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EVANS Arthur John (Evans Arthur John)

( English archaeologist.)

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Biography EVANS Arthur John (Evans Arthur John)
photo EVANS Arthur John (Evans Arthur John)
He was born in Nash Mills (Hertfordshire) 8 July 1951 and was educated at Harrow, Oxford and Gц╤ttingen. In the summer of 1871 and 1872 traveled to the Balkans, in 1873 - in Finland and Lapland. Arriving in the Balkans in 1875 as a correspondent for 'Manchester Guardian' ( 'Manchester Guardian'), Evans remained there until 1882, when the Austrian authorities arrested him for participating in the insurrection in Dalmatia, and after the liberation he returned to England. In 1884 he was elected guardian of Oxford Ashmolean Museum. After 1909 Evans became the honorary curator of the museum.
At Cretan antiquity Evans drew attention in 1893, studying jewelry relating to prehistoric Mycenaean civilization, which had recently been discovered during excavations of H. Schliemann and Mycenae Orchomenus. In 1894, he examined Crete in search of seals, which are often found on the island, where local women used them as amulets (TN. 'dairy stones'), decided to excavate ancient Knossos and began talks about the works in the vicinity of Kandy, where in 1878 were found walls and Mycenaean pottery. In March 1900 Evans was able to start digging. In the first week found the walls decorated with frescoes, . domikenskuyu pottery and clay tablets with inscriptions to the end of the season from the land was released a quarter of the palace complex of Knossos, . The ancient Greek scientist who recalled stories of King Minos and the labyrinth brought him the idea of the palace called the Palace of Minos, . and civilization - Minoan,

The first volume of the main work of Evans Palace of Minos at Knossos (The Palace of Minos at Knossos) was released in 1921, the fourth and last - in 1936. Here are collected not only the data of Evans excavated the Palace, but there is encyclopedic collection of information about the Minoan civilization of Crete with sketches of antiquities from Mally, Festus, and many other monuments found on the island. The basis of work is developed by Evans chronological scheme of the Minoan civilization, dividing the early, middle and late. The proposed chronology of the scholars, as well as its correlation with the chronology of Egypt and the Greek mainland had been criticized even before the conclusion of Evans and are still the subject of dispute.

The study by Evans Minoan hieroglyphic writing began in 1894 and found its fullest expression in his work Scripta Minoa I (1909), containing a directory and study the stone seals and other finds. The full text article is clay tablets inscribed with Linear B from Knossos palace in Evans' life has not appeared, although in 4 volume of the Palace of Minos, he gave a description of the main categories of documents.

In 1911 Evans was knighted. Evans died in Yulberi near Oxford 11 July 1941.

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EVANS Arthur John (Evans Arthur John), photo, biography
EVANS Arthur John (Evans Arthur John), photo, biography EVANS Arthur John (Evans Arthur John)  English archaeologist., photo, biography
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