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Arturo Toscanini (Toscanini Arturo)

( The world-famous conductor.)

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Biography Arturo Toscanini (Toscanini Arturo)
photo Arturo Toscanini (Toscanini Arturo)
Born in Parma (Italy) 25 March 1867 in the family tailoring. In the nine years he was admitted to the Royal School of Music in Parma. Being engaged in the classes of cello, piano and composition, received a scholarship at eleven years, and at thirteen began performing as a professional cellist. At the age of 18 graduated with honors from the Conservatory and was admitted to a traveling Italian opera company as cellist and assistant chorus master. The troupe set off for the winter season in Brazil. June 25, 1886 due to wrangling between the permanent conductor of the company, managers and the public had to stand Toscanini as conductor in the performance of Verdi's Aida in Rio de Janeiro. He conducted the opera by heart. Thus began his conductor's career, which he gave about 70 years.
The first Italian engagement Toscanini was in Turin. Over the next 12 years he conducted in 20 Italian cities and towns, gradually gaining reputation as the best conductor of his time. He held the premiere of Pagliacci Leoncavallo in Milan (1892), he was invited to conduct the first performance of Puccini's La Bohц¬me in Turin (1896). In 1897 he married the daughter of the Milanese banker Charles de Martini; from this marriage were born four children, but one son died in infancy.

For 15 years, Toscanini was a leading conductor of the Milan theater 'La Scala'. From 1898 to 1903 he divided his time between the winter season in the 'La Scala', and winter season in theaters in Buenos Aires. Disagreement with the artistic policy of 'La Scala' Toscanini made in 1904-1906 to leave the theater, then he came back for two more years. In 1908, another conflict has prompted the conductor to leave Milan. Since he first came to the United States, where for seven years (1908-1915) was the conductor of the 'Metropolitan Opera'. With the advent of Toscanini, who drew the theater singers such as Enrico Caruso, Geraldine Farrar and other major musicians of the time, began a legendary era in the history of opera in the U.S.. But here Toscanini disagreed with the artistic policy and in 1915 went to Italy, where after the war again became the chief conductor of the 'La Scala'. This period (1921-1929) was the brilliant era of prosperity 'La Scala'.

In 1927 he became chief conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, which performed during the previous two seasons as a touring. In 1930 he traveled with the orchestra in its first European tour. This post Toscanini left in 1936, after 11 seasons held. In Europe, he twice conducted at the Bayreuth Wagner festivals (1930-1931), at the Salzburg Festival (1934-1937), founded his own festival in London (1935-1939) and conducted also at the festival in Lucerne (1938-1939). In 1936 he helped to organize the Palestine Orchestra (now the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra).

The final and most famous period of life Toscanini began in 1937, when he spent the first 17 seasons radio concert with the Symphony Orchestra of New York radio (NBC). With this orchestra he toured South America in 1940, and in 1950 toured the U.S. with an ensemble of orchestral musicians.

After the 1953-1954 season, Toscanini left the orchestra of the New York radio. He died in his sleep at his home in Riverdale (pc. New York) January 16, 1957.

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Arturo Toscanini (Toscanini Arturo), photo, biography
Arturo Toscanini (Toscanini Arturo), photo, biography Arturo Toscanini (Toscanini Arturo)  The world-famous conductor., photo, biography
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