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Azarkh Vadim

( Singer, Composer)

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Biography Azarkh Vadim
photo Azarkh Vadim
Born: In the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, with 3 years of living in St. Petersburg.
Education: Leningrad Conservatory. Besides, a great lover of music, cars and airplanes. In his time as a soloist of "Rendezvous".
Favorite food: cabbage soup.
Favorite drink: As a true Russian vodka like.
Favorite season: Fall.
Hobbies: Collecting models of planes, Formula 1 and the study of foreign languages, and now teaches French and Italian. Likes high technology: computers, mobile communication, etc.
Musical preferences: Funky, disco and R & B, in general, any "black" music, which is much in the manner of dress.
Favorite singer: Stevie Wonder and Leonid Agutin.
Ideal woman: Julia Roberts.

In 1988. four months of playing "Rock club" in the gr. "Committee" (rock), and eight months in the gr. Stephania (hard rock). In 1989., After graduation, took a job at a company servicing the concerts, as machinery and apparatus zvukorezhicsera Concert. Served concerts gr. "Alice," gr. "Nata" and singer Svetlana Medianik (winner of "Jurmala-88) within 3 months. On arrival of the tour, was invited to the Smolensk Philharmonic as the artist-instrumentalist jazz group "Funk-profile". Traveled with them throughout the country from Murmansk to Chita. After its collapse, in the spring of 1990., Went to work in just creation of the theater-studio "Hermitage" in gr.Muzykalnaya machine "(art-pop). At the festival "Schlager-90" in its composition occupy 3rd place. I work six months, then go into the project "Scarlett" (hard-funk), guitarist Andrei Degtyarev. I write with two albums, which, unfortunately, has not been released.
In early 1991. I was invited to muz.tsentr Vladimir Kiselev gr. "Boycott". Actively touring the country. We work on the opening act for Oleg Gazmanov, in grams. "Russian" and gr. "St. Petersburg". In March, food substitute keyboardist Victor Drobysh with gr. "Saint Petersburg" in Vladikavkaz (during combat). A month later the same situation, going to Kurgan. At the same time dismiss a "boycott." In June, after the departure of B. Drobysh in gr. Pushking ", I offer a permanent place in the Count." St. Petersburg ". Tour to the Crimea and Western Ukraine. Even in this part again toured the entire country.
In 1992g.na tour in g. Togliatti acquaintance with the honored artist of Russia Lyudmila Senchina, which in turn offers me her work as a keyboardist and parallel arrangements of her songs deal. Since 1992. I work simultaneously with gr. "St. Petersburg and Leningrad Senchina. Several concerts are working in one program, so that the rupture had malo.Pered New Year Kiselev dismiss me from the center. Reports continue to work with L. Senchina. Traveled with her all of Siberia, and many cities along the Volga. Besides, playing with a group of "12 pilots in the Fire" (hard rock), though not very long. Received an invitation from the producer E. Orlova ( "Away from the future", "Cream", "Otpetye mashenniki") in the theater "Neon boy" in gr. "Rendezvous" (soloist Vadim Azarkh (winner of "Moscow-Yalta-Transit")). Working out the 2 concerts, and then immediately leave.
Replacing V. Drobysh, speaking with gr. "Pushking". In the summer of 1993., After the festival "White Nights" twice organized a tour of oz. "St. Petersburg" and the food himself as a director and keyboardist. Then vocalist Vladimir Trushin brings me to the core of. In October 1993. I was invited into the trio of "The Secret", all in the same capacity. Again, working in parallel in the two groups. In May, 1994. gr. "St. Petersburg" flies in the tour on Yuzh.Koree, as well as to record a new album. We work in Seoul and in g.Kvandzhu. Autumn 1994. I leave oz. "St. Petersburg" because of creative differences. Since then and to this day I continue to work in oz. "The Secret". In April, 1998. A. Gensler inviting me to work in his group called "A.Gensler-band" (rhithm-n-blues). We work on the Petrograd and Moscow clubs. In 1999g.delayu mastered gr. "Seventh City" (former "old friend"). In the end, I was invited to a one of the best gitaristv country Igor Romanov. Early 2000. statement as a session musician in the gr. "tonight". We both work in three groups: "The Secret", "A.Gensler-band" and gr.Igorya Romanova "Romanoff & Ines", and are engaged in parallel with arrangements for the songs AL Senchina.

. Discography:

. "Scarlett" -2 Album

. gr. "St. Petersburg" - "enchanted, bewitched" Korean Album "

. L. Senchina - "But love laughs and sings.

. gr. "The Secret" - "Blues de Moscou" "The Secret-five" "Sekretomaniya"

. gr.Igorya Romanova -1 album

. gr. "Seventh City" (mastering) - "white lies"
. Biography Vadim Azarkh

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  • Elena for Azarkh Vadim
  • Hi, I really like Lena.Mne Vadim Azarh.Osobenno he fond of me after Jurmala, . but even then, . when he was one of the leading programs Pepsi-Chart Vadim seemed incredibly charming lichnostyu.Tak is indeed the dele.Krasivy, . umnyy.A voice simply staggering: strong, . penetrating, . beautiful. Vadim, a real star, . I hope, . that soon he will beat the big stsenu.Zhelayu him every success in their careers and personal zhizni.Esli who shares my opinion, . write to Lotos@reg.avtlg.ru.Budu glad to receive pisma.Poka! If you, . Vadim, . ever read this message, . write,
    . I would be very pleased.
  • Faith for Azarkh Vadim
  • Tell me who wrote this nonsense about Vadim Azarkh? All this is written, harmful, not truthful, unnecessary, and above all cowardly lie calculated not know to whom. I'm ready, this bugger, eggs, tear, and if this aunt, let it never get married or to deny their own bitterness from the talent of this singer. A. You, . goddamn, . Why print this garbage? Vadim - the most talatlivy, . stunning, . extraordinary singer in our country, . not like other, . broken through mediocrity. www.myspace.com / vadski www, . goatbrother.com www.myspace.com / vadsmother www.myspace.com / vadsm Network access and listen to high quality and beautiful music and not our bullshit!,
  • Lena for Azarkh Vadim
  • And the truth of delirium has been written about Vadik! It was all very strange it is clearly not about him! The intrigues of envious, probably!
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    Azarkh Vadim, photo, biography
    Azarkh Vadim, photo, biography Azarkh Vadim  Singer, Composer, photo, biography
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