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Maintenance Henry David (Thoreau Henry David)

( American writer and philosopher.)

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Biography Maintenance Henry David (Thoreau Henry David)
photo Maintenance Henry David (Thoreau Henry David)
Born July 12, 1817 in Concord (pc. Mass.). Except for four years at Harvard University (1833-1837) and six months on Staten Island in 1843, . spent all his life in Concord, . preferring, . by his own admission, . explore this town and the unexplored corners of the inner world of man, . not long edge,
. Concord was famous during the war for independence, but the fame he added that there were living and working people like RW Emerson, B. Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Thoreau.
After graduating from Harvard, Thoreau briefly taught at the school, and then took up a casual job, not wanting to make a career like other graduates of the University. He became a friend and protege of Emerson, endorses his classes and spiritual aspirations, his first publication took place in the journal transcendentalists 'Dayel' ( 'Dial'). The only thing he wanted - to do it, but for 28 years he had neither provisions nor money, and Toro set off on his famous company. On the shore of Walden Lake near Concord he was more than two years (since 4 July 1845 to September 6, 1847) lived in solitude in his own hands built a log cabin.

This experiment led to the creation of the great books - Walden, or Life in the woods (Walden, or Life in the Woods, 1854). In Walden, rejected and mocked the values of society, and boredom and meaningless existence contrasted with the simple joy. A detailed report on the construction of huts and the device chamber, the costs of food and benefit from their own beans and potatoes is reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe. Filled with deep joy and meaning of paintings of daily seasonal work. The book became the most widely read work of American classical literature and has influenced such diverse writers as Leo Tolstoy, William Yeats, and Ernest Hemingway.

Thoreau left the lake, realizing that the strength to live as he wants. Family-owned store and duties of a surveyor, he paid exactly as much time as needed to financially support the parents and sister (he Toro never married) and provide a very modest life. Thoreau did not want to spend life on the acquisition of things and tried to minimize the 'acquisitive' spending

. The first published book, Thoreau became a Week on the rivers and Concord Merrimaka (A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, . 1849) - a living story of the two-week trip, . undertaken in 1839 together with his brother John, . interspersed essays, . poems and nearly 300 quotations from the books they read,
. His other book, Forests of Maine (The Maine Woods, 1864), based on three trips (on foot and by canoe) through the mountains, lakes and rivers of Maine and Cape Cod (Cape Cod, 1865) describes three walks on the Cape Peninsula Cod. Both books were published posthumously, although life Toro parts were published in journals.

Peru belongs to the pamphlet Thoreau Civil Disobedience (Civil Disobedience, 1849), where he expressed his conviction, for which in July 1846 he had to spend the night in jail, tk. He refused to pay taxes to the government, actions which did not approve. Many years later, this essay has had a great influence on Gandhi in his speech against British rule in India. Slavery in Massachusetts (Slavery in Massachusetts, . 1854), . In defense of John Brown (A Plea for John Brown, . 1860), . Life Without Principles (Life without Principle, . 1863) also express the uncompromising position of Thoreau and his rejection of government interference in people's lives,
. Thoreau died in Concord May 6, 1862.

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Maintenance Henry David (Thoreau Henry David), photo, biography
Maintenance Henry David (Thoreau Henry David), photo, biography Maintenance Henry David (Thoreau Henry David)  American writer and philosopher., photo, biography
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