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Emmanuelle Seigner

( Actress)

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Biography Emmanuelle Seigner
Everyone knows that Emmanuelle Seigner (Emmanuelle Seigner) - wife of famous director Roman Polanski. She repeated the path of many actresses who at a young age to marry for the influential film-makers and directors or directors then shoot them in his films (a similar fate, for example, Sophie Marceau). Emmanuel was born June 22, 1966. On set, she, like many actresses, got working model - simply because it is very pretty. Emmanuel debut took place in the film 'Year of the Medusa', but really its debut actress finds the role in the film 'Detective' a recognized master of French cinema, Jean-Luc Godard.
In 18 years, Emmanuelle Seigner met with scandalous director Roman Polanski, who always liked young and pretty actresses, and he offered her the main role in his new film 'Furious' (1990). The film was a success, and the audience saw Emmanuel. However, the actress did not promptly make a career. She was married to Roman Polanski (it did not frighten the difference in age is almost 30 years) and much more attention was given to home and family. Nevertheless, in 1992, Emmanuel played in tough erotic drama Polanski 'Bitter Moon', which proved to be a very good actress who could play not only in body. The resounding success of 'Bitter Moon' is largely merit Emmanuel. In this film it and know in our country.

Emmanuel tries to withdraw no more than once a year, so carefully selects roles. In 1995 she starred in the comedy 'Smile' in 1997, played in the fantastic film 'Nirvana', and in 1998, flashed with Catherine Deneuve in the film 'Place Vendome'. I must say that Polanski's wife is not in his every film, but in 1999 he shot her in the movie 'The Ninth Gate', and to work in this movie, the actress had to quickly come into shape after the birth of her second child. Emmanuel role in 'The Ninth Gate' was highly appreciated by the critics, just as it does not completely faded after the birth of two children, the beauty. In the same year Seigner co-starred in the film 'Buddy Boy'.

In interviews she always says that his career in film for her is not important, but she was pleased with the way things work. But Emmanuel no fan of the theater: her grandfather was a famous actor, and it was filled with a childhood aversion to the theatrical 'kitchen'.

Younger sister of actress Mathilde Seigner, surprisingly it seems to be a rising 'star' of French cinema screen. It was withdrawn in a few films in a year, also managed to work with Catherine Deneuve and very popular in France. But Emmanuel said that she is absolutely not jealous, but happy for her. After all, surely a film career Matilda handy resemblance to the famous elder sister! Moreover, the age difference they have only 2 years.

Unfortunately, I could not find a single representation Emmanuelle Seigner on the Internet, only here the interview.

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  • Sergey for Emmanuelle Seigner
  • Emmanuel Seigner - my favorite actress! She is a woman of my dreams!
  • Lisa for Emmanuelle Seigner
  • amazingly beautiful girl, it's strange that so little removed in the movies.
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    Emmanuelle Seigner, photo, biography
    Emmanuelle Seigner, photo, biography Emmanuelle Seigner  Actress, photo, biography
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