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George Bush (Jr.)

( The U.S. President)

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Biography George Bush (Jr.)
George Walker Bush was born July 6, 1946. His father, also George W. Bush, while a student at Yale University, belonged to the elite of New England.

Father - magnate and president
The Second World War broke during the life of Bush. At the age of 18 years, he volunteered for the war and became the youngest pilot of the Navy United States. Was shot down over Japan, escaped, three times decorated for bravery.
Returning from the front, the elder Bush graduated from university and began his oil business. Bushes moved to Texas in the town of Odessa.
. Apartment with a bathroom and the only refrigerator in the whole street, and then, and another - a rarity at that time, were signs of their material well-being.
. From Odessa Bushy soon moved to Midland, a small town, where he spent his childhood, George Jr.
. The family appeared three sons and two daughters.
Welfare of the family grew, she moved, this time permanently, in Houston, the state capital
. The father turned into a big oil executive: He began with a salary of 375 dollars a month, and in 1966, to enter public service, sold his shares for a million.
. In the public service, George Bush Sr. was promoted to the post of CIA director, was a prominent figure in the Republican Party and in 1988 became the 41 th President of the United States.

. School years wonderful
. When George W. Bush was fifteen, his parents are one of the best on the East Coast boarding schools for boys - Phillips Academy in Massachusetts, where he obtained his father

. Unlike his father Bush did not shine any success in studies or sports achievements.
. However, he gained a lot of friends and took one of the most enviable locations in the school's Table of Ranks - became the main leader of the supporters of the school sports teams

. After school, he met at the prestigious Yale University, but because he studied poorly in school tried to dissuade him - afraid that I hear.
. Nevertheless, the university accepted it.

. Presidential universities
. The university W. Bush became president of one of the so-called the Student Brotherhood (fraternity)
. Its members tend to live in a dorm and spend time together.
According to the stories of friends, fraternity, led by Bush, famous for storm buster, hooligan antics and athletic achievements. At this time, George was taken twice to the police.
During the Vietnam War, George Bush went to flight school in Texas National Guard. Send it to war cadets and graduates are not threatened.

Early career - oil
After graduating from flight school, Bush began his career in the oil industry - became an intern at a firm owned by a family friend. In 1973 he enrolled at Harvard Business School.
But the world of big business did not become her to Bush. He dreamed of returning to Texas. Subsequently, he never arrived at the annual meeting of fellow students or to Yale or to Harvard
. While the elder Bush made a political career, becoming already by the time vice-president of the United States, Bush has led to the bankruptcy of its oil business and slowly losing themselves into drinking.

. Now he is another
. Exactly know the date when he decided to become a different man - 28 July 1986
. According to him, he woke up in a hotel room in Colorado Springs the morning after the feast with peers in honor of the collective 40 years and thought bitterly, that he personally had nothing to celebrate.
It was then that he vowed to stop drinking and has since not picked up in the mouth a drop of alcohol. And soon his work began to build. He managed to negotiate a merger between his company on favorable terms with a larger and more successful.
He gathered a group of investors to buy a baseball team, the Texas Rangers, and this transaction has been most successful in his life. After investing in her 600 thousand dollars, borrowed, Bush in a few years received almost 15 million.
In 1994 he became governor of Texas. In 1998 was re-elected to this post. And in 1999, decided to run for the highest office in the State and in 2000 he was elected.
. One of the main slogans of his campaign was a promise to "change the tone" of Washington and returned to the White House "the spirit of honor and dignity", was destroyed by Clinton, who "turned the house into a den of American presidents."
. Source:
. http://www.temadnia.ru/

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George Bush (Jr.), photo, biography
George Bush (Jr.), photo, biography George Bush (Jr.)  The U.S. President, photo, biography
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