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Alfred Hitchcock

( Director, screenwriter, producer)

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Biography Alfred Hitchcock
photo Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock was born August 13, 1899, Mr.. in London in a family wholesaler. He received a strict Catholic upbringing in the College of St.. Ignatius Lajolo, then graduated from the University of London and parallel engineering and navigation school. The work in film began as the author credits at the London branch of the studio Paramount Famous pleyerz - Laski, where he began to write scripts.

To each his work, he seemed to say: "I am - this is my movies, my movies - it's me. The other I do not ". In all his films can be found echoes of early childhood memories. In college, the Jesuit fathers to punish brought into play rubber sticks. All my life in fear Hitchcock stayed violate any rules and moral standards. Fear of parents and teachers identify the theme of his films - a sense of guilt for the unconscious desire and the inevitability of punishment. Judy / Madeleine (Kim Novak) in "Vertigo" seeks to "return" to the role of a little girl, forces her to surrender to this man, "the substitute" father, the model of supreme power and justice. In the final scene, simulating the sexual act, when Scottie (James Stewart) shakes it, and reviles, she feels satisfied with his aggressiveness, getting masochistic pleasure.

Due to early obesity and clumsiness Hitchcock peers, did not dare to engage in common games. Hitchcock gave myself go to the movies. In the movie "Frenzy" killer-maniac uses as an instrument of death necktie - a symbol of belonging to a boarding school, which left a feeling of terror in director.

Under the benign appearance of a balanced gentleman hid furious temper. Hitchcock life remained faithful to his wife, Alma Revilla unprepossessing, which was not only his scriptwriter, but also the unquestioned authority (of the marriage a daughter, Patricia, who costarred with his father in the film "Strangers on a Train"). But on screen, sleek and plastic Laurence Olivier, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, embodying his ideas of man's ideal, were lovers of famous hichkokovskih blondes.

Women Hitchcock - cold. He packed his heroines in a strict, tight-fitting body garment - such that is a strong desire to "screw up her skirt," as he said. Hitchcock irresistibly attracted secret, behind the impregnable looks great lady, in which he suspected whore, a criminal, a liar. He argued that it skromnitsy with the appearance of a school teacher can gorblimy afford the back seat of a car. And he subtly revealed that women are, . manipulating the most beautiful ladies of world cinema: Ingrid Bergman ( "Spellbound", . "An ill fame"), . Grace Kelly ( "In the case of murder, dial" M ", . "Rear Window"), . Alida Valli (case Paradayn "), . Janet Leigh ( "Psycho"), . Tippi Hedren (The Birds "), . Marlene Dietrich ( "Stage Fright"),

Purpose hichkokovskoy women - attract a man. Having achieved his, she begins to rebel, and then, feeling a sense of guilt, shall be - a lover or a representative of the law. Christian and erotic motifs merge in Hitchcock's films into a whole. It is noticed that the love scenes filmed his scenes as the murder, and murder scenes - like love.

Hitchcock - the discoverer and the unsurpassed master of suspense, that is, the stress predoschuscheniya unknown terrible event, which is about to happen. Typically, the exposition of his films is quite commonplace. One of the best thrillers in cinema history - "Birds" - begins with the fact that the young lady goes to his friend as a birthday of his little sister. On the pier it struck a seagull's beak. The next day, a seagull attack on children in the garden in the evening through the chimney into the house burst into clouds of sparrows, the next morning congestion crows attacking children near the school and peck to death until the death of teacher. "Birds" - one of the few movies sound film, . where absolutely no music, . but there is a sound background, . created by composer Bernard Hermann: this is the sound of footsteps, . noise of wings, . gray bird, . cries of gulls, . strikes beaks, . screeching brakes, . the roar of engines, . Finally, . in the finale - the monotonous drone, . "natural" accompaniment of the killings.,

