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FORD Harrison

( Actor)

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Biography FORD Harrison
Date of Birth: 13/07/1942

Harrison Ford was born in Chicago in international family: his father - an Irishman, his mother - a Russian Jew. He studied at the Faculty of Philology in Rippton College, where he was carried away in amateur theater and, after several roles, do not complete their education, went to Hollywood. The guy was lucky - studio "Columbia" seeking for young actors, and Ford quickly offered a contract. Already in 1966 he made his debut in film, starting with tiny roles in westerns and television series.
When Michelangelo Antonioni cut scene with his participation from the "Zabriskie Point" (1969), Ford nearly abandoned film career. But in 1973 he starred in the surprisingly successful film of George Lucas' "American Graffiti" (which had continued "Once again on American Graffiti," 1979), and then played with Francis Ford Coppola at the Cannes winner "Conversation" (1974). So Ford's acting career began to gradually build. To play Han Solo in "Star Wars" claimed by the then unknown to anyone, Christopher Walken and Nick Nolte. Good luck to Ford, he worked for a small fee (George Lucas, as is known, is famous for thrift), but received a percentage of the profits, the young actor became a millionaire. His hero has successfully continued to exist in the V and VI of the episodes of "War" "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and "Return Gedeh" (1983).
George Lucas was the godfather of Harrison Ford movies. It was he who advised Steven Spielberg to make Harrison Indiana Jones. Ford perfectly able to achieve its objective Spielberg. Indiana Jones - the young and daring archeologist, . mixture of James Bond (No wonder his father in the third part of the series "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" is the first of the Bond - Sean Connery), . Folklore cowboy Pecos Bill and adventurer of the picaresque novel,
. This polyglot and simultaneously the hero's lover, scholar-cowboy "in the fire is not lit, the water does not sink". So Ford embodied the ideal of a universal character for any spectator adventure trilogy. In the mouth of the Ford - Jones even any nonsense sounds natural, as is enchanting hero comics or cartoons, which is able to ride the submarine that the wild mustang and win fabulous archaeological wonders.
. Since "Indiana Jones" Ford has repeatedly had to play in the sequels, which are not inferior to the originals, and movies
. This is true for the "American graffitti" in the 70's, and "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" in the 80's, and, finally, to dilogii on the novels of Tom Clancy's "Patriot Games" (1992) and "Direct and clear threat "(1994), where Ford played CIA agent Jack Ryan.
. His first and only nomination for the Oscar Ford received in 1985, playing in Peter Weir's "Witness" the policeman leading the investigation in a strict religious community Amish
. This film is much deeper, . than in almost animated adventures of Indy Jones, . opened acting hypostasis Ford - this Amц?ricas hero, . not without touching disposing simplicity, . but capable of ennobling the world, . living by unjust laws,
. Tragic overtones acquired a similar role of Ford in the thriller by Roman Polanski's "On the verge of insanity" (1989), where his hero is desperately trying to save his wife, taken hostage in Paris. Here is the first hero Harrison Ford is weak in front of the surrounding hostile world, instantly takes away any veneer of a stable well-being. Ford, for many unexpected successfully blended into the paranoid world of Polanski's finding for his character and cynical comic overtones.
However, Ford did not often removed in comedies. And if withdrawn, then the only incarnation of almost fairy-tale American Prince, a lonely millionaire, who wait their Cinderella. These, he appeared in "Business Woman" (1988) Mike Nichols and "Sabrina" (1995) Sydney Pollack (nominated for a Golden Globe). In 1993, Ford played a role unjustly accused of murdering his wife surgeon Kimble in action movie "The Fugitive", made in explanation of the popular in the mid 60-ies the series (the next nomination for a Golden Globe).
. The Most Honorable citizen of the positive picture of Americans Ford played in the "Air Force One" (1998) Wolfgang Petersen
. His hero - none other than the President of the United States, almost single-handedly rescuing his person from a gang of Russian terrorists led by Egor Korshunov (Gary Oldman). In the late 90's his dashing cowboy, Superman and adventurer gained official status.
Heroes of Harrison Ford is always interesting, because in spite of their predetermined positive start, they are not alien to doubt the spiritual wandering and internal ambiguity. However, this does not prevent them until the end to remain faithful to the ideals of the motherland, which made Ford one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. By 1994, he participated in 6 of the 10 highest-grossing films of all time. And so the public has not taken once the second joint Ford and Weir's film "The Mosquito Coast" (1986), where Harrison had a chance to play a mentally unbalanced character.
Second marriage of Harrison Ford almost perfect. His wife Melissa Matheson wrote the screenplay for Spielberg's popular film "ET / ET (1982) and gave birth to her beloved husband of two children. A friendly family living happily in a comfortable estate in Wyoming

. 1973 - "American graffitti" / (American Graffitti), Bob Falfa
. 1974 - "Conversation" / (The Conversation), Martin Stith
. 1977 - "Star Wars" / (Star wars), Han Solo
. 1979 - "All About Eve" / (Apocalypse Now), cameo
. 1979 - "More about American Graffiti" / (More American Graffiti), Bob Falfa
. 1979 - "A guy from San Francisco" / (The Frisco Kid), Tommy Lillard
. 1980 - "The Empire Strikes Back" / (The Empire Strikes Back)
. 1981 - "Seekers of the Lost Ark" / (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Indiana Jones
. 1982 - "Blade Runner" / (Blade Runner) - Rick Deckard
. 1983 - "The Return Gedeh" / (Return of the Jedi), Han Solo
. 1984 - "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" / (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), Indiana Jones
. 1985 - "Witness" / (Witness), John Beech
. 1986 - "The Mosquito Coast" / (The Mosquito Coast), Ellie Fox
. 1988 - "On the verge of insanity" / (Frantic), Richard Uaker
. 1988 - "Business Woman" / (Working girl), Jack Treiner
. 1989 - "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" / (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Indiana Jones
. 1990 - "The presumption of innocence" / (Presumped Innocent), Rusty Sebich
. 1992 - "Patriot Games" / (Patriot Games), Jack Ryan
. 1993 - "The Fugitive" / (The Fugitive), Dr.
. Richard Kimble
. 1994 - "Clear and Present Danger" / (Clear and Present Danger), Jack Ryan
. 1995 - "Sabrina" / (Sabrina), Linus Larrabee
. 1995 - "One Hundred and One Nights" / (Le Cent Et Une Nuits), an actor of the day
. 1997 - "The Devil's Own" / (The Devil's Own), Tom O'Meara
. 1997 - "Air Force One" / (Air Force One), President James Marshall
. 1998 - "Six Days Seven Nights" / (Six Days, Seven Nights), Kyuin Harris
. 1999 - "Random Hearts" / (Random Hearts), German Van Den Broek
. 2000 - What Lies Beneath - Norman

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