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Paley Paliy Semen

( The colonel, who took a prominent part in the events of the history of Little Russia in the late XVII and early XVIII centuries.)

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Biography Paley Paliy Semen
The son of a simple Cossack Philip, surnamed Gurko, P. Born in Borzna and in early youth left in Zaporozhye, where he was nicknamed for his military exploits P. ( "burner"). Approximately 1685 P. settled on the right bank of the Dnieper, which was then the Polish King Jan Sobieski, went to war with Turkey, planned to restore the Cossacks, repopulating the region between the Dnieper and the Dniester new military forces. Paleyu was assigned a place Hvastovo (in the present province of Kiev, Vassilkovsky County), in return for which he pledged to protect his troops from Poland, the raids of Muslims. At first, P. was loyal to the King: successfully fought against the Tatars, polonium one Soltan, ruined Ochakov. Name GP, bringing terror to the Muslims, has become very popular in the Ukraine. In Hvastovo flocked Cossacks and left, a Russian bank of the Dnieper, where noticeable strong dissatisfaction Mazepa. Since 1688 P. begins to tire of their dependence on Poland. He has repeatedly asked Moscow to take his land under his arm, but the Moscow government, fearing to disturb the peace with Poland, refuses. Meanwhile, the successor of Jan Sobieski, King August II, the end of the war with Turkey has found it unnecessary to further the existence of the Cossacks on Polish soil. There were royal generalists on the dissolution of the Cossack militia. P. with other colonels (Iskra, Samus) openly rebelled and captures the White Church, Nemiroff and other cities, ruthlessly exterminating the gentry, priests and Jews. At the request of the Polish king, his ally in the war with the Swedes, Peter I sent letters to the P. with the requirement to pass a White Church, but P. firmly kept in the fortress, despite the fact that other Colonels lost. going to go to the Swedes, the spoilers, while Poland. Hetman managed cunning to lure P., and arrested him, sent Baturin. In March 1705 P. with his stepson Simashko was taken to Moscow and thence exiled to Siberia (Tomsk). A few years later when it was discovered treachery Mazepa, P. was returned, along with others, innocent victims of false accusations Hetman. Died P. shortly after the battle of Poltava, in which took part in the ranks of the Cossacks who remained loyal to Russia. P. Life, held in incessant clashes with the Poles, Russian, Turks and Tartars, and, especially, his tragic fate gave much food the popular imagination. About P. composed of many Ukrainian songs, legends and doom. AP, in contrast to his enemy - Mazeppa, a champion of the people depicted, their intercessor before the sovereigns. It is attributed to the supernatural birth. He "harakternyk, t. e. wizard, which, in the opinion of the people, were in the majority of the Cossacks. Arrest P. and it further explains the different ways people link. According to one version, P. during the christening Mazepi warned Peter I, the emperor in the face of his godson gets me in the future enemy throne. Peter was angry and sent P. "for Piskovo sea", where travel "medelyanami" (t. e. in dogs). In one newly recorded song says that P. is still alive and consistently, together with the month, it is young, then - old. See. Mazeppa, a historical monograph H. Kostomarov, "Ethnographic Review" 1889, Prince. 2-I, Article. V. Kallash.

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Paley Paliy Semen, photo, biography
Paley Paliy Semen, photo, biography Paley Paliy Semen  The colonel, who took a prominent part in the events of the history of Little Russia in the late XVII and early XVIII centuries., photo, biography
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