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Dmitri Sychev

( Footballer)

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Biography Dmitri Sychev
Dmitry Sychev was born October 26, 1983 in Omsk. Graduate school football "Change" from Saint-Petersburg. He played for Spartak Tambov (2000 - 2001). Since 2002, plays for Spartak. Striker. 175 cm, 70 kg.
Born October 26, 1983 in Omsk.

Probably no man in Russia who would not know Dmitry Sychev ... Thanks to his talent at the world championships in 2002, D. Sychev was the only bright spot in a game against the Russians in the unsuccessful performance of our team. It believed, millions of Russian fans and made almost a national hero. After the emotional departure from "Spartacus" his name has become almost a household word. Dima either love madly or fiercely hate. There is hardly in our football among many people who are indifferent to Sychou. This guy makes an admiring its spectacular game, dedication to the field, or still inflames the hearts of the envious scorn and hatred. Now, when the boys in the yard playing football, there is no more desirable compliment than "You scored as Sychev". In today's boys have a new idol, and in the hearts of fans of optimism and hope for a bright future for Russia's Football. So what make a normal kid Omsk national hero? The fact that we had to go through the Dime in his 21 years, we may tell his biography. So, step Dmitry Sychev's life ...

Dmitry Sychev, was born October 26, 1983 in g. Omsk. Dima Since the birth of his future was predetermined, tk. He was born in a family of sports. Elena Semyonovna, mother of Dima, was the athlete, and Eugene M., Dima's father and last-known footballer, forty years out on the field as a player. By Sport Dmitry father taught. First worked with him at home, drove to the stadium. If he could not father, went to my aunt. Many who knew D. Sychev in childhood, say that he just raved about football. But Dima was a gifted boy, so the football his sports passion did not end. Around the second or third grade, he enrolled in the hockey section. A week went, then to hockey, then to football training, but football was more attractive.

In 1993, when Dmitry was 9 years old, he came to SDUSHOR? 20 Omsk Sports Society "Dinamo", where he received a football education. Leadership D. Sychev began to manifest itself in the youth team, where he was captain and began to play with the position under the assailants. The team won the first Cup of the Urals and got on the Championship of Russia. Then, after playing in the national team of the Ural region, Dmitry invited to St. Petersburg in the football school 'Change'. Probably, there already were all clear what a responsible player will he grow up. Training ends, the guys quickly gather and go for a walk. And Dima walking on the stairs - up and down - and the ball juggling. In St. Petersburg, within a team of 'Change' he becomes a champion of the city and called upon the youth team in the country. Won first place in the qualifying round, Russia's junior national team successfully performed at the European Championship. At age 16, Dmitri was playing in Russia's second league championship.

June 25, 2000 D. Sychev debut in the Tambov "Spartacus" in the zone West
second division championship game against Russia's Kursk "Vanguard". And on August 3 that year, Dima scored his first goal in the Russian championships in a match with the "Eagle". It Spartak (Tambov) was the first club of Dmitry, where he began his professional career.

. January 12, 2001 in the junior team of Russia Dmitry Sychev becomes the winner of the memorial Granatkina, as well as with Alexander Sonin with four balls - the best scorer of the tournament
. At this tournament football club "Spartak" (Moscow) drew attention to the young striker.

In 2001, Dmitry Sychev ends the comprehensive school? 77 grams. Omsk and enters the Ural State University. Football skills D. Sychev grew, and with each match his appearance on the field was growing more and more necessary. At the end of the football championship in 2001 Tambov fans have walked 'on Sycheva'. His dribbling, ability to get rid of an opponent, sudden and precise shots could not leave indifferent spectators crowded the stands. They shouted: 'Si Chev! Szu-Chev! " Many, of course, understood that a young player Dmitry Sychev grows in the classroom and the football team stay in the second division - a matter of time. So it turned

. In January 2002, the first was bought by Dmitry Spartak Moscow and began to hammer at once and many.

