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Anthony Hopkins (Hopkins Anthony).

( Actor)

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Biography Anthony Hopkins (Hopkins Anthony).
photo Anthony Hopkins (Hopkins Anthony).
Date of Birth: 31/12/1937

. Sir Anthony Hopkins - one of the main and most prominent representatives of the British acting school, Hollywood star and singer, in whom there are biographies of the heroes of classical Russian literature, and Israeli Prime Minister
He was born Dec. 31, 1937 in the Welsh town of Port Talbot. According to Anthony himself, at school, he was an absolute, complete, an incorrigible loser, antisocial type, unable to properly communicate with their peers. "That's why I became an actor" - summed up Anthony story about his brilliant career, which started in 1963, after graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where the mentor of the young artist was Sir Laurence Olivier. When in 1991, was preparing to re-release restored version kubrikovskogo "Spartacus", . found, . that part of the soundtrack with the voice of Olivier irretrievably lost, as a result of seeing the light version of the character voiced by Laurence Olivier Hopkins.,
. In 1966, Anthony made his debut in the movie, but his first notable role on screen was the role of Prince Richard in the film classic "The Lion in Winter"; partner began talents were such stars as Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn
. However, during the long years of Hopkins preferred to work in theater and television productions. Not all fans of Hopkins, who know him mainly for his roles of charismatic heroes in Hollywood blockbusters, to know that Anthony has a completely different actor and hypostasis. Thus, at the dawn of his acting career, he often played reflective Russian intellectuals - Pierre Bezukhov in the TV version of War and Peace "or Astrova in TV as" Uncle Vanya ". And in 1974, Anthony appeared in a despicable melodrama "The Girl from Petrovka" in the form of naive and touching Moscow dissident Bones. If you think about this long train Russian characters in the filmography of the actor, . not surprising, . that his directorial debut became a free screening "Uncle Vanya" "August" (1995), . Effects of Chekhov's play Hopkins moved into the modern Wales (virtuoso pianist Anthony made this film and the author of the soundtrack),
. True, serious vzhivaniya in the image of the Russian people had a negative side - in 1975 Hopkins was a long course of treatment for alcoholism.
. Hopkins - winner of two Emmy Award: first he brought in 1976, the role of the kidnapper of the child of the legendary aviator Lindbergh, the second - the role of another, more significant murderer Adolf Hitler drama "Bunker" (1981)
. In cinema, the most important work of Hopkins had a chance to play another holder knighted, Sir Richard Attenborough. Their collaboration began in 1972-th year, with the adaptation of an autobiographical novel by Winston Churchill's "Young Winston", where Anthony played the British policy of the first half of the twentieth century, David Lloyd George. (This figure Hopkins will play more than once in many telepostanovkah, among other historical figures who happened to embody Sir Anthony - President Richard Nixon and French revolutionary Danton!). Hopkins was shot in the military Attenborough epic "A Bridge Too Far", . and in 1978 played the title role - a mad killer - a puppeteer in the thriller "Magic", this is where lie the origins of the most stellar role Hopkins - crowned "Oscar" of the intellectual - a cannibal in "Silence of the Lambs" (1991) Jonathan Demme! (The award of an Oscar for the main male role Hannibal - Hopkins - is unique, . given, . that in total it appears on the screen only 32 minutes!).,

. But before that triumph in the biography of the artist were a lot of worthy films ( "Man - Elephant" by David Lynch or shown in the competition of the Moscow Festival 1987 "Chering Cross Road, 84, David Jones)
. A special chapter in the life of Hopkins's cooperation with James Ivory, the largest American producer, prefers to work in Britain. Raleigh, Sir Anthony in "Hourds End," "Remains of the Day" and "inexhaustible Picasso" includes the golden fund of world cinema.

