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Vyacheslav Tikhonov

( Actor)

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Biography Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Date of Birth: 08/02/1928

"As a child I foolishly tattooed on the hand your name" Glory ". Then, all adorned themselves first names of girls, and my girl was not. Then he could not erase the case. Had two princes to play headdress.

. Many years ago at a rehearsal of the play "The Bear" in a Moscow theater actor so young director shouted quite passionate young actor: "I will make of thee Gerard Philippe!" The director named Stanislav Rostotsky, and actor - Vyacheslav Tikhonov
. It so happened that Rostotsky words are not kept and Philip of Tikhonov did. Yes and no reason is: Stirlitz means for us not less than Fanfan la Tulip for the French.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov born February 8, 1928. in Pauline Posad, a small weaving town. The son of a mechanic and kindergarten teacher, . not "blue blood", . he embodied it in our movie hero, . not only the performance of spiritual nobility (Stirlitz, . teacher Melnikov, . master Bim), . but noble, . "white bone" (Prince Andrew),
. Antique profile of a young, handsome Tikhonova, elegant molding his face does not tally with the proletarian background artist, whose dokinematograficheskaya biography no different from hundreds and thousands of other Soviet biographies. Childhood without a father (went to the front), smokes on the sly, raids on the neighbor's apple orchards. Tenth grade, he graduated in nineteen forty-five and told her parents that he wanted to go to the artists. Pets have been opposed: his father saw him as a mechanic, mother - a student Timiryazev Academy (with food, they say, would be better).

VGIK Tikhonov did not take - that is, not showing ". But he was lucky: although the war ended, but most of the guys had no time to mobilize, the course turned out to be female, and for the "wiring" of plays Tikhonov took a volunteer for one semester probationary. Test he passed. Their rate rose to fame after the "Young Guards", but Tikhonov, who played a small role there Volodya Osmuhina, was not too noticeable. In the stars and idols, he raised himself later. The fame brought him Matthew Frost from "The case was in Penkovo" (1957). It seemed that only a madman could offer an actor with a face like the role of the tractor, but Rostotsky risked - and guessed right.

. Upon learning that is going to put Sergei Bondarchuk's War and Peace "(1965-67) and proceeded to samples, Tikhonov" burned "by Prince Andrew, has hinted about this Bondarchuk - and was refused
. Director approved Innocent Smoktunovsky, but also unexpectedly called Grigori Kozintsev Hamlet and choosing between a Russian prince and a Danish prince, Smoktunovskij prefer the latter. Then Bondarchuk decided to reshuffle and appointed to this role Oleg Strizhenova, who was to play Anatole Kuragin. For some reason refused to work and Strizhenov - so it turned out that the actor for the role Bolkonski no. Meanwhile Tikhonov has starred in "Optimistic Tragedy" (1963), . footage "vysokoideynogo" works of the film crew is regularly sent from the banks of the Don in the cabinet of the Minister of Culture Catherine Furtseva, . and once she, . knowing about the problems Bondarchuk, . point-blank asked him: "Why do not you try for this role Tikhonova?" At that Bondarchuk did not dare argue.,

. But the teacher Melnikov in "live to see Monday" (1968) and from the master in the White Bime ... " (1976) actor himself flatly refused, and Rostotsky worth much effort to convince others that these heroes must perform exactly it.

. At Shtirlitsa role in "Seventeen Moments of Spring" (1973), which became central to his fate, Tatyana Lioznova tried for other artists - in particular, Archil Gomiashvili, Ostap, who played in the first "The Twelve Chairs" (1971)
. Arriving at the test, Tikhonov has shown independence in the work on the appearance of his hero, and he built a "Hitler" mustache - on the then fascist fashion. Lioznova When shown the photograph, the director came to the indescribable horror and Tikhonov persuaded that it should be removed from "his" face. With his actor and starred in the film, which brought him fame, which as any name - a gigantic, enormous, nationwide - will be little. He played the scout-intellectual, noble knight, this man - a confident, strong, elusive. He played such a hero, that he instantly "went to the people," became the character countless jokes (and it does not humiliate him in front of audience).

Such a success if it falls, then once - he does not repeat. There he repeated, and the fate Tikhonova. He had a noticeable role - in "They Fought for Their Country" (1975), in the "TASS is authorized to declare ..." (1984) - but no comparison with the SS Standartenfiihrer this was not. In the eighties and especially in the nineties he appeared rarely - it seems more likely appear on the screen of his daughter Anna, also an actress (Son of Tikhonov in the first, the dissolved marriage with Nonna Mordyukova died). In the movie "Dear friend of long forgotten years ..." (1996) father and daughter were taken together - nothing else this film is not remarkable. The last screen appearance today Tikhonov, . maintained secluded, . not "rave" way of life, . was the role of former military pilot Lev Margulis, . now a resident of Israel, . rustler with his airplane friends live in the present edition Victory Day "(1998),
. In this film the old man Margulis, hero Tikhonova, crying: Is it possible to imagine a weeping Shtirlitsa?

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