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Courtney Love

( Actress, singer)

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Biography Courtney Love
photo Courtney Love
Date of Birth: 09/07/1964

The daughter of the biographer of "Greatful Dead" Hank Harrison Courtney Love (Courtney Love; full name of Love Michelle Harrison - Love Michelle Harrison), born July 9, 1964, Mr.. San Francisco, he was baptized hippovskoy will love. Recalls his childhood in largely as a nightmare. Girl grew wild, as a teenager was difficult. Often had clashes with the law.
In more mature years has inherited my grandmother and went to travel. In the end, settled in San Francisco. They began singing career, acting with the future group "Faith No More". Soon the circle of its interests horrible movie, and she moved to Los Angeles where he co-starred in the film "Sid and Nancy" (1986) (with Gary Oldman - Sid Vishisom) as Chloe. Debut film, which played a key role in the film career Oldman, for Love had no special effects. Soon she went to sing in Minnesota, where the horror that his grandmother's capital strongly poissyakli.
. Courtney Love had to break through a striptease, which she, without much success, was engaged at first in Los Angeles and then in Alaska, where the audience was polyubeznee
. Together a bucks, again found herself in Los Angeles and in 1989. founded the band with the most suitable for the women's group called: "Hole" ( "Hole"). His first album, "Beautiful Inside" ( "Pretty on the Inside") drew the attention of major record companies, and in 1991. released in final form. And so far it remains a vivid and imaginative leader of the team.
In 1992. Courtney Love married Kurt Cobain, the leader of the revolutionary group early 90s - "Nirvana". Since then, Courtney perceived primarily as his wife. Relationships Love and Cobain evolved very difficult. Alcohol, heroin and other drugs, seemed to destroy their life together. However, all this did not prevent the birth of a healthy daughter in 1993, although many newspapers accused the Love that it stung, being pregnant. Because of this, the American Organization for the Protection of the rights of children was almost taken away from her daughter. It came even before the trial, but Courtney has defended his child.
In 1994. Cobain committed suicide. They were preparing to divorce. Is not by chance have any rumors, Love blamed his loss. However, all these rumors and hung in the air without any evidence. In 1998. appeared Nika Brumfilda documentary "Kurt and Courtney" about the last days of Kurt. The film was based on the recollections of his friends and entourage. Nick claimed that he had no intention of deliberately vilify Courtney, but that is what he managed to make. Love tried to make a film with a show at the Sundance Film Festival and had a good reason. Brumfild illegally used in film songs and music "Nirvana" and "Hole". Courtney wanted to sue, but Nick just took songs and released a movie about music without the sound of their music.
By 1996, Mr.. Courtney Love has played in several films. But the biggest of its success was the role of Althaea - wife of pornographic publications magnate Larry Flynt (Woody Harelson) - in the film by Milos Forman's "The People vs. Larry Flynt" (1996). Amazing story of love and life of a mad drug addict, dying from AIDS, and the crippled millionaire, fortune in the most hard-porn, shocked the whole world. Having played Alteyu, Love hit the list of Golden Globe Nomination for Best Actress.
After this film Courtney can not afford to choose where and who to play. In 1999. she participates in the comedy "200 Cigarettes", filmed in the style and the money MTV. Dozens of young people in the New Year's Eve looking for a partner for sex. As a result, everyone wakes up in bed completely unexpected, however, some of them still manage to meet the long-awaited love. Courtney, and in this unpretentious stories is seductive and yet touching a girl in love with an old friend. And New Year's morning gives her favorite. The complete harmony of body and soul achieved.
After "Larry Flynt, Milos Forman liked to shoot Courtney and asked her to play Lynn Margulis in" Man on the Moon "(1999). In the history of the most bizarre American comic late 70's early 80's Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey), Love has played a loving wife of this strange entity. It is true to herself - as always extravagant, and this spectacular. The film also involved Danny DeVito and Paul Giamatti.
Love, carrier behind a trail of images of "bad girls", really white and fluffy. The site of "Hole" shot through with pink color, and littered with pulsating hearts. And in order to bewitch Kurt Cobain, she sends him a box filled with lovely trinkets to her heart and tied with a bow moving. Love for Quichua quite organically combines it with unhealthy lifestyles and liberated nature. It is a natural hooligan with a skirt of "Plush" is very relevant in the 90s years. By the end of the decade it became abundantly clear: Courtney Love is not only scandalous wife of Kurt Cobain, but also quite independent star

