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Anatole France (France Anatole)

( French critic, novelist and poet.)

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Biography Anatole France (France Anatole)
photo Anatole France (France Anatole)
Nickname, real name - Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault, Thibault
Born April 16, 1844 in the family bookseller. Literary activity began slowly: it was 35 years old when he published the first collection of short stories. His childhood years he devoted autobiographical novels, The Book of my friend (Le Livre de mon ami, 1885) and Little Pierre (Le Petit Pierre, 1918).
The first collection of poems Gold (Les Pomes dors, 1873) and poetic drama of Corinth Wedding (Les Noces corinthiennes, 1876) showed him as a promising poet. Start Frans fame as an outstanding novelist of his generation put the novel crime of Sylvestre Bonnard (Le Crime de Silvestre Bonnard, 1881)

. In 1891 he appeared Tais (Tas), for her - the Queen Tavern crow's feet (La Rtisserie de la reine Pdauque, 1893) and judgments of Mr. Jerome Kuanyara (Les Opinions de M. Jrme Coignard, 1893), gave a brilliant satirical picture of French 18
. The Red Lily (Le Lys rouge, . 1894), . France's first novel to a modern story, . describes the history of passionate love in Florence; Garden of Epicurus (Le Jardin d'picure, . 1894) contains samples of his philosophical discussion of happiness, . consisting of an intellectual and sensual pleasures,

. After the election of the French Academy (1896) France began publishing cycle of Modern History (Histoire contemporaine, . 1897-1901) of four novels - Under the roadside elm (L'Orme du mail, . 1897), . Willow dummy (Le Mannequin d'osier, . 1897), . Amethyst ring (L'Anneau d'amthyste, . 1899) and Mr. Bergeret in Paris (M. Bergeret Paris, . 1901),
. The writer shows how the Parisian and provincial society with a sly wit, but nevertheless sharply critical. In modern history mentions current events, including the Dreyfus affair.

In the story Case Krenkebilya (L'Affaire Crainquebille, 1901), then processed in the play Krenkebil (Crainquebille, 1903), exposes the judicial travesty of justice. Satirical allegory in the spirit of Jonathan Swift Penguin Island (L'le des pingouins, 1908) reconstructs the history of the French nation. In Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc, 1908) France tried to separate fact from legend in the life of a national saint, though he was skeptical of any historical research, considering judgments about the past is always in some degree subjective. The section on the French Revolution, the novel Gods thirst (Les Dieux ont soif, . 1912) expressed his disbelief in the efficacy of revolutionary violence, in written in the modern story Revolt of the Angels (La Rvolte des anges, . 1914) subjected to ridicule Christianity,
. The book on the glorious path (Sur la Voie glorieuse, 1915) performed a patriotic spirit, but in 1916 France issued a condemnation of war. In the four volumes of the Literary Life (La Vie littraire, . 1888-1894), he proved himself a shrewd and subtle a critic, . but the extreme subjectivity forced him to refrain from doing whatever ratings, . because in his eyes the significance of work is defined not so much on his own merit, . how personal predilections criticism,
. He joined E. Zola in the Dreyfus protection, and a collection of essays to better times (Vers les temps meilleurs, 1906) indicates his sincere interest in socialism. France supported the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. In early 1920 he was among those who sympathized with the newly created French Communist Party.

For many years France has been a major attraction in the cabin of his close friend Madame Arman de Kayave, and his Parisian house ( "Villa Seyd ') has become a pilgrimage site for young writers - both French and foreign. In 1921 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

Inherent-France subtle wit recalls the irony of Voltaire, with whom he had much in common. In his philosophical views he developed and popularized the idea of E. Renan. He died in France Tour October 13, 1924.

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Anatole France (France Anatole), photo, biography
Anatole France (France Anatole), photo, biography Anatole France (France Anatole)  French critic, novelist and poet., photo, biography
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