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Alexei Yagudin

( athlete, figure skater)

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Biography Alexei Yagudin
Just imagine: a huge ice palace, you go on the ice. Around whisper tickling hearing your name. Everything is shaking from the strain. Shaking, and you. Heard the first chords of music. And so it began: coats, axel somersaults, cascade? Not waiting for the end of your speech, several thousand people standing up in unison from their seats and heard the deafening applause. But you did not notice you as if it were not there, you're all in the music. Music and you - a whole. And now triumph! Unending applause. You - the hero of the competition, the hero of his country, you - the standard to be emulated! On such a success and love of fans dream of every athlete. But that success only comes to favorites, such as Alexei Yagudin.

Alexei Yagudin was born March 18, 1980 in St. Petersburg. He began skating at age four, after the mother took the boy's painful to the rink to improve his health. Hardly mother Alexei while thought of her son might turn out first-class figure skater. Especially since he Lesch, when I was a little boy, very much wanted to become a driver of large trailers or, at worst, a taxi driver. But his childhood dream not come true. Talents and abilities of a simple guy St. Petersburg family gave abyss Alexei Mishin. Under the guidance of Mishin Lesch one of the world's first easily deals with a jump of four turnover, . took 4 th place at the Junior World Championships, . and in 1996 - already the first, . in 1998 ranked fifth at the Nagano Olympics, . becomes the first European champion and the world.,

. And suddenly leaves him and begins to train with Tatiana Tarasova
. Then all abused Alexis, laughed, called a fool: "When I ride on the same ice with Evgeny Plushenko, we podpihivali each other at a higher level. One made some element, the other also wants to. But it is morally we "kill" each other. For each jump was a war. I do not think a mistake to go to Tarasova. Of course, grateful to Misha, had I learned the art technology, and from Tatiana Tarasova - artistry and slip ", - explains his action Lesch.

Tatiana Tarasova is called a man, possessed of his profession, she is looking at figure skating, especially the beauty of spiritual impulse. And when Tatiana agreed to train Yagudin, many were shocked. "Whom do you got?" You're all in your mind? He absolutely neartistichen, it is not your direction, and all the techie. What will you do with it? "- Dissuaded Tatiana Tarasova. But she found that to. Left with the Lesha train in the U.S., opened in the skaters artistry: "Alesha - my favorite job. He - the best! "- Said the famous coach.

Alex has twice became world champion and Europe, several times won the Grand Prix Final. But in the season 2000/2001 was only the second, losing all principal starts his main rival Evgeni Plushenko. When the European Championships in 1998 and Lesch Zhenya first encountered in the fight for first place, the world did not know that this is only the beginning of the rivalry of two amazing best figure skater in recent years. Since then, the names of famous athletes sounded together. They - ideals, but ideals of something different: they can not unite. They can not celebrate a pair. Because the difference between the first and second place is the difference between victory and defeat. They fight for the title of being the best, for both the main - to defeat an opponent.

At the Olympics in 2002 ended the most unprecedented inflame a battle in the history of figure skating. Olympic gold coveted both, but the first two places does not happen (at least in the men's figure skating). Dream came true only one. Even when heard the first chords of music, it became clear who will be the Olympic champion. Alex in both programs was head and shoulders above the other skaters, he felt it.

Even on the ice, raised his hands triumphantly, always calm and restrained Lesch was unable to restrain emotions. He fell to his knees and kissed the ice. Then I started with childlike joy to jump on the ice. Never before Alex had not received such assessments: all 5.9 for technique and four 6.0 for artistic. Lesch remembered how difficult was the way to this victory, and - wept. I do not care that his tears - accessible to millions: he ascended to Olympus. Four and a half minutes separated life guy in half. Previously, he was a former world champion, talented singles skater, one of the contenders for gold in Salt Lake City. Now Alexei Yagudin - the strongest skater planet. With that now you can not argue!