. Filmography (actress)

. 1986 - "Sid and Nancy" (Sid and Nancy), Chloe
. 1987 - "Straight to Hell" (Straight to Hell), Velma
. 1992 - "1991: Year of break punk" (1991: The Year Punk Broke), a
. 1996 - "The People vs. Larry Flynt (People vs
. Larry Flynt, The), Althea Lying
. 1996 - "Not bad for a girl" (Not Bad for a Girl), the interviewee, film producer
. 1996 - "Feeling Minnesota" (Feeling Minnesota), maid Rhonda
. 1996 - "Basquiat" (Basquiat), large pink
. 1998 - "Kurt and Courtney" (Kurt & Courtney), a
. 1999 - "Man on the Moon" (Man on the Moon), Lynn Margulis
. 1999 - "200 Cigarettes" (200 Cigarettes), Lucy
. 2000 - "Beat" (Beat), Joan Volmer
. Discography

. 1999 Dialogues, "Man on the Moon" / Man On The Moon (Soundtrack); Soundtrack
. 1998 submission; Faith No More; Who Cares A Lot: Greatest Hits
. 1997 design; Hole; My Body The Hand Grenade Kurt Cobain; Kurt Cobain guitar, vocals; Hole; First Session
. 1996 vocals, bass; Small Circle Of Friends: Germs Tribute / Various; Small Circle Of Friends: Germs Tribute / Various
. 1995 review; Frightwig; Wild Women Never Die
. concept of the envelope; Hole; Ask For It (Explicit)
. 1994 vocals, guitar; Hole; Live Through This
. Jabberjaw; Good To The Last Drop
. 1991 vocals, guitar; Hole; Pretty On The Inside

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  • Kid for Courtney Love
  • I respect and love Courtney Love, because she was able to climb out of the mud in the highest light. Because she did not put her hands after her husband's death and has proven that costs more than it. And I can understand why fans do not want to believe in the suicide of Cobain, because I do not want to believe that he is a coward. And he is a coward! Only a coward would leave a woman with a child at the mercy of the world, and she was spitting at the world and it became a great Long live Courtney. And let her know that in Russia there are people who for her throat peregryzet anyone!
  • vimoetya for Courtney Love
  • Anonymous for Courtney Love
  • but their whole family is super ! !
  • Anonymous for Courtney Love
  • super !
  • Olga for Courtney Love
  • That awesome girl, obviously not well mentally, if in 40 years, behaves as a minor, a hooligan! Intellect there and not smell. Crazy girl.
  • Geralt for Courtney Love
  • it is a complete idiot ... sorry Kurt nevstretil it can be turned to everything else ...
  • Anonymous for Courtney Love
  • Nifiga it would be without Kurt has not achieved. Kurt, you're alive in our hearts .... I'm so sorry that you are no more ...
  • Maria for Courtney Love
  • Courtney of course fellow, but Cobain has destroyed
  • gryunge for Courtney Love
  • she certainly stupid, but knows how to manage people well. even after smeoti still be talking about it. Kurt sorry, very much! Most importantly for fans of Cobain more than hers.
  • Anonymous for Courtney Love
  • Yes she was a fool ... she killed Cobain! you read in NETE and immediately understand everything ...
  • Nastya for Courtney Love
  • People! Longer trust the internet ... none of us knew that it was indeed! That's not to meddle where not asked to vaschimi shitty views, and you become like a grandmother with seeds, obserayuschih all in a row!
  • Sweetheart for Courtney Love
  • Courtney velikolepna.Tot who believe nonsense about the fact that she killed Kurt, your intelligence jigger not stoit.Poraskinte brains, look at pictures ... read the books, interviews ... This woman did Kurt happy.
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    Courtney Love, photo, biography
    Courtney Love, photo, biography Courtney Love  Actress, singer, photo, biography
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