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Rostopchin Fedor

( The famous Russian statesman.)

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Biography Rostopchin Fedor
1763 - 1826
From the age of 10 was listed in the Life Guards regiment, in 1792 received the title of gentleman of the bedchamber, "the rank of brigadier". In 1786 - 1788 he. R. traveled abroad and attended lectures at the University of Leipzig, in 1788 participated in the assault Ochakov; in 1791, went to AA. Bezborodko in Turkey for talks on the world. Under Catherine II, he did not hold high office, . but amazingly quickly rose under Paul I; for three years (1798 - 1800) he was made Cabinet Minister for Foreign Affairs, . thirds of those present at the College of Foreign Affairs, . Earl Russia Empire, . Grand Chancellor of the Order of St.,
. John of Jerusalem, the Director of Postal Department, pervoprisutstvuyuschim a panel of foreign affairs and, finally, a board member of the Emperor. However, Paul I often rewarded him with money and human estates. From 1801 to 1810 R. lived in Moscow in retirement; in 1810 was appointed chief chamberlain, and two years later, renamed the General of Infantry - Chief in Moscow. Many contributed to the recruitment and filling in a campaign 80 000 volunteers encouraged the nobles and merchants for donations, support the people courage and confidence, . turning to him with his famous posters or advertisements, . written vulgar language, . very vividly and accurately,
. He tried to put the French in the form of contempt, praised the "simple Russian virtues of" exaggerating the news of the victories of our troops, denied the rumors about the success of an enemy invasion. Partly with the intent to conceal the truth, partly due to ignorance of the real plans of Kutuzov, he had said on the eve of Borodino in their bills that it is impossible for the French closer to Moscow and kept wanting to leave it. When after the battle of Borodino and the council at Fili had to be cleaned Moscow, R. a lot of trouble to the transport of government property and residents, but at the same time, many in Moscow contributed to the extermination of the fire, not wishing that she went to the pristine French. Living during Napoleon's stay in Moscow, Vladimir, and then with. Red Fakhra, P. their messages raise the peasants against the French. After the departure of Napoleon, he did a lot for the device of the capital and its residents. August 30, 1814 he was dismissed from the rank of commander and appointed a member of the Council of State, but lived mostly in Paris, and only in 1823, settled in Moscow. Acer v. R., Napoleon called it the igniter and the insane; contemporaries said that "there are two minds, Russian and French, and one other harm". To himself, he wrote: "the heart of straight, mind is stubborn, in fact, fellow". Undoubtedly, P. was clever, . well aware of weaknesses in drag all the French in the then Russian society and seeing the shortcomings of policies of Alexander I, after 1815, but at the same time, he was an extreme conservative and an ardent defender of serfdom, . often resorted to violent, . little pardonable Measures, . was zapalchiv and vengeful (eg, . to MM,
. Speransky). In addition to the posters, which are known for more than 16 and who in 1889 published A.S. Suvorin, P. belongs to a number of literary works, many of them published Smirdin in 1853, the 1868 M. Longinov a complete list of works of AR, together with nevoshedshimi in smirdinskoe edition. The principal works of R.: "Materiaux en grande partie inedits, pour la biographie future du C-te Th. R. "(Brussels, . 1864; Russian translation of the second book, "Nineteenth Century" Bartenev, . "Notes" were written long after the incidents described, . therefore expressed in their opinion often does not fit with reality), . "The truth about the Moscow Fire" (Paris, . 1827), . "The last days of life of the Empress Catherine II and the first day of the reign of Paul I" ( "Reading the Moscow Society for the History and Antiquities", . 1860, . kn,
. III), "Vesti, or killed a living" (comedy), "Oh, French!" (story in "Notes of the Fatherland", 1842, Prince. 10; and comedy, and a story written to arouse national feeling Russian), "On Suvorov" ( "Russian Messenger, 1808,? 3)," Journey of Prussia "(" Moskvityanin ", 1849, Prince. I), "Note on Martinists" presented in 1811, Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna ( "Russian Archive", 1875, "9);" verse autobiography "(ib., 1873,? 5) and other. Extensive correspondence P. the emperor Alexander I, . Bantysh-Kamensky, . Vorontsov, . Rumyantsev, and many others published in "Russian Archive" (most of all for 1873 and 1875 years), . Watch Prince Vorontsov ", . "Archives of historical and practical information about Russia", . Kalachova, . "Russian Antiquities" (1893 - Correspondence with Alexander I) and other,
. R. had an extensive library and archives, which allowed free use of many scientists. O R. cm. in "Notes" A. Broker A. Bulgakov, F.F. Vigel, C. Glinka, MA. Dmitrieva, E. Komarovski On. Dead, KK. Pavlova and others; A. Broker F.V. Rostopchin. Biographical Sketch "(" Russian Antiquities ", 1893, I); Segur" Vie du comte Rostopchine, gouverneur de Moscou en 1812 "(AP, 1872); M. Longinov "Materials for biography and a list of the works of Count Rostopchina" ( "Russian Archive", 1868;? 4 - 5); Dubrovin, Moscow and Earl Rostopchin in 1812 "(" Military Collection ", 1863," 7 and 8); Oreus "1812 in Notes R." ( "Russian Antiquities", t. LXIV); M. Bogdanovich, "The History of the reign of Emperor Alexander I" (t. III, 1869); Schilder "Alexander I". V. P-in.

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Rostopchin Fedor, photo, biography
Rostopchin Fedor, photo, biography Rostopchin Fedor  The famous Russian statesman., photo, biography
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