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Roger Corman

( Director, Producer)

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Biography Roger Corman
photo Roger Corman
Date of Birth: 05/04/1926

Roger Corman was born April 5, 1926 in Detroit. He studied at the College of Engineering at Stanford University three years served in the Navy, worked for one semester at Oxford University, studying English literature. In the movie started gofer at the studio 20th Century - Fox, then worked as a literary agent. Since 1953 - producer, in 1955 made his debut as director. Roger Corman - not a man, it is the whole institution. He has mastered all genres, except for boring, took about a hundred and fifty films and shared the secrets of his success in a book called "How I made a hundred movies and has not lost a penny". For a long time it was called "king halutury", in fact, he always made movies for the people, so-called exploitation films, "Shoot" now for a week, three days, even two. Korman has a unique flair for talent: he brought in people - very important people - the most famous actors and directors of the second half of last century: his debut Francis Ford Coppola, . Martin Scorsese, . Robert De Niro, . Jack Nicholson, . Ellen Burstyn, and many other celebrities,
. At the same time he always remained "the Pope Carlo, humble worker, contributing creatively to dare to their students. But the platform for experiments, he and clears: his low-budget B-movies tread the path blockbusters. He released his "Saurischia" two weeks before "Jurassic Park Spielberg. He took off his "Bloody Mama" for many years before "Bonnie and Clyde". It was he who instilled in his young colleagues a taste for European cinema, with the result that they have made in the 60's revolution, destroying dilapidated dogmas of "old Hollywood". His prestige among European intellectuals, is immense: "Masque of the Red Death" and "The Tomb of Ligeia" (both 1964), shot them in England, there are the top horror. Edgar Allan Poe, on the story that made those tapes, one of the favorites Korman, who believes that movies should be based on a good script. But everything else for it is no less important, he has worked with the operator of great Murnau Floyd Crosby, an artist Daniel Haller. Its an unlimited range of genre: he was filming westerns ( "The woman from the tribe of the Apaches", . 1955), . Movies-disaster ( "Avalanche", . 1978), . Road muviz, . gangster movies ( "The massacre on Valentine's Day", . 1967), . thrillers ( "A bucket of blood", . 1959), . fiction ( "The Day, . when the world ends ", . 1956), . youth drama ( "Wild Angels", . 1966) and rock movies ( "School of Rock 'n' roll", . 1979), . Responding to a request from the public, . changing with the passage of time,
. His films - simple and clear, the morality of their "black": thugs - that bandits, murderers - a murderer, a thief should be in prison, justice must prevail. But, incidentally, as the distributors namely Roger Corman introduced American audiences with such specimens, the mixed foreign copyright movies, like "Cries and Whispers, Ingmar Bergman and" Amarcord "Federico Fellini

. Filmography (director)

. 1955 - "Five of the West" (Five Guns from the West)
. 1955 - "A woman from the tribe of the Apaches" (Apache Woman)
. 1956 - "The day when the world ends" (The Day the World Ended)
. 1959 - "A bucket of blood" (A Bucket of Blood)
. 1960 - "Little Shop of Horrors" (The Little Shop of Horrors)
. 1963 - "The Raven" (The Raven)
. 1964 - The Mask of the Red Death "(The Red Masque of the Red Death)
. 1964 - "The Tomb of Ligeia" (The Tomb of Ligeia)
. 1966 - "Wild Angels" (The Wild Angels)
. 1967 - "The massacre on Valentine's Day" (The St Valentine's Day Massacre)
. 1970 - "Bloody Mama" (Bloody Mama)
. 1978 - "Avalanche" (Avalanche)
. 1979 - "School of Rock 'n' Roll" (Rock'n'Roll High School)
. 1993 - "Dracula rises" (Dracula Raising)
. 1994 "Reflections on the crime" (Reflections on Crime)

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Roger Corman, photo, biography
Roger Corman, photo, biography Roger Corman  Director, Producer, photo, biography
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