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Henry Hudson (Hudson Henry)

( English navigator.)

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Biography Henry Hudson (Hudson Henry)
photo Henry Hudson (Hudson Henry)
(ca. 1565-1611)
The exact place and date of birth is unknown, but the documents of the time it is considered as 'Henry Hudson, an Englishman'. Credible facts of his biography refer only to the last four years of life - from April 1607 to June 1611. However, Hudson gained a reputation as an experienced navigator, even before 1607, when he was appointed to lead an expedition to find the passage to China via the North Pole. Funding was provided by the Moscow British company, founded in 1555 by Sebastian Cabot, and another Henry Hudson (probably namesake). May 1, 1607 Hudson sailed on the ship 'Hopewell' from Gravesend with a team of 10 men and teenage son, John. In June, the ship reached the coast of Greenland, finding no passage to the north, Hudson sailed to the east and 27 June reached Spitsbergen (Svalbard). He tried unsuccessfully to break further to the east through fields of ice, but on Sept. 15 he was forced to turn back. Along the way, Hudson accidentally discovered the island of Jan Mayen, who called Hadsons-Tachs. Hudson made a second trip to the means of the Muscovy Company to open the passage to China between Spitsbergen and Novaya Zemlya, but again failed to break through the ice.
It seems that these two failed attempts repelled by the Moscow company's desire to find a shorter trade route to China. In 1609, Hudson signed a contract with the Dutch East India Company, who wished to find a passage to the Far East to the north of Novaya Zemlya. Hudson left Amsterdam in April 1609 on the ship 'Half Moon'. After they rounded the North Cape in Norway, . team, . unable to withstand the harsh weather conditions, . rebelled, . and Hudson suggested that the sailors to choose from - to seek passage through the Davis Strait, or sail to the U.S. coast along 40 б° N, . where, . Judging by the records and maps, . given by Captain John Smith of Virginia, . there was a passage to the west,
. The team took the last plan. Reached in early July, Newfoundland, . Hudson headed south to the Chesapeake Bay, . then turned north, . entered the Delaware River, . but soon turned back and headed along the coast of New Jersey to the Lower Bay Bay (on the coast where there is a modern New York),
. Having stood at anchor at Sandy Hook for 12 days, entered the Strait Narrous, swam up the river now bearing his name, and came to the place where Albany is now. At the Hudson River boats moved further north, possibly in the area of Troy, still hoping to find passage to the South Seas. October 4, 1609 'Half Moon' went to England with the intention to stay there a while before returning to Holland. However, after the Hudson landed at Dartmouth, he was ordered not to leave England. Nevertheless, 'Half Moon', as well as reports and maps of the Hudson River were transferred to the Dutch East India Company, which is already in the next year launched a trade in the region of the Hudson River.

The fourth and last voyage of Hudson was taken for a group of London merchants and entrepreneurs. Sailed from London April 17, 1610 with a sailing ship 'Discovery' with the intention to open the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean, the Hudson River in June saw the coast of Greenland, and in July passed through the strait later named after him. In August, he opened the Hudson Bay, where during many weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean. In the end, his ship vmerz ice. The team organized a conspiracy against the Hudson. In June 1611, three days after the release of the vessel from the ice captivity, the rebels planted the Hudson River with his son John and the seven crew members loyal to him in a small boat. 'Discovery' back in England two months later, Hudson and his companions were killed.

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Henry Hudson (Hudson Henry), photo, biography
Henry Hudson (Hudson Henry), photo, biography Henry Hudson (Hudson Henry)  English navigator., photo, biography
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