. January 8, 2002 Dmitri holds its first match in Moscow 'Spartacus' versus 'Galatasaray' on a representative commercial Efels Pilsen Cup tournament in Antalya.

. January 20, 2002 Dmitri scores first goal for the Muscovites in the gates Moldavian "Sheriff" on the Commonwealth Cup
. And after the tournament in Turkey, 21 January, he signed a contract with Moscow 'Spartacus' for 5 years (until 2006).

February 10, 2002 th D. Sychev has called for a friendly match against the Irish team Russia. Could anyone believe this a couple of years ago?

At the beginning of the new football season, the Championship of Russia-2002, March 8, Dmitry Sychev, organized the first official match in Moscow 'Spartacus' in the game against 'Rostselmash'. And on March 12 he scored his first official goal for Spartak in the game with "Shinnik". Being 'Spartacus', D. Sychev was able, despite her young age, to go on the field with more experienced players. It grew from match to match. It exits on the football field was becoming increasingly attracted the fans and offer hope to coaches. Dmitri was playing in his 'Sychevskii' manner. And he knew how much. In the Championship of Russia in 2002, speaking for 'Spartacus', in the asset from Dmitri Sychev 9 goals scored.

March 27, 2002 Dmitri Sychev made his debut in the national team of Russia in a friendly match against Estonia, coming on as substitute in the second half. Sychev was invited to the team after the qualifying matches of the 2002 World Cup.

In May-June 2002 ChMYaKe he scored 1 goal and was involved in the creation of all heads Russia's team. Do not want to once again pull at the heart of Russia, and to remind the fans that our team failed miserably in this tournament and was able to beat not only the strongest team of Tunisia. But Dmitri Sychev was the only one who did not let Russia, who came there to win, not just to participate, as did almost all of our players. OI Romantsev believed Sychev and not mistaken. Dmitry meet those expectations, because in his 18 years, he appreciated every moment spent in the field for the national team of his country. And because even harder to see Dima tears after the final whistle in the match with the Belgians. And were it not the tears of Russia's team, not the realization that suddenly shattered dream. Then wept the whole of Russia ... Dmitri Sychev became the youngest author of goals at the World Cup in 2002 and fourth in the history. June 14, 2002, the day of the match with the Belgians, he was 18 years old. Record Sychev anyone in this tournament have not exceeded. Local newspapers dubbed Dmitry Sychev 'Russian Owen'. And home Dmitry already returned to the rank of national hero, and begins the so-called "sychemaniya" ...

. This term refers to non-universal madness around, . due to Sychev, . whether wholesale sick of Moscow "Spartak" or sale of huge editions t-shirts with team Russia numbered 22, . under which Dmitri spoke at ChMYaKe,
. Millions of girls weep at night because of an unrequited love for D. Sychev. Such sudden leaning on Dima fame changed his life. Previously he was an unknown young winger, but now, wherever they played "Spartacus", fans everywhere need Sychev, journalists tear him to pieces ... Course, this is difficult to sustain. But there are also those people who understand that in such glory D. Sychev can make good money.

August 16, 2002 for 2 hours before the match with the Vladikavkaz "Alania" on the table, the president "Spartacus" has placed a statement of Dmitry Sychev's dismissal of their own volition. Sychev refused to play for the Moscow club and began to "divorce", having the 5-year contract. Soon the FTC Rossiyskogo Football Union received another paper. It Dmitry explains his action: "Spartacus", he said, has not fulfilled the conditions stipulated in the contract and has not paid his elevating of $ 10 thousand. dollars.

