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Zagoskin Mikhail

( Famous novelist)

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Biography Zagoskin Mikhail
photo Zagoskin Mikhail
Born July 14, 1789, Mr.. in his father's village, Ramzan (Penza province). Understanding parents' house only to read but to write, Zagoskin in 1802. went to St. Petersburg, at the service of the finance department. In 1812, Mr.. he entered the Petersburg militia and was wounded at the Polotsk. Introducing with Prince AA. Shakhovskoi, which at that time served as a member of the theater's repertoire part, had a decisive influence on the fate Zagoskina, gave him access to the theater. In 1817, Mr.. Zagoskin entered the service of an assistant to a member of the repertory, and in 1818, Mr.. transferred to a public library. Literary work of the Petersburg period of life is expressed Zagoskina comedies: "rogue" (1815), . "Comedy against Comedy, . Lesson or circumlocution "(1815), . "Bogatonov, . or in the Provincial capital "(1817), . "The party of scientists" (1817), . "Romance on the high road" (1819) and "good fellow" (1830), . and interludes: "Makarevskaya Fair" (1817) and "Lebedyanskaya Fair" (1817),
. In addition, in 1817, Mr.. Zagoskin published in Pohorskim and Ivanov, the magazine: "Northern Observer". Moved, in 1820, in Moscow, Zagoskin got in a circle amateur theater, especially friends with swt. Aksakov and F.F. Kokoshkin and just as in St. Petersburg, actively engaged in literature and self -. Sustained in 1821. examination for the rank of a collegiate assessor, he next year entered an official for special assignments in the Moscow governor-general and correcting the position of the freight forwarder on the theater department. In 1823, when the director of the Moscow theater was appointed F.F. Kokoshkin, Zagoskin took the place of a member's business side. During this period, he wrote: "Bogatonov in the countryside, or a surprise to himself" (1821), "Lesson bachelor, or Heirs" (1822), "Rural philosopher" (1822), "Rehearsal at the station" (1827) and "The Noble Theater "(1827). Since 1827, Mr.. Zagoskin began to write novels, of which the first, "Yuri Miloslavskii" (1829), had an extraordinary success and brought the author great fame. Subsequent Yuri ц▄ц╗ц╚ц╝ц╠ц╚ц═ц╒ц╠ц╙ц╗ц╛ novels and stories: "Roslavlev" (1830), . "Askold's Grave" (1833), . Kuzma Roschin "(1836), . Tale "(1837), . "The Tempter" (1838), . "Nostalgia" (1839), . Kuzma Petrovich Miroshev "(1841), . "Brynsky Forest" (1845) and "Russian in the beginning of XVIII century" (1848), . added nothing to his glory,
. In 1831, Mr.. Zagoskin was appointed director of the Moscow theater and soon elected a member of Russia's Academy. In 1842, Mr.. he was made director of the Moscow Armory. In the last years of his life Zagoskin published book: "Moscow and Muscovites", dedicated to past and present of the ancient capital. Zagoskina last works were comedies: "A trip abroad" (1850), "provincial town" (1850) and "married fiance" (1851). He died in 1852,. In terms of written Zagoskin - one of our prolific writer, the strength of talent, he belongs to the secondary and in our time almost entirely forgotten authors. Only Yuri Miloslavskii "finds more readers among the youth and educated commoners. General enthusiasm caused by this novel in his contemporaries, most of all because it was the first Russian historical novel. As a novelist, Zagoskin imitated Sir Walter Scott, as the author of comedies, many of whom, at one time had great success, he walked behind Shakhovskoi, beaten on the trail of the French comedy, with its conventional, antiquated methods. The success of works Zagoskina not a little contributed to the most personality of the author: it was a good-natured and sincere person. In the flamboyant "patriotism" by the famous mold, which permeates his novels, there was nothing feigned. The best biography written Zagoskina swt. Aksakov. Complete Works Zagoskina, with biographical sketch and a chronological list of all their written, appeared in 1889. in St. Petersburg, in 7 volumes. A. O. K.

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Zagoskin Mikhail
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Zagoskin Mikhail, photo, biography
Zagoskin Mikhail, photo, biography Zagoskin Mikhail  Famous novelist, photo, biography
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