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Rohmanov Petr

( mathematician and military writer.)

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Biography Rohmanov Petr
Killed in the Battle of Leipzig October 18, 1813. Influenced by the works of Academician Gurieva and especially his "Essay on usovershenii elements of geometry (Saint-Petersburg, . 1798), . He began his independent work in the field of mathematics with the way the limits, . and who devoted his essay "A new theory of content and proportions of geometrical, . commensurable and incommensurable quantities, . and in the latter case based on the method of limits "(Moscow, . 1803),
. Soon after this work in light of P. went to Paris, where, besides lectures Ecole Polytechnique, F. listened, apparently, also the lectures of Mathematical Sciences at College de France. After he visited the University of Gottingen, was then in Vienna, where he published in 1805, "Essai sur quelques usages de la methode des limites". R. translated into French more significant passages in the works Gur'eva and presented for consideration by the Paris mathematicians, which was considered a value only for improvements made in the way of limits Guryev. In 1805, presented to the Petersburg Academy of Sciences essay "Essai sur quelques propositions d'Analyse", which, however, was not considered worthy of space in academic journals. In this work he wanted to "help" clarify some inaccuracies and ambiguities, approved by Lagrange in his account in "Theorie des fonctions analytiques" - "the strictest theory of differential and integral calculus". In 1806, P. published "Fragments analysts" (St. Petersburg), "An Essay on the surfaces of revolution" (St. Petersburg) and "An Essay on the cylindrical and conical surfaces" (St. Petersburg). The second essay provoked a strong academic review Viskovatov. In 1807, P. was elected a member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists and an honorary member of the State Department, Admiralty and society of mathematicians, formed at the Moscow University. In 1810 came out in retirement with the rank of Major, F. again joined forces in 1812. Military writer P. made for the first time in 1808, . putting in "Artillery Journal, . published by the Scientific Committee on the artillery unit, . Article: "Proof of a physical truth and its application to the artillery" (? IV) and "Proof of the theorem Taylorovoy and distribution thereof to the case of many variables quantities" (? III),
. In the same journal in 1809 published "The horse artillery" (? II). In an effort to disseminate research in Russia, the main subject of their studies, higher analysis, P. read in St. Petersburg, at his home, free lectures on higher analysis and analytic geometry. The participants were students of the Pedagogical Institute, the officers and even teachers. One of them, Nicholas Teniginym, were published in 1810, "Lectures g. Rohmanova on the differential calculus "(St. Petersburg). After the left: "An Essay on the Theory of Maximum and minimum values of functions of several variables quantities" (St. Petersburg, 1810) and "An Essay on the various theories of differential calculus and the add-on comparison" (St. Petersburg, 1812). In the first of two essays, published by the Department of Admiralty, the author was engaged in bringing the theory, is the subject of the works of the "desired perfection". By this he was prompted to be incomplete, with which this theory came from the hands of Eclair, who fell in its development in error, and Lagrange, to correct the error. In the second essay, . after a detailed "description Fermatova and Dr. Barry ways Maximum and minimum values and tangents, . Newtonian theory and Maklorenevoy flyuktsy and Leibnizian, . Euler and Dalembertovoy theories of differential calculus ", . author has deduced from them "comparison and convergence, new, . his opinion, . theory of differential calculus,
. Comparing it with those on which it occurred, he gave in conclusion, the book description of the Lagrangian and Arbogastovoy theory of functions of the derivatives thereof, and a comparison with previous theories,. Failures of the P. in his work for the field of mathematical literature, made him turn to the military literature. He took a 1810 publication on their own means "War Journal" (cm. t. VI, 860). Himself R. belongs in the journal series of critical articles on the mathematical works, . began with consideration of the book Kuzmin "Essay on the method of limits and the use of it to the elements of geometry" (book XIX) and the works of Academician Gurieva: "The transcendent geometry of curved surfaces", . "Foundations of differential calculus with an application to onogo intelligence" (XX), . "Science calculus book first, . containing the grounds of arithmetic "(XXI) and" Foundations of Geometry "(XXIII and XXIV),
. R. not only quite abandoned their previous exaggerations in evaluating the scientific value of the works Gurieva, but switched to a sharp condemnation of their. The memory of R., . despite his dedication to useful work, . the nearest to him at the time Russian literature disappeared very soon after his death, . and, moreover, not only between the official representatives of Mathematics, . but also between military writers,
. VV. Bobynin.

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Rohmanov Petr, photo, biography
Rohmanov Petr, photo, biography Rohmanov Petr  mathematician and military writer., photo, biography
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