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BRAHMS Johannes (Brahms Johannes)

( One of the prominent figures in German music of the 19.)

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Biography BRAHMS Johannes (Brahms Johannes)
Born May 7, 1833 in Hamburg, the son of Jakob Brahms, a professional bass. The first music lessons, gave Brahms's father, he later studied with O. Kossel, which always remembered with gratitude. In 1843, Kossel gave his pupil E. Marksenu. Marxen, pedagogy which was based on a study of works by Bach and Beethoven, quickly realized that he was dealing with an extraordinary talent. In 1847, when he died Mendelssohn, Marx said to a friend: 'One master left, but another, larger, is to replace it - this is Brahms'.
In 1853, Brahms finished teaching, and in April the same year, a concert tour with his friend, E. Strap: Strap played the violin, Brahms piano. In Hanover, they met with another famous violinist, Joachim J.. He was struck by the power and fiery temperament of music that Brahms showed him and two young musicians (Joachim was then 22 years) became close friends. Joachim gave the belt and Brahms a letter of recommendation to Liszt, and they went to Weimar. Maestro lost sight some of the works of Brahms, and they fired at him was so impressed that he immediately wanted to 'classify' Brahms to the best direction - Novonemetskoy school, which was headed by himself and R. Wagner. However, Brahms succumbed to the charm of personality and brilliance of Liszt his game. Belt remained in Weimar, Brahms also continued his journey and eventually found himself in Dusseldorf, in the house R. Schumann.

Schumann and his wife, the pianist Clara Schumann-Wieck, already heard about from Brahms, Joachim and warmly received the young musician. They came to the delight of his writings and became its staunchest adherents. Brahms lived in Dц+sseldorf a few weeks and went to Leipzig, where he attended the concert Liszt and Berlioz. Christmas Brahms arrived in Hamburg, he left his hometown unknown, student, . and returned to the artist name, . on which the article was great Schuman said: 'Here musician, . which is designed to give the highest and most perfect expression of the spirit of our time ',

In February 1854 in a nervous fit Schumann attempted suicide, he was sent to hospital, where he dragged out his days until his death (July 1856). Brahms hurried to help the family Schumann and during the ordeal took care of his wife and seven children. He soon fell in love with Clara Schumann. Clara and Brahms consenting never talked about love. But the deep mutual affection is preserved, and throughout his long life, Claire has remained close friend of Brahms.

In the autumn months of 1857-1859 Brahms served as court musician in the small princely court at Detmold, and summer seasons 1858 and 1859 held in Gottingen. There he met Agatha von Siebold, a singer, the daughter of a university professor; Brahms was deeply infatuated with her, but hurried away when they started talking about marriage. All of the following heartfelt hobbies Brahms were fleeting nature. He died a bachelor.

Family Brahms still lived in Hamburg, and he always went there, and in 1858 rented a separate apartment. In 1858-1862, he successfully led the women's amateur choir: this occupation liked him, and he composed several songs for the choir. However, Brahms dreamed about the place of the conductor of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1862, the former head of the orchestra died, but the place has got no Brahms, and Yu Stockhausen. After that, the composer decided to move to Vienna.

By 1862 a magnificent colorful style of the early piano sonatas of Brahms's style gives way to a calmer, strict, classical behavior, as reflected in one of his best works - Variations and fugue on a theme by Handel. Brahms retreated farther and farther from the ideals of Novonemetskoy School, . and his rejection of Liszt culminated in 1860, . when Brahms and Joachim published a very sharp tone Manifesto, . which, . particularly, . said, . that works followers Novonemetskoy schools 'contrary to the spirit of music',

The first concerts in Vienna were met with criticism is not too friendly, but willing to listen to Brahms, Viennese pianist, and he soon won general sympathy. The rest was a matter of time. He has not challenged colleagues, his reputation was finally established after the resounding success of the German Requiem, full of April 10, 1868 at the Cathedral of Bremen. Since then the most visible landmarks in biography Brahms become the premiere of his major works, such as the First Symphony in C minor (1876), the Fourth Symphony in E minor (1885), Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (1891).

His material wealth has grown along with fame, and now he gave vent to his love of travel. He visited Switzerland and other scenic spots, made several trips to Italy. Until the end of life Brahms chose not too difficult journey, and because his favorite place to relax is an Austrian resort Ischl. It was there 20 May 1896, he received the news of the death of Clara Schumann. Heavy ill, he died in Vienna on April 3, 1897.

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BRAHMS Johannes (Brahms Johannes), photo, biography
BRAHMS Johannes (Brahms Johannes), photo, biography BRAHMS Johannes (Brahms Johannes)  One of the prominent figures in German music of the 19., photo, biography
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