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( Leading the program `Night Shift ')

Comments for Catherine GERASICHEVA
Biography Catherine GERASICHEVA
photo Catherine GERASICHEVA
Born in Moscow on the Kalinin Prospekt. Day week, prodlenki, pioneer camps. As a child, terribly proud that I was born in the Soviet Union, and loved the red color. Dreamed of becoming a doctor.
Studied in the French school named Romain Rolland. In the Young Communist League have not accepted due to a chronic "very bad" for behavior. In grade 9 school left, was admitted to medical school. Also threw! She graduated from night school and worked in parallel in kindergarten. The period of the experiments ended at 18 years of acquaintance with her future husband, one of the founders of the magazine "Way to himself."
In 20 years, gave birth to son George. She worked at the center of "The Way to himself, organized seminars, talking to lots of esoterically-minded people. Then, in 1993, met with Dmitry Dibrova. Having survived a series of heavy losses in 1994 came to psihfak RGGU simultaneously studied gestalt therapy.
. Diploma on "Psychosomatic disorders in adolescents and firm intention to work therapist, . but was invited Dibrova on TV, . in the "Date", . where he successfully worked for over two years, . having gone through all the delights and frustrations of a neophyte.,
. By Zodiac - Libra and dog
. He loves the silence, sleep during the day and take pictures. In people appreciate the quick response, a sense of humor, sexy. Is recognized in the tolerance of human failings. Highly selective in communicating. Her dream is to read all the intelligent books in the world, buy a castle in Italy and give birth to two children. Favorite book: Thornton Wilder, "Bridge of San Luis Rey". Favorite tune: Jaques Brel "Ne me quitte pas".

User comments
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  • Ragnarok for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • I just in love with her! I'm going crazy! Now if only I could write her a letter or in some other way to contact!
  • Katia for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • can be contacted at LJ gerasicheva
  • Larisa for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Katia, you can give the exact link?
  • Larisa for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • exact reference found his own! Katya, thanks for the "tip-off! :))
  • Dmitry for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Katia You are awful! Stop interrupting intervyuirovnnyh! Your opinion in this case, nobody cares! You should listen, not talk!
  • Anonymous for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Dmitry - you asshole
  • Catherine GERASICHEVA - Du bist evrejka i liberastka?
  • 1 for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Yesterday in the transfer of "the Stand" Gerasicheva looked awful. Mimicry was degeneratskaya frankly, it was unpleasant to watch. She found someone to throw on Weller - she has not grown up that dialogue with someone of this level. Just a shame! Go to boil soup.
  • Alexander for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • I do not know what a TV presenter, but the transfer "to the barrier!" 13/11/2008 acted as doomed idiot with inflated self-important. This grimacing as a monkey, trying, perhaps, to express their intellectual "superiority". Actually, it is difficult to expect from another person, which led to television, Mr. Dibrov - himself a well-known "intellectual elite". To Auschwitz!
  • Anonymous for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • ha ha but Weller had not risen to the barrier Prokhanov Prokhanov put this verbiage in place of Aleksandr Andreevich Respect
  • Anonymous for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • ha ha but Weller had not risen to the level Prokhanov in the transfer to the barrier, this verbiage was omitted power of the great orator Alexander Andreyevich Respect
  • Anonymous for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Who is he Weller
  • SUVAR for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Weller - writer, a wonderful. Must know! A Gerasicheva just behaved like a fool. Weller listened to her very calmly and with dignity. While she was talking nonsense. And then she waited for an adequate response. Weller megarespekt! Maybe it would be smarter if he revered.
  • VVS for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • No wonder that Catherine Gerasicheva was so emotional when asked about Weller. Not only that he is no writer, so still and simply evil, hates the world of old. For Katie, as a psychologist - the case of clinical. It is like a man turned to him, and he is not a man. Just plain fascist. Catherine - excellent lead. He loved to watch her "The price issue, but once, and" night shift ". Intelligence, education and a beautiful appearance - is a rare combination of TV.
  • Konstantin for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Very good lead! Positive, bright, lively person. So few people TVstalo that a favorable impression of himself-transfer-channel left ... A Wohler, level, etc. it's all subjective ... for me, so let's forget it for ....
  • Alexei for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Leading mediocre
  • SUVAR for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • I finally can not remember it. No impression on me has not left it. Another PR for themselves arranged in the transfer.
  • Anonymous for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • to transfer to the barrier really impressed by the fools, reinforced this sense of her own gestures and commentary, ((Weller clever guy, this is obviously doing sober, sober! conclusions from what he knows. Who would not agree - he did not read ..
  • Alexander for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Silly, but with claims to the castle in France ...
  • Vladimir for Catherine GERASICHEVA
  • Adversary's aunt, a psychologist, a bad egg, hold themselves can not (almost all psychologists, as you know, go to the university to treat yourself). With Weller behaved so disgustingly-pozerski that its level - Bachelor's Degree
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    Catherine GERASICHEVA, photo, biography
    Catherine GERASICHEVA, photo, biography Catherine GERASICHEVA  Leading the program `Night Shift ', photo, biography
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