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Lazutina Larissa

( Five-time Olympic champion and world champion odinnadtsatikratnaya ski racing)

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Biography Lazutina Larissa
photo Lazutina Larissa
Five-time Olympic champion and world champion odinnadtsatikratnaya ski racing Larissa Lazutina for the first time decided to bow out with skis after the World Cup-97. But it soon changed her mind. But when won at the Games-98, four gold and one silver medal, having received for their athletic feat of Russia's highest award - the star of the Hero, announced: the latest in her lifetime competition will be the Olympics in Salt Lake City.

- In August 1998, I asked myself: "What do you actually know how to do?" And good? " I said to myself: "Only one thing - run on skis". And soon the airport, where the team returned to regular competition, I saw a dim from the big sport Elena Vyalbe, her eyes ... The man who stands firm on his feet and clearly knows what he wants from life, may not be such a view. Pity. She - a great skier, and in vain so soon decided to quit sports. My personal opinion: people such as Lena, with a name, merit, simply human abilities, finally, if you do not have to stay in the sport, something about him. Therefore, reacted to the award more than serious. Now ... already forgotten. In general, the glory and titles am absolutely calm. But, frankly, still remain, is shocked by the statements of one of my so-called friends on the team. Almost daily the death of my father (the father of Larissa after a serious illness, died in the spring of 1998, immediately after the LOA has won the World Cup. - Ed.), She noticed that, well, not all the same to you enjoy. Happiness is always balanced by the misfortune.

- Relations in the national team has always been ambiguous.

- So I have many years trying to communicate only with Nina Gavrylyuk and Olga Danilova, who trust. Both of them - absolutely artless and profoundly decent people. But the main thing that we can afford to say to each other in the eyes of all that we think. And be sure with that you correctly understood, not sold and are not turned over at the first opportunity. Life, alas, shows that in our time is a luxury.

- A wealthy woman, you felt yourself?

- What is there! His Olympic bonus I did not keep their hands, right and left in the stores with money not sorila. And if so, it appears that I have in this sense, nothing has changed. You know, I - a grateful people, I think: give something, well, thank God.

- How do you meet a new Olympic year?

- As always, the house in Odintsov, where we live with her husband and daughter Alice, Gennady. Most of all I like to see in New Year's night, they, as well as our mothers with Gena and my brother Sasha took care of me and warmed with heat, which in my life so lacking bivuachnoy.

- Why did you have a few years preparing separately from national team?

- Because I had a powerful sponsor Sergei Bogdanchikov - head of the company "Rosneft - Sakhalinmorneftegaz. He offered such a haven of individual training, which to me even in the most incredible dreams, dreams could not. Even then I was no longer young. And if so, then I had to look at training some specific moves. And, judging by my further shows, which I still found.

- What you are your own wish in the Olympic season?

- First, do not get sick, and secondly, to avoid the psychological disruption, and, thirdly, I would not mind again seriously compete with my colleagues in Salt Lake City. After all, in Nagano, hardly anyone expected me to be able to win four gold and one silver. From my own long experience first forecasts for itself I do in early January. And in general I'm not mistaken.

- Which of the competitor is considered its crown?

- For me, not necessarily an important number of kilometers, and even the style. In the mood perfectly, I can run and "five" classics, and "tag" free. Likes and dislikes distances have no.

- After the Olympics, you've just go away?

- Absolutely. My sponsors have long to me an interesting job offer. Two things I know for sure: that the work will stay in the system of "Rosneft" and that will always live in my favorite city Odintsov.

- Do you remember four years ago had threatened to give birth to her second child? This plan is not canceled?

- In no case.

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Lazutina Larissa, photo, biography
Lazutina Larissa, photo, biography Lazutina Larissa  Five-time Olympic champion and world champion odinnadtsatikratnaya ski racing, photo, biography
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