Despite the fact that Alex - the famous athlete, he still remains in his actions a young guy. He is fond of fishing, the Internet, playing bowling, tennis and golf. He goes to the disco, meeting with friends and dreams of finding a simple Russian girl, able to understand it and be faithful. Favorite berries - cherries. Favorite food - sushi and mushroom soup. He does not like - peaches, dirt, and when the subway goes slowly. And regardless of what lives in the United States, said that his soul will always be Russian!

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. Alexei Yagudin: "Now I want to marry"

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  • fif for Alexei Yagudin
  • hi! how are you
  • Irina for Alexei Yagudin
  • I want to say "Thank you very much!" for impressions, emotions that are experienced, having visited the "Ice Symphony. We in Tomsk is not often these luxurious entertainment.
  • Sashulya for Alexei Yagudin
  • You are the BEST! FROM THE BEST! I LOVE YOU ! YOU DEAR пїп?п·п п? !:)))))))
  • Sashulya for Alexei Yagudin
  • You are the BEST! OF THE BEST! I LOVE YOU ! YOU DEAR пїп?п·п п? !:)))))))
  • Akmaral from Kazakhstan for Alexei Yagudin
  • Alex, you are the best skater that I ever saw! I wish you a very strong health remain as strong in spirit and find their only perfect love!
  • Svetlana for Alexei Yagudin
  • Alex, You-the best! Continue to ride and to please the audience!
  • Tatiana for Alexei Yagudin
  • Alex, I and many others are proud that we are your contemporaries, and were born with you in one country. Thank you very much your parents for Cho gave you the world - an outstanding athlete-figurasta. Happiness, health, love! Sincerely, poklonitsa your talent.
  • Tanya for Alexei Yagudin
  • Alex, Thanks to you and your coaches for your work! Russia's figure skating unique and touching, Your images inimitable You-esteem in our culture, let you in life everything goes! Thank you there!
  • Natalia for Alexei Yagudin
  • You alone we takoy.Beregite sebya.Natsionalnoe property, . can say. You like Vysotsky, . or Yesenin, . or Gagarin.Vobschem such people are rare. fall in love with millions of people is th-th whom must be! "And do not listen to the envious, . I think you have them too, . in the Ice Age and п?пЎп?я?п? vezde.Eto inheritance probably all geniuses.,
  • Tanya for Alexei Yagudin
  • Yagudin great athlete. We are a family for him hurt. But I am disappointed in him as a man. He only loves himself. It is a favorite at zazyklen. This is very evident from his behavior in the ICE AGE. Nothing could then decide. For some strange behavior for a man. Pity disappointed PEOPLE!
  • Olya for Alexei Yagudin
  • Alex you are the best skater. Take care of yourself. Keep us happy. Let all your dreams come true. Be yourself
  • Olesya for Alexei Yagudin
  • On the show "Ice Age" in Dnepropetrovsk, I did not like how you went for Alex, we can say bury all of their jumps. PLEASE do not ever think that if you do not skate in the championship do not have to lay oneself out to 100%. The viewer feels everything, and it can not always forgive, even if you are the most beloved athlete ..............
  • Anonymous for Alexei Yagudin
  • 4041 for Alexei Yagudin
  • Anastasia for Alexei Yagudin
  • Hi, I know, a pancake, you're not reading (I would probably also have not read this heresy). No loud words and pathos: a pity that you are no longer the ...
  • Catherine for Alexei Yagudin
  • There are no words that can describe experiences and emotions are received on Ice Symphony. It was beautiful, tremendous thanks. I wish you health and success in all endeavors. Come to us in Krasnodar often. We will always be happy!
  • Irene for Alexei Yagudin
  • To Nisan, you're the best! You're like a very good, I know! Uspekhi, luck, and a huge, mutual love !
  • Julia for Alexei Yagudin
  • Delighted, . that for Russia supports such a good athlete (though everything was against it) One is what is (now there is an element, . as Yagudinskaya track). And most importantly, . that you feel very strong masculine, . is such redkost.Hochu wish you luck and happiness in your personal zhizni.Udachi!,
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    Alexei Yagudin, photo, biography
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