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Charles X Gustav

( The King of Sweden)

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Biography Charles X Gustav
Son of Johann Casimir, Palatine of Zweibrц+cken, and Catherine, the daughter of Swedish King Charles IX, was born in the castle NykцTping November 8, 1622. King Gustav II Adolf custody of his nephew, whose mentor in the science of governance was the famous Chancellor Axel Oksensherna, and in military affairs - Lennart Torstensson, a prominent Swedish captain. Under the supervision of Torstensson, Karl participated in the Thirty Years' War, at the very end of which the Queen Christina of Sweden even appointed Charles generalissimo, commander of the Swedish troops in Germany. In 1648, at the conclusion of the Peace of Westphalia, Karl was one of the representatives of Sweden. In 1649, Christina made from Riksdag recognition Karl throne (before that he sought her hand, but without success: Christina whole life avoiding marriage). When Christine announced its decision to abdicate, it was succeeded by Charles, whose coronation took place simultaneously with the addition of royal authority, Christine, in Uppsala, June 6, 1654. In the same year he married Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp, which gave Sweden an occasion to claim her ducal ownership. The new king was well prepared for their role. One of his first actions was conducted in 1655 through the Riksdag decision on a so-called. 'Reductions', forfeiture to the Crown quarter distributed before the aristocracy of land (if they wish they could save by paying an annual fee). However, to implement this resolution Carla did not have to, because he wanted to find application of military gifts. Also in 1655 he declared war on Poland under the pretext of charges against her claims to the Swedish throne. It was an auspicious moment for the attack: since 1654 Poland was at war with Russia. Charles invaded Poland and conquered most of its part, forcing the flight of King John II Casimir. Broad resistance movement of Poles, . which was headed by Stefan Czarniecki, . Stanislaw Potocki and others, . gradually ousted from the country of Charles, . but when it seemed, . that all is lost, . Denmark, Sweden ad war has allowed Karl honorably withdraw from the difficult situation in military terms,
. Danish campaign was developing a very picturesque. In January and February 1658 the Swedish army, . bravely crossed the straits on the ice of Big and Little Belt, . possession of a large part of Denmark, and prompted her to sign a contract on Feb. 26, 1658 in Roskilde, . under which she was deprived of Skцгne and all other possessions in southern Sweden, . of the central Novegii, . as well as the island of Bornholm,
. In 1659 Karl suspected Denmark in regular intrigues and resumed the war, but nothing more has. Signed 27 May 1660 in Copenhagen, the world in the ground (except for the transfer of the county of Bornholm and Trondheim in Norway) confirmed the conditions Roskillskogo. However, even before it was signed, February 13, 1660, Charles died in Gothenburg. Swedish throne was succeeded by his son Charles four XI.

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Charles X Gustav, photo, biography
Charles X Gustav, photo, biography Charles X Gustav  The King of Sweden, photo, biography
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