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FORD Garrison

( Actor)

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Biography FORD Garrison
photo FORD Garrison
Born 13/7/1942 in Chicago. He studied at the College of Ripponskom department of philology.
If it existed in the world of cinema award "for the dedication and love for the cinema", then Harrison Ford certainly would have been one of the main contenders to receive it. Because of its goal - to become an actor - he was for many years, having experienced disappointments and despair ... Nevertheless, this tall, broad-shouldered guy with the ugly, . but surprisingly charming face today is perhaps the most popular actor in American cinema, . and his on-screen characters - the dashing kosmoletchik Han Solo of "Star Wars" and a tireless adventurer archaeologist Indiana Jones, known throughout the world.,
. But in the life of Ford's not quite like reckless daredevil and adventurer
. Terse, carefully avoiding every kind of hype, he lives at his secluded ranch in Wyoming, enjoying the peace, work on the farm and taking long walks. This is especially pleased that all the enthusiasm Ford shares his wife - screenwriter Melissa Matheson - author of the famous "E. T. ET "- a good tale about friendship" extraterrestrial "creatures with an American boy.
. Money - and now Harrison's fees for the film are measured seven-digit numbers - are interested in the actor as simply a source of funds to maintain that lifestyle, which he likes
. In all other respects, becoming a star, Ford has not changed. He has a reputation as a pedant, a responsible person, and most importantly - a reliable friend. There exists a few actors, who were among his closest friends can call almost all the color direction of American cinema: Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola.
. But it is now, but if you look back into the past, in the early 60's studios in California, worked on an unknown carpenter, who, desperate to become famous as an actor, he could not leave the world of his dreams, and worked in the shop decorations
. But first Ford's acting career took shape quite nicely. In his student years, he successfully took part in amateur productions, where the agent was seen studio "MGM". This was followed by an invitation to sign a contract for three years with the studio, a few bit parts ... and recognition of the actor "professionally unfit". Another would have despaired, but not Ford. Replacing a few lessons, he stopped at the craft of a carpenter, and with the thoroughness that invested in any case, he began studying the mysteries of this, so to do.
. In the 70's unusual work noticed a young but already famous film director Francis Ford Coppola, who persuaded Ford again "risk"
. But if Harrison's appearance in koppolovskih tapes "Apocalypse Now" (1979) and "Conversation" (1974) has been sporadic, participation in the famous Lucas "Star Wars" (1977) has made Ford's first-magnitude stars. His Han Solo, while acting in the future, in all manners of reminding Americans of their favorite character - a lone cowboy, a faithful friend and noble defender, who will always help the weak. A certain ironic overtone, introduced by Ford, only increased the charm of the hero. But even more glorified actor's world-famous series by Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones". And if lukasovskom blockbuster success of the large proportion accounted for masters computer editing and complex technical tricks, the "Indiana" personal merit Ford no doubt. He managed to show on screen surprisingly charming man, which are connected such nice features as kindness and resourcefulness, courage and nobility. Moreover, Indiana Jones - scholar-scientist, and yet "a man of action", he has looks, as we have with you "and yet" superman ". And all this with a kind smile, a little not serious.
. No less interesting and following the work of Ford - "Blade Runner" (1981), . where the actor discovered the awakening of humanity and kindness in the ruthless and cold fighter robots, "Possessed" (1988) drama scholar, . who suddenly kidnapped wife and he was ready to do anything to save her, "Presumed Innocent" (1990) - psychological detective, . centered on the fate of the investigator, . willy caught in the circumstances of the role of a suspect in the murder, "Regarding Henry" (1991), . Paintings, . a renewal favorite topic actor: the awakening of human attention and kindness to people around them, . warning against spiritual "blindness", . that was the lot of his hero for many years.,
. The fact that Harrison Ford is a star, no doubt, but, fortunately, it completely passed the "star fever": alien to him whims and delusions of grandeur
. All directors unanimously celebrate intelligence, simplicity and punctual actor. He remained modest, shy and handsome man who is mindful of all the comments of directors and seeks to follow them. Well, all his spare time he spends with his wife and two young children. (From his first marriage from Ford two adult sons.) Although, as acknowledged by the actor himself, "the time Indiana Jones was (after all, already fifty years old!), Harrison Ford's creative range is large enough, and, consequently, the actor is future.

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FORD Garrison, photo, biography
FORD Garrison, photo, biography FORD Garrison  Actor, photo, biography
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