword by C. Melgunov and notes L. Panteleeva (description of the manuscript is given, especially the text is not marked, and yet there are, apparently, later insertions; notes are incomplete, a fragment of the Empress Elizabeth Alexeyevna with a few differences were printed earlier in the Literary. Arr. to P. Inv. ", 1831, 5, and the manuscript probably made, what was taken from it), and M. Lemke "Nikolaev gendarmes and literature 1826 - 1855 years" (St. Petersburg, 1908); H. Barsukov "Life and works of M. Pogodin; work on censorship, the memoirs of contemporaries, "Hazard" and "True" Prince PV. Dolgorukov. Bibliography and sources - see. Gervais article in the Russian Biographical Dictionary ". S. Ch

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Dubbelt Leonti V., photo, biography
Dubbelt Leonti V., photo, biography Dubbelt Leonti V.  The famous leader of the secret police in the 19 century, photo, biography
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