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Rosanna Arquette

( Actress)

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Biography Rosanna Arquette
Date of Birth: 10/08/1959

Rosanna Lauren Arquette was born on August 10, 1959, Mr.. New York, New York State, USA in the famous family of actors. Roseanne - Comedian granddaughter pop 50's, Cliff Arquette, daughter of Lewis Arquette, who played about a hundred roles in movies and on TV. Brothers Richmond and Alexis, and her younger sister, Patricia - known film actor late 80's - 90-ies. As a schoolgirl Rosanna bogemistoe threw his family and fled to Hollywood, where he immediately started filming on a television series in the roles of adolescent girls.

. The first serious work on TV has become part of the family television movie "Harvest Home" (1978), where one of the main roles performed the Golden Age of Hollywood star Bette Davis
. Then Arquette co-starred in several television movies, while attending acting schools. Originality Arquette manifested in the film by Joseph Ruben's "Gorp" (1980). This depressing comedy about a summer student camp and drugs, I liked those who "Hamlet" seems ridiculous story. Arquette played a small role, after which is remembered as "a small and bizarre, ugly and charming". Continuing to remain in a powerful non-stop stream of television roles, . Arquette co-starred in the psychological drama by John Seylesa "Baby, . is you "(1983), . where made in the main role of the girl Jewess, . which in a Christian school adolescents bait Catholics,
. In the same year it was withdrawn in a failed fake comedy Rica Fraydberga "From the wall, where unnecessarily wasteful of talent in the role of the daughter of prison warden (Mort Markham).

. In 1985, Arquette played in the black comedy by Martin Scorsese's "After Hours" - funny stories about the extraordinary adventures of ordinary night a young man (Griffin Dunne), . where the heroine Arquette is making a contribution of marginality and abnormalities in the exemplary world hero,
. Arquette can be rightfully proud of his outlandish character. Independent directors to award the prize, and the British Film Academy Award nominated actress for "Best Actress". But Arquette got her a year later, a major role in the delicate and original comedy "In the desperate search for Suzanne," which lifted Susan Seydelman. Prior to this role, the share fell Arquette unusual characters in the comic or tragic context. Seydelman offered her the role of the trivial nature of the housewife with a kitchen. Once she made a new hairstyle, and then, out of boredom, began to respond to anonymous messages on behalf of Suzanne, and some got into a terrible criminal history, in which the heroine Arquette confused with the heroine of the Madonna.

. The second half of the 80's for Miss Arquette was not particularly interesting
. She continued to work on television in the television series NBC "Town of Terror," "In the woods, where it was a Partner of Anthony Perkins' long road home", "Wrong Man" (with John Lyaytvudom and Kevin Anderson). For his role in the TV series "The Executioner's Song" she was awarded an Emmy. Simultaneously, she acted in films is not particularly capital: in the crime drama "Silverado" Lawrence Kazhdan and "8 Million Ways to Die" Hola Ashley (1986), as well as in comedy, Joe Dante's "Amazon Women on the Moon" (1987). In 1988, Luc Besson, offered her a role in his film "Big Blue", the adventure stories of the divers, in which psychological factors were limited to athletic ability to beautifully immersed. And in 1989, Martin Scorsese once again offered her a role in the exciting "New York Stories", a picture of several novels about the life of New York. Arquette played a movie star mistress (Nick Nolte), from which she longed to shed.

. In the 90 years of the most colorful works Arquette have small roles in "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino (1994) and in the "car crash" (1996) David Cronenberg
. In Tarantino she sygarla dumb and curious wife, a long-haired drug dealer, who is fond of piercings and constantly sniff. In the metaphysical "car crash" two types of episodes: turning over cars and all types of sex in their ruins. Heroine Arquette after the accident collected piecemeal and half consists of prosthetics. Like all the characters, she received a special erotic pleasure only seat cars, and only under the threat of collision with another car. Marginalkii and originalki obtained from Rosanna Arquette most picturesque.

Rosanna Arquette is married to John Seidel, and daughter Zoe Seidel

. Filmography (actress)

. 1980: "Gorp" (Gorp); Judy
. 1981: "SOB"; Babs
. 1983: "Baby, it's you" (Baby, It's You); Jill Rosen
. 1983: "From the Wall" (Off the Wall); Pam
. 1985: "After Hours" (After Hours)
. 1985: "In the desperate search for Suzanne" (Desperately Seeking Susan); Robert Glass
. 1985: "The Aviator" (The Aviator); Tilley Hansen
. 1986: "8 Million Ways to Die" (8 Million Ways to Die), Sarah
. 1987: "Amazon Women on the Moon" (Amazon Women on the Moon); Karen
. 1988: "Big Blue" (Le Grand bleu), Joanna
. 1989: "New York Stories" (New York Stories), Paulette 4
. 1990: "Almost" (Almost); Wendy
. 1990: "Black Rainbow" (Black Rainbow); March Travis
. 1992: "Fathers and Sons" (Fathers & Sons); Miss Athena
. 1993: "Nowhere to Run" (Nowhere to Run); Clyde
. 1994: "Pulp Fiction" (Pulp Fiction); Jody
. 1995: "Find destroy" (Search and Destroy); Lauren Mirkhaym
. 1996: "car wreck" (Crash); Gabriella
. 1997: "Love me" (Do Me a Favor); Elex Langley
. 1998: "I'm losing you" (I'm Losing You); Rachel Krohn
. 1998: "Devil's Kitchen" (Hell's Kitchen); Liz MakNiri
. 1998: "Buffalo-66" (Buffalo '66); Wendy
. 1999: "Sugar Town" (Sugar Town), Eva
. 1999: "Interview with a corpse" (Interview with a Dead Man)
. 2000: "9 yards" (Whole Nine Yards, The); Sophie Oseranski

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Rosanna Arquette, photo, biography
Rosanna Arquette, photo, biography Rosanna Arquette  Actress, photo, biography
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