August 21, 2002, Mr.. Dmitri Sychev was last seen in public: before the match Russia-Sweden, where he handed the car Porshe, as the best player of team Russia at the 2002 World Cup. Because of the gap with the 'Spartacus' in the game he may. For this reason, 26 August 2002, Mr.. Dmitri Sychev is not declared at the European Championship qualifying match Russia-Ireland, scheduled for September 7, 2002

September 4, 2002 decision of the Bureau of Control and Disciplinary Committee RFS Dmitri Sychev disqualified for 4 months, ie. to January 4, 2003. Upon expiration of Dmitri was ready to conclude a contract with Dynamo, but then appeared on the stage Marseille club. The fact is that even with the disqualification 'Spartacus' retains the right to forward. In the interest of 'Spartacus' was necessary to sell Dmitri Sychev to January 4, 2003.

. Evening Dec. 20, 2002 President of FC "Spartak" Andrei Chervichenko said that Dmitri Sychev sold the leader of the French championship Marseille 'Olympique'.

. December 30, 2002 D. Sychev flies to France to sign a personal contract with Marseilles 'Marseille'
. 9 January 2003 from Moscow to Marseilles arriving all the transfer documents relating to the transition Dmitry Sychev in Marseilles club. Dmitriy first time out of the Stadio Olimpico for the replacement, however, scoring in 17 games 3 goals. In August 2003, he struck the gate "Austria" in UEFA Champions League qualification, ensuring the team out in the group stage of Champions League. As part of "Olympic" Sychev was bronze medalist France 2003.

. February 1, 2003 Russia coach Valery Gazzayev announced the list of players who will play in an international tournament in Cyprus from 12-13 February 2003
. After a long break Dmitri Sychev once again on the national team of Russia.

But, having no permanent place in the starting lineup 'Marseille', Sychev understood that time is running out and soccer goals go. Moreover, without a constant game of practice, it is difficult for him represents a path from the bench Marseilles club for European Championship 2004 in Portugal. Moreover, Russia's national team coach replaced. And now D. Sychev had to prove G. Yartseva that he is worthy place in the composition of our team. Dmitri began looking for other options for continuing career.

. In early January 2004 off-season goals in Russia's Dmitry Sychev came back home, but not in "Spartacus" and the "locomotive", where the slaughter began briskly, as if proving Yartseva that deserves to play in the starting line-up

January 8, 2004 Dmitri Sychev signed a contract with the Moscow "Locomotive" until 2007. And on March 15 for the first time in the championship of Russia goes to the starting lineup "Lokomotiv" against "Shinnik". And already in this game makes a double and proves that the metropolitan railway is not wasted money on it. Dmitry Sychev has so long sought for the railway attackers have closed the most problematic command line. He is a very hard work on the field, high-commitment. Whether it's the usual training or official match - it always does the job that put coach, work out, as they say, to and from. And most importantly, he enters the field with glowing eyes and a big inspiration. For him, football - as art. To play outside the box, with the invention, be always aimed at the gates - all this is inherent in every game Sychou. Therefore, Yuri Pavlovich Syomin, coach "Lokomotiv", trusts Sychev and produces at almost every game!. And another very important detail: Sychev hit the team where there is a creative atmosphere, where, along with discipline and initiative are encouraged to invention of the player on the football field. The red-green in fact that neither Ruff, the dispatcher. D. Loskov, D. Khokhlov, M. Izmailov language broadcasts talk freely. A Sychev - excellent companion: any replica responds. More than that: trying to set the tone in conversation - to offer a sharp opening in the free zones. Keep up with him in such cases is extremely difficult - high-speed qualities scorer not deprived. And with the ball deftly managed - one touch puts him on the ground, and in some cases, this does not bother himself: beating the summer, suddenly Goalkeeper - and often finds the last surprise. Treachery, by the way, his attacks are no less than the forces. Hence, pruning, backspin, soft carry-over in which he often achieves results.

In June 2004, Sychev, the national team of Russia sent to CHE2004 to Portugal and take part in two matches of team Russia: against the Spaniards (22 minutes) and against the Greeks (45 minutes). Russia's fans once again convinced that our team will need a miracle ... By year end, Sychev with 7 goals becomes the most productive forward the national team in 2004.

