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Jeff Bridges

( Actor)

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Biography Jeff Bridges
photo Jeff Bridges
Date of Birth: 04/12/1969

. Son of famous actor Lloyd Bridges, Jeff was born December 4, 1969 - almost exactly eight years after his older brother, Bo (the cross was Larry Parks - the first actor in Hollywood who admitted belonging to the Communist Party)
. Father, Lloyd, celebrated by that time already 56 years old. They say that children are more talented than the late early. One way or another, but in the acting career, Jeff dobivlsya greater success than Bo.

However, in his first film, Jeff did not even fall in titers. He was four months when he was brought to the set pattern "Her company" (1950), and put the front of the camera in the scene at the train station. After eight years sostyalsya "full" Jeff's debut - along with his father, he took part in the TV series "Sea Hunt" (1958). Dad took the two sons and the "Lloyd Bridges Show" (1962). Interrupting roles in television, Jeff is waiting patiently for the first good movie roles in "big cinema". And waiting for - "The Last Picture Show, Peter Bogdanovich (1971) brings 22-year-old Bridges, the first of three nominated for an Oscar (for best supporting actress). Golden statuette falls quite close, got a partner in "The Last Picture Show" Ben Johnson.

The second nomination was followed by three years and again for supporting actress. In "The thugs and skipjack" (1974) Jeff plays a tramp, which takes a robber associates with the experience, the hero of Clint Eastwood. Oscar goes back to another. Thoroughly after playing with Bridges, fortune turned away from him. After two "Oscar" attempts Bridges gets in a thorough creative hole.

The second half of the 70's and early 80's. proved unsuccessful for Bridges. Second-rate remake of "King Kong" (1976) - although that has gathered quite a lot of money - and worse, Michael Cimino film "Heaven" (1980) - only two of the through-film in which Jeff maintains its own bank account. Money just turn out to require doubling the number of - Bridges, first carried away by Eastern philosophy, and then, as a consequence, "acid" and marijuana. The only bright spot of the time, Jeff finds familiarity in the filming westerns "Rancho Deluxe" with the photographer Susan Geston. Since 1975. they live together and raise three daughters.

In Brydges best be playing muzhikovatyh heroes. His characters are always have a special inner strength, sleeping from time to time, and appearing only in extreme situations. In 1984. the role of an alien ( "Man with the Stars" by John Carpenter), assumed the form of her late husband's main character, once attached to Jeff was missing shine and a third time causes the nervous Bridges wasted on the phrase "and the Oscar goes to ...". More Bridges moves only upward.

. "Jagged Edge" (1985) Richard Marquand "The next morning" (1986) Sidney Lumet, "Tucker: The Man and His Dream" (1988) Francis Ford Coppola's "Magnificent Baker Brothers" (1989) Stephen Klouvza - all these pictures Bridges are an asset
. 1991 accompanied to Jeff DJ Jack Lucas' role in the film, Terry Gilliam's "The Fisher King". Then follow the good, but not as noticeable role - to "Big Lebowski" (1998), the Coen brothers.

Dude, the hero Bridges, the reviews on the tape Cohen called "modern Christ". Slightly obkurenny fan cocktail "White Guard", forever stuck in the sixties, falls into the center of the detective puzzle. The brilliant performance of the role Chuvak made possible partly because of the fact that Bridges can not find the similarities between the hero and themselves - remember his experiments with LSD twenty-odd years ago.

. 1999 issued a very productive one for Jeff
. He plays in conspirological thriller "The Road to Arlington," a comedy by Albert Brooks' "The Muse" and the film adaptation of Sam Shepard's play "Simpatico. "The most unappreciated actor of his generation", according to American journalist Janet Maslin, is trying hard to refute this assertion.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1971 - "The Last Picture Show" (The Last Picture Show), Dwayne Jackson
. 1972 - "Bad Company" (Bad Company), Jake Ramsey
. 1972 - "Fat City" (Fat City), Ernie
. 1973 - "The Last American Hero" (The Last American Hero), Elroy Jackson
. 1973 - "The Iceman Cometh" (The Iceman Cometh), Don Perritt
. 1974 - "Thunder and skipjack" (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot), skipjack
. 1975 - "Rancho Deluxe" "(Rancho Deluxe), Jack McKee
. 1975 - "Heart of the West" (Hearts of the West), Lewis Tucker
. 1976 - "Stay Hungry" (Stay Hungry), Craig Blake
. 1976 - "King Kong" (King Kong), Jack Prescott
. 1978 - "Someone killed her husband" (Somebody Killed Her Husband), Jerry Green
. 1979 - "Winter Killing" (Winter Kills), Nick Keegan
. 1980 - "Heaven" (Heaven's Gate), John L
. Bridges
. 1981 - "The Way Cutter" (Cutter's Way), Richard Bown
. 1982 - "Kiss me goodbye" (Kiss Me Goodbye), Rupert Baines
. 1982 - "Tron" (Tron), Kevin Flynn / Klyucharev
. 1984 - "Against all odds" (Against All Odds), Terry Brogan
. 1984 - "The man with the Star" (Starman), Man with the stars
. 1985 - "Jagged Edge" (Jagged Edge), Jack Forrester
. 1986 - "The next morning," (The Morning After), Turner Kendall
. 1986 - "Eight Million Ways to Die" (8 Million Ways to Die), Scudder
. 1987 - "Nadine" (Nadine), Vernon Hightower
. 1988 - "Tucker: The Man and His Dream" (Tucker: The Man and His Dream), Preston Tucker
. 1989 - "See you in the morning" (See You in the Morning), Larry Livingston
. 1989 - "Beautiful Baker Brothers" (The Fabulous Baker Boys), Jack Baker
. 1990 - "Tehasvill" (Texasville), Dwayne Jackson
. 1991 - "The Fisher King" (The Fisher King), Jack Lucas
. 1992 - "American Heart" (American Heart), Jack Kelson
. 1993 - "Vanishing" (The Vanishing), Barney
. 1994 - "Fearless" (Fearless), Max Klein
. 1994 - "Gone with the explosion" (Blown Away), Jimmy Dove / Liam Makgivni
. 1996 - "White squall" (White Squall), Captain Sheldon
. 1998 - "The Big Lebowski" (The Big Lebowski), Dude
. 1999 - "Road to Arlington" (Arlington Road), Michael Faraday
. 1999 - "Muse" (The Muse), Jack Warrick
. 1999 - "Simpatico" (Simpatico), Carter

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Jeff Bridges, photo, biography
Jeff Bridges, photo, biography Jeff Bridges  Actor, photo, biography
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