Double Hopkins played with his daughter from first marriage, Abigail Hopkins - a "balance of the day" and biographical tape Attenborough "Shadowlands"

. Filmography (actor)

. 1966 "The White Bus" (The White Bus); Brehtian
. 1968 "The Lion in Winter" (The Lion in Winter); Richard Prince
. 1969 "Three Sisters" (The Three Sisters); Andrew
. 1969 "Hamlet" (Hamlet); Claudius
. 1970 "Military spyglass" (The Looking Glass War), John Avery
. 1970 "Danton" (Danton), Danton
. 1970 "Uncle Vanya" (Uncle Vanya), Astrov
. 1971 "When Eight Bells Toll" (When Eight Bells Toll); Philip Calvert
. 1972 "Young Winston" (Young Winston); David Lloyd George
. 1973 "War and Peace" (War and Peace); Pierre Bezukhov
. 1973 "A Doll's House" (A Doll's House); Torvald Helmer
. 1974 "Juggernaut" (Juggernaut); John McLeod
. 1974 "Girl with Petrovsky" (The Girl from Petrovka); Kostya
. 1976 "Lindbergh Kidnapping" (The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case); Bruno Richard Hauptmann
. 1976 "Victory at Entebbe" (Victory at Entebbe); Yitzhak Rabin
. 1977 "Audrey Rose" (Audrey Rose); Elliot Hoover
. 1977 "A Bridge Too Far" (A Bridge Too Far); General Colonel Frost
. 1978 "Magic" (Magic); Corky
. 1980 "Man - elephant" (The Elephant Man); Dr. Frederick Trivs
. 1981 "Bunker" (The Bunker); Adolf Hitler
. 1981 "Othello" (Othello); Othello
. 1982 "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (The Hunchback of Notre Dame); Quasimodo
. 1984 "Bounty" (The Bounty); William Bligh
. 1985 "Mussolini and I" (Mussolini & I); Count Galeazzo Qian
. 1986 "Charing Cross Road, 84" (84 Charing Cross Road); Frank P
. Doel
. 1987 "The Good Father" (The Good Father); Bill Hooper
. 1988 "The chorus of disapproval" (A Chorus of Disapproval); Defidd ц?ц¦ Lyuellin
. 1990 "Opening of despair" (Desperate Hours); Tim Cornell
. 1991 "The Silence of the Lambs" (The Silence of the Lambs); Dr. Hannibal Lecter
. 1991 "Spottsvud" (Spotswood); Errol Wallace
. 1992 "Houards End" (Howards End); Henry Wilcox
. 1992 "Dracula" (Dracula); Professor Abraham Van Helsing
. 1992 "Chaplin" (Chaplin); George Hayden
. 1993 "Process" (The Trial); Chaplain
. 1993 "At the end of the day" (The Remains of the Day), Stevens
. 1993 "Shadowlands" (Shadowlands); Clark Lewis
. 1994 "The Road to Velvill" (The Road to Wellville); Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
. 1994 "Legends of the Fall" (Legends of the Fall); Colonel William Ludlow
. 1995 "Nixon" (Nixon); Richard M
. Nixon
. 1996 "August" (August); Ian Davis
. 1996 "Endless Picasso" (Surviving Picasso); Pablo Picasso
. 1997 "On the Verge" (The Edge); Charles Morse
. 1997 "Amistad" (Amistad); John Quincy Adams
. 1998 "The Mask of Zorro" (The Mask of Zorro); Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro
. 1998 "Meet Joe Black" (Meet Joe Black); William Parrish
. 1999 "Instinct" (Instinct); Ethan Powell
. 1999 "Titus" (Titus); Titus Andronov
. 2000 "Mission: Impossible - 2" (Mission: Impossible II); Suonbek
. 2001 "Hannibal" (Hannibal); Hannibal Lecter

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  • katsai for Anthony Hopkins (Hopkins Anthony).
  • It is still a real actor, not some rag-tag. Especially prominent are the role of Hannibal and Morse in x \ f "On the Verge. Who does not agree, your problems.
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    Anthony Hopkins (Hopkins Anthony)., photo, biography
    Anthony Hopkins (Hopkins Anthony)., photo, biography Anthony Hopkins (Hopkins Anthony).  Actor, photo, biography
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