During football season 2004 in the championship of Russia Dmitry Sychev scored 17 goals for the "Locomotive" and help the railway to win gold and to regain the title of champion of Russia!

But the symptoms of the disease in the stellar Sychev not observed. It easily can be found in the subway or in a movie theater in Moscow Trade Center "Atrium" where he would normally choose to see the new film. In food football genius prefers traditional Russian cuisine: soup, soup and meatballs with mashed potatoes. And: Dima, as a true Siberian (he was born in Omsk), is not indifferent to hockey - in his free time, football clubs and enthusiastically taking rides on the ice. In general, one more hope of Russia's championatship ...

2005 begins for Dmitry Sychev bad. He scored 6 goals for the "Locomotive" in the championship of Russia and 2 goals in the 2 nd round of UEFA Champions League 2005-2006. But, alas, in mid-season match in the 19 th round of the CR-2005 Rubin-Lokomotiv Dmitri Sychev receives a serious injury. The diagnosis was devastating: the gap cruciate ligament of the knee joint of the left leg. Forwards railway had an operation to rebuild after which it took him six months to go away from football. The same sad interrupted match unbeaten run "Lokomotiv", has 27 games. And from the moment that the railway workers lost their main striker, things went badly for the club: dropped out of the Champions League, managed to win only a bronze medal in the CR-2005, and in general started showing toothless dismal game.

By the beginning of football season of 2006, the assurances of doctors, Dmitry Sychev almost fully recovered from injury. 9 March 2006 on the collection in Spain, "Lokomotiv" has a control meeting against Malaga (Spain). This game marked a welcome return to the field Dmitry Sychev, who have spent the entire meeting on the field, and ended with the score 1:1.

March 13, 2006 capital "Locomotive" played a friendly match with the Swiss club "Badensvil". The game ended with a devastating score of 10:0 favor of the railway, and Sychev met on the field only last 15 minutes. It would seem that everything is adjusted, however, the recovery period was long. Forwards "Lokomotiv" fans were able to see on the field only in 3 round of the CR-2006 in the away match against Spartak Nalchik from: Dmitry Sychev has replaced Marat Izmailov for 49 minutes. Of course, it was still not the Sychev, which everyone knew before the injury. He missed playing practice.

But gradually everything fell into place. Under the guidance of new coach of the Serbian Slavoljub Muslin specialist team gained its optimal form. And April 16, 2006 was a watershed date for the "Locomotive" in the CR-2006. E 5 round railroad beat CSKA 3-2. At the 23 minute Dmitry opens his account Gholam for "Loko" in the football season. This was the first strong-willed victory in the championship, after which the "Lokomotiv" ceased fever. And what was a beautiful unbeaten "Lokomotiv" from 18 matches when the team changed so much that after 21 round confidently advanced to first place in standings. In the 21 round of Kazan was conquered by the first of the Moscow clubs with a score of 2.4. Before any capital team could not take away from Kazan 3 points. Also recall that a year ago it was in Kazan, Dmitri suffered a serious injury because of which missed half season. Capital "Lokomotiv" revenge and for Sychev, too, which contributed directly striker, scoring one of the goals.

Before that it was an ignominious defeat by the sum of 2x the meetings of the Belgian Zulte Varegema and departure from the UEFA Cup, and after - optional 0-1 defeat of FC Moscow in the 22 round. And on Oct. 19, 2006 at the official site "Locomotive" was published decision of the board of directors of clubs to dismiss head coach Slavoljub Muslin for the unsatisfactory results. The head coach was officially appointed Oleg Dolmatov. These past 8 rounds of the CR-2006, each fan "Loko" tried to forget as quickly as possible, because it was a different team. Failing ending championship, as well as a year ago, "Lokomotiv" won the bronze medal, passing forward CSKA Moscow and Spartak.

