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Tom Waits

( Singer)

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Biography Tom Waits
Date of Birth: 07/12/1949

The status of this person in modern music is extremely difficult to overestimate. Born in Pomona Tom Waits was one of the first players to synthesize the various areas as country-rock Dylan and the pressure of extreme shamanism Zappa and Captain Beefheart (direct predecessor vocal). Singer inveterate losers, alcoholics, and desperate non-conformists originally was heavily influenced by Bob Dylan Art. His first musical projects Waits, having mastered the piano and guitar a little later, worked at the intersection of traditional blues and prodilanovskoy lyrics.

Tom Waits grew up in southern California n place, clearly not designed for the flowering of the avant-garde culture. Nevertheless, the young singer was in the hands of locally well-known manager Herb Cohen (in his time worked with Zappa). This familiarity, in addition to participating in zappovskih show allowed Waits record your own musical material, later published as "The Early Years 1-2". A formal debut in 1973 became the "Closing Time", which contained a number of old tracks. Even then, Waits has shown himself as a promising composer, to the songs which later will turn many of the n Rod Stewart to Garik Sukachev. In particular, opens the disc "Ol'55" later performed by The Eagles. A year later, Waits writes more stylistically restrained album "The Heart Of Saturday Night", who had some success in an environment of progressive music criticism.

The true voice of the actor "cut a" while recording their third album n live performance of "Nighthawks At The Diner", cheered jam for a drink, enough space on the double album. Timbre has acquired the necessary hoarse inveterate smoker, and a colorful appearance zapravskogo clochards add anything and did not require. The Poetics of gates placed in a cloth of fine tunes, appeared in all its glory on the 1976 album "Small Change". The local success of the sublime creations sent Waits on the true path of romantic understanding of nature of the American underdog. Jazz, blues, country, sealed Waits vocals were in quite an unexpected perspective "view of the underground.

. Fine arrangements, sarcastic humor and a specific warm-heartedness made Waits a favorite of critics and a cult hero of the liberal intellectuals
. "Foreign Affairs" (1977), "Blue Valentine" (1978) and "Heartattack And Vine" (1980) were no less remarkable examples of creativity Waits held as an absolute figure in modern music. Since 1978, Waits became increasingly appearing on movie screens: both as an actor and as the author of music. Cooperation with Coppola has resulted in a full soundtrack to an enchanting production of "One from The Heart". Waits himself sang as a guest vocalist made Crystal Gayle. Musical perfectionist at the box office failed miserably, though Tom earned Oscar nomination. Later, Waits did not have time shall the Coppola ( "The Outsiders", "fighting fish", "Bram Stoker's Dracula"). While working on the music "with all my heart, Waits met Kathleen Brennan, a writer and soon to marry her. This meeting played a role: music Waits became more extreme from album to album.

Around this same time period passes with Waits on Asylum Island n label, more prone to musical experimentation. In 1983, Waits released the brilliant album "Swordfishtrombones", containing explicit avant-garde facilities. Exotic percussion and fierce wind, coupled with ekspresiivnym vocals have a pass to Tom's world of musical avant-garde. All studio work Waits has actively supported his wife, who took an active part in writing some of the rooms, and in the development of design album. Fresh musical ideas offered to support the future stars of the Jewish bohemians, John Zorn collaborator guitarist Marc Ribot and bassist Greg Cohen. With their direct participation of the remaining parts were recorded planned trilogy Waits - "Rain Dogs" (1985) and "Frank's Wild Years" (1987), brilliant work, filled with paranoid humor and indomitable ingenuity.

Following a concert tour in 1988 Waits released the film "Big Time" n teatralizovanoe action in which Tom Waits-shoumen advocates equal partner Waits-author. In 1992, Tom worked again with Jim Jarmusch (who starred in "Down By Law") on the soundtrack of "Night on Earth". In the same year was released the next (and again) a great album "Bone Machine", won a Grammy in the category of "alternative music". The sound of this album was even more aggressive and oppressive. It is to these categories and tended the great and terrible William C. Burroughs, with whom Waits worked on the creation of the opera "The Black Rider" in 1993. After this grim tale singer did not let п¦п¦я¦п¦п+п+п+п¦ five years, porabotalv only with minimalist composer Gavin Brayersom and giving voice to a mini-opera "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet".

Some consolation to his loyal fans served as a brilliant number "Little Drop Of Poison" on the soundtrack of Wim Wenders' "The End of Violence" (1995). His contract with Island ended and Waits moved to independent label Epitaph. However, this transition has not made radical changes in musical style tracks album "Mule Variations", caught predictably experimental. It is hard to even imagine what would Tom Waits could surprise the avid fans, accustomed to the magic of total unpredictability.

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Tom Waits, photo, biography
Tom Waits, photo, biography Tom Waits  Singer, photo, biography
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