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Orlov, Mikhail Fedorovich

( Decembrist)

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Biography Orlov, Mikhail Fedorovich
photo Orlov, Mikhail Fedorovich
(1788 - 1842), illegitimate son of Fyodor Grigorievich Orlov. He studied at the hostel Abbe Nicolas; entered the College of Foreign Affairs, but soon left her and went into military service. Took part in all the campaigns against Napoleon. Alexander I brought him and gave him important assignments such as the conclusion of the capitulation of Paris. General in 27 years, Orlov was on the way to a brilliant career, but stay abroad are not passed in vain for him and he returned to Russia, seized with a thirst for social activities for the benefit of the homeland. Soon after his return, he was the Tsar of the abolition of serfdom. Selected as a member of the literary society "Arzamas", he introduced a proposal to publish the journal with a political division and the opening sections in the province to bring together all the thinking Russia. Finding no support in Arzamastsev, he tried to create an independent society modeled Tugendbund "of honest people to deal with extortion and other disorders". Orlova protest against the emancipation of Poland and against the idea of transferring it to Lithuania, provoked the displeasure of the emperor; Orlov was transferred to Kiev chief of staff of 4 Corps. In Kiev, he took his superintendence Lancastrian school cantonists based Rajewski, and raised it on high, causes delight contemporaries. Became a member of the Kiev office of the Bible Society and selected its vice-chairman, . Orlov said at the ceremonial meeting proshumevshuyu throughout Russia speech, . society in which he proposed to embark on enlightenment of the broad masses and denounced obscurantists, . "who arrogate to themselves all the gifts of heaven and earth, . any superiority, . and give people some work and patience ",
. Appointed in 1820, Mr.. Commander 16 th Division, stationed in Chisinau, Orlov on the road to the place of service was in Tulchin and here was adopted by a secret society. At the Moscow Congress, bound by the father of his bride Rajewski, Orlov withdrawn from active participation in public affairs, aided by the Congress decision to close the formal society and to act alone. Chisinau Orlov continued its educational activities, founding a number of schools in Lancaster locations Division. In his new position, he proved himself a humane attitude to the soldiers, prohibiting corporal punishment and dressed investigation into complaints of victims of violence fist and cane next Chiefs. Such behavior Orlova was assessed by soldiers, but the authorities were dissatisfied with the innovator. There were rumors of his disloyalty. In 1823, Mr.. rebellion in Kamchatka shelf served as a pretext for the removal of the commander of a division Orlova. December 14 Orlova caught in Moscow, standing away from the affairs of society, with which it is bound only dating. December 21 Orlov was arrested and taken to the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is harmful to man, were convinced of his guilt, and only the intercession of his brother Alexei Fyodorovich downgraded the punishment facing him, to six months imprisonment and deportation to his own estate, where in 1831, Mr.. he was allowed to bring up her son to move to Moscow. Here Orlov joined the circle of progressive people of that time, using the respect of young people as a liberal and a Westerner. - See. Gershenzon "Young Russia".

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Orlov, Mikhail Fedorovich, photo, biography
Orlov, Mikhail Fedorovich, photo, biography Orlov, Mikhail Fedorovich  Decembrist, photo, biography
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