. Hitchcock felt like a living witness to and participant in what was happening in his films, and almost all of them we can see it in the form of on-screen "Cameo"
. Starting with "tenants", where he appeared twice: at a desk in the press center and in the crowd of onlookers watching the arrest. In the "blackmail", he reads the newspaper in the subway, . the "murder" and "39 Steps", . "Vertigo", . "Rope" and "North by Northwest" is on the street, . the 'young and innocent "it - awkward reporter in the courtroom, . in "The Lady Vanishes" is on the platform, . in "Rebecca" passes the phone booth, . in the shadow of a doubt "to play bridge, . in the "enchanted" rises on the escalator, . on the case Paradayn "dragging cello, . in the "notoriety" drinking champagne, . in "Under the sign of Capricorn" is listening to, . in the "lifeboat advertises in the newspaper means to slimming, . in "Stage Fright" accompanies the eyes of the heroine, . the "Strangers on a Train" sits in the car,
. In the "I Confess" upstairs. The film "In the case of murder, dial" M "his face looks with photos in album, . a "window into the yard, he starts a clock, . in "To Catch a Thief" rides the bus, . in Man, . Who Knew Too Much "to supervise the performance of acrobats, . in "psychosis" is on the sidewalk wearing a cowboy hat, . in "Bird" skips puppies, . in "Marnie" Procession of hotel corridor and the last time - in "Family Plot" is behind the glass door that says "Registration of birth and death.",

. From 1925 to 1939
. Hitchcock worked in England, where it is now called Sir Alfred (he was awarded the title of knight), later moved to Hollywood, where he was called Hich and felt a strong craftsman commercial cinema. In the mid 60's., . when his career in film abruptly slowed down and he was ten years has become the leading TV shows "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", . he rediscovered the French critics and directors of the "new wave" led by Franц╖ois Truffaut, . who saw in him "author", . written about him a lot of books and respectfully named him Monsieur Hitchcock,

1922 - "Number 13" (Number Thirteen / Mrs. Peabody)
. 1925 - "Garden of Delights" (The Pleasure Garden)
. 1926 - "Mountain Eagle" (The Mountain Eagle)
. 1927 - "The Ring" (The Ring)
. 1929 - "Blackmail" (Blackmail)
. 1930 - "Murder!" (Murder!)
. 1931 - "Mary" (Mary)
. 1932 - "Number 17" (Number Seventeen)
. 1934 - "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (The Man Who Knew Too Much)
. 1935 - "39 steps" (The 39 Steps)
. 1936 - "Secret Agent" (Secret Agent)
. 1937 - "Young and Innocent" (Young And Innocent)
. 1938 - "The Lady Vanishes" (The Lady Vanishes)
. 1940 - "Foreign Correspondent" (Foreign Correspondent)
. 1940 - "Rebecca" (Rebecca)
. 1941 - "Suspicion" (Suspicion)
. 1942 - "saboteur" (Saboteur)
. 1943 - "Shadow of a Doubt" (Shadow Of A Doubt)
. 1944 - "Lifeboat" (Lifeboat)
. 1945 - "Spellbound" (Spellbound)
. 1946 - "notoriety of" (Notorious)
. 1947 - "It Paradayna" (The Paradine Case)
. 1948 - "Rope" (Rope)
. 1949 - "Under the sign of Capricorn" (Under Capricorn)
. 1950 - "Stage Fright" (Stage Fright)
. 1951 - "Strangers on a Train" (Strangers On A Train)
. 1954 - "In the case of murder dial" M "(Dial M For Murder)
. 1955 - "To Catch a Thief" (To Catch A Thief)
. 1955 - "The Trouble with Harry" (The Trouble With Harry)
. 1956 - "The Man Who Knew Too Much (The Man Who Knew Too Much)
. 1957 - "The Wrong Man" (The Wrong Man)
. 1958 - "Vertigo" (Vertigo)
. 1959 - "North by Northwest (North By Northwest)
. 1960 - "Psycho" (Psycho)
. 1963 - "The Birds" (The Birds)
. 1964 - "Marnie" (Marnie)
. 1966 - "Torn Curtain" (Torn Curtain)
. 1969 - "Topaz" (Topaz)
. 1972 - "Frenzy" (Frenzy)
. 1976 - "Family Plot" (Family Plot)

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Alfred Hitchcock, photo, biography
Alfred Hitchcock, photo, biography Alfred Hitchcock  Director, screenwriter, producer, photo, biography
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