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Valentin Yudashkin

( Russia's famous couturier)

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Biography Valentin Yudashkin
photo Valentin Yudashkin
Valentin Yudashkin - Russia's famous couturier, corresponding member of the Syndicate of High Fashion in Paris, in 1999 he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia Federation."

. His models are stored in the Museum of Costume of the Louvre, the California Museum of Fashion, in the State Historical Museum in Moscow, the International Museum of the Olympic Games
. He is an honorary citizen of Los Angeles. In the form "from Yudashkin" athletes represent our country at the Olympics, and the largest airline Aeroflot. International Airlines - worldwide

. His name became known in 1987 when he created his first collection, consisting of 150 models.
. In 1989 he established the firm 'Wali-mode', in 1991 received a new name - Fashion House "Valentin Yudashkin".

. The year 1991 was a turning point in the life of Russia's fashion
. For the first time his collection was able to see and appreciate Paris. Collection 'Faberge', shown during fashion week in France, made a great impression to the temptation of the French public and legislators recognized in the fashion world - Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne. Once the dress from 'Faberge' traveled half the world, two of them bought the costume of the Louvre Museum, a few models of California Museum of Fashion.

. After such a great success Valentin Yudashkin premiere of his new collection of each suit in Paris during fashion week in France, where there attracts art connoisseurs from around the world
. Every year, Valentine is a collection, which showed an increase in his skill: 'Music' (1992), 'Still Life' (1993), 'Fresco' (1994), 'Catherine the Great' (1994), 'Ballet' (1995).

. 1996 was a real triumph for the artist: Fashion House "Valentin Yudashkin 'received the status of member - correspondent of the French Syndicate of High Fashion
. For the first time in the history of fashion creator of Russia was adopted in this prestigious organization, standing in a row with designers such as Gianni Versace and Valentino. Since then, his fashion house in Paris is officially invited to display a new collection twice a year, . Valentine presents its collection: 'Birds of Paradise' (Spring-Summer 1996), . 'Christmas Dream' (Autumn / Winter 1996/97), . 'Vrubel' (Spring-Summer 1997), . 'Silent Movie' (Autumn / Winter 1997/98), . 'Russian modernist' (Spring-Summer 1998), . 'Anna Karenina' (Autumn / Winter 1998/99), . 'End of the Century' (Spring-Summer 1999),
. Valentine subjects of national concern to Russian history, culture, prominent personalities. His collection, he drew attention to Russian art, architecture, literature, ballet. Visiting card is Yudashkin Russian beadwork, poetkami, sequins, which traditions revived and developed in the House of Fashion. Creating clothes 'haute couture' - is a constant search for ideas, a kind of laboratory of fashion.

By 1997, the ideas have accumulated so much that it became necessary to translate them into finished clothing. This new milestone in the development houses began with the launch of denim collections, and opening a boutique 'Valentin Yudashkin' on Kutuzov Avenue, to offer with the opening of high-quality clothing for men and women, shoes and accessories.
. Today Fashion House "Valentin Yudashkin 'is included in the rhythm of the hard work in the world garment
. But, despite this, Valentin and his house is actively involved in the cultural life of the country. In 1994 and 1996 (to 100 anniversary of the Olympic Games) based on sketches by the artist created a form for the Olympic team of Russia, and in 1998, all participants Youth Olympic Games in Moscow were dressed 'by Yudashkin'. In 1999, the dresses from the collection of "Anna Karenina" was purchased by the State Historical Museum in Moscow.

. In 1999, a new page in the history of fashion house - The line of jewelry.

. Fashion House grows and develops, Valentin Yudashkin is not afraid of change
. 'I like experimenting, I was happy, intriguing. Life is changing and we must not stand still '.

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  • Hello Valentine! I want to congratulate you all a Happy New Year, . I wish you all the best, . all the same as we did and relatives on the maternal line of ancestry, our mothers are the names of KAPUSTINA, . My great-grandfather IVAN EVTEEVICH, . And your great-grandfather BASIL EVTEEVICH, . Ask your MAMU T PARADISE, . YET, . A GIRL FROM Kolychevs Tanya, . Caring for a woman Dunya (TVOEYBABUSHKOY) living with me,
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    Valentin Yudashkin, photo, biography
    Valentin Yudashkin, photo, biography Valentin Yudashkin  Russia's famous couturier, photo, biography
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