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Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)

( Rock musician, guitarist)

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Biography Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)

Roger Taylor (full name - Roger Taylor Middouz) was born July 29, 1949 in Kingslinne (Norfolk, United Kingdom). From childhood he dreamed of becoming a musician, a vocalist, guitarist and drummer in the school groups. After school, he enrolled in the College of Medicine at the London hospital, where he studied dentistry. In the summer of 1968, when the group sold "Reaction", in which Taylor played, he responded to the ad Brian May and Tia Staffell who were seeking a drummer for his "The Smile". The summer of 1970 Staffell left the band and was replaced by a graduate of the College of Arts Farouk Bulsara, made famous by the name of Freddie Mercury. With the arrival in February 1971 a group of new bassist John Deacon began the history of "Queen", a few years became a legend of world rock.
In addition to working with "Queen" Roger Taylor, implement and own projects. In 1981 he released a solo album, "Fun in Space", and in 1984 - "Strange Frontier". In August 1987, Taylor assembled a team of "The Cross"; with it, he recorded her debut album "Shove It", released in January next year, and performed in clubs in Britain and Germany. Were then released albums "The Cross" "Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know" (1988) and "Blue Rock" (1991). In September 1994, saw the light of the third solo album by Roger Taylor "HappinessN", with whom he made a tour of Europe, and in 1998 released his album "Electric Fire".

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  • Ally for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • You Th? Sami you guitarists? He drummer !
  • Tanya for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • Hi, I Tania, . what any news from him there?? Actually from QUEEN, . that they, . no longer thought to assemble, . otgastrolirovali? Whoever took for them! After all, they need us, . is not it?! So I think Freddie is now 15 years of almost no, . God rest his soul! "And the demand and interest in the band does not decrease! New generation kvinomanov growing! Who knows where is Roger? What to do? How to live??? 7777,
  • Vika for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • Actually he was born not 29, and July 26 = /
  • Konstantin for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • Hello, you supper! Your music, technology on the drums, I have you, May and Queen listened from an early age and still not get tired naslozhdatsya your music, I very much hope that there will be new albums and super fame as before in the 80! Yours, Konstantin!
  • Maria D. for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • Drummer .. So it does not prevent him from owning a guitar and keyboards, too)) Generally a very talented man. ... Now .. He lives in London, raising children, participating in musical events with Brian ...
  • Julia for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • Ai-yai-yai. Many errors: Meddouz Roger Taylor. In that order. Born on July 26.
  • Tanya Taylor for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • God, who wrote a biography? I'll kill them!
  • Nastyona for Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)
  • write some garbage that's not half provda and not at all !
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    Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor), photo, biography
    Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor), photo, biography Roger Taylor (Roger Taylor)  Rock musician, guitarist, photo, biography
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