Season 2006 Dmitry Sychev can hardly write himself into an asset: 7 goals in the championship and 1 in the Cup of Russia - this is not the level of one of the best strikers of the country. Incidentally, with regard to team, then in 2006 played Sychev only in 3 matches: 27 1 May time in a friendly match with Spain on 11 October and 15 November in the qualifying tournament for European Championship 2008 against Estonia and Macedonia respectively. Estonians forward "Loko" scored 1 goal, but such low performance has more to do with the fact that the long time head coach Guus Hiddink was prejudiced against Sychev, leaving him on the bench.

On the eve of the start of football season of 2007, a sore knee Dmitri Sychev reiterates itself, and "Locomotive" is already reeling from the more serious problems. Following the resignation of the president Valery Filatov "Lokomotiv" officially became Yuri Semin, and in fact Sergei Lipatov. At the post of chief coach, was invited Byshovets, known in football circles intriguant. Seemed, . that the defeat of the weaker teams in the preseason Fees, . conflicts leading players of "Loco" with the head coach, . cleaning personnel not only among the players, . but also among employees of the club - this is not a complete list of problems, . faced "Lokomotiv" in early 2007,
. But the "train" the great Olympian gone, though with difficulty and slowing down at some stations ...

May 27, 2007 "locomotive" for the fifth time in its history, became the owner of Russia Cup 2006/2007, defeating in the final match "Moscow 1:0. The only goal scored in extra time Scottish striker Garry O'Connor after a brilliant pass Dmitry Sychev.

Shortly before the final of the Cup of Russia Dmitry Sychev extended the contract with the club for four and a half years, ie until the end of 2011. What is the future Dmitry club only time will tell, but right now it can be argued that forward "Lokomotiv" fully recovered from injury and returns to its previous high level.

June 13, 2007 Dmitri Sychev his first degree in RSUPT on the theme "Improving the financial and economic activity in the football clubs of Russia". In recognition of Dmitri, he wrote that he himself found it interesting and took it as a basis for how work is constructed in "Locomotive". At this stage of his life he completed his education at the university and is now a certified specialist.

In June, the camp of the railway there was another major rearrangement. Byshovets Dmitry Loskova forced to leave the team, which our captain gave 10 years of his life. "Lokomotiv" faced with the problem of selecting a new captain. Dmitri Sychev renounced his candidacy for the post of captain, citing the fact that it is not his, that this post should be a special person. As a result of secret ballot the new captain of the "Locomotive" was elected Diniyar Bilyaletdinov.

Meanwhile, in 2007 again brought the fans "Lokomotiv" no positive emotions. All championship railway almost trailed in mid-table, losing points in games is not the strongest contenders. Under the leadership of Anatoly Byshovtsa "Lokomotiv" flew out of the UEFA Cup 2007/08, with a crash failure in the Cup of Russia 2007/08 and took only 7 place in the championship of Russia 2007. It is hardly an asset in a red-green can write the fourth and last place in the commercial Railways Cup tournament.

Dmitry well summed up the 2007 season, which has become one of the least successful in history "Lokomotiv": "The atmosphere in the team was deteriorating gradually, incrementally. In the end, it led to matches in which we not only what the accused - and in delivery, and weakness of. This is especially hard to experience when you're many years fighting for the championship. Before the season we had high hopes. For us, in fact nothing but the first place does not exist. Moreover, this is an objective assessment - such a composition, as we shall win the gold if they played in their strength. But we have what we have. This is unfortunate, darkest season of my career. We are hampered baiting "Lokomotiv". Precisely, what about her constantly spoke Byshovets. He said that we want feathers fly, float. That was his mistake. When this tube of constant, it is very subliminal players. After such a hard go on the field, and, most importantly, to communicate among themselves. Typically, about conspiracies against the "Lokomotiv" we said at the team meetings. I can not say that every day, but very often. We all went and lived as a wrench in one big scandal. Before that I was no scandal, I could not remember. This 2007 is particularly frustrating. However, I understand that not only blame the coach. So we should share the blame in half ", - said Sychev.

Although he Dmitri Sychev and calls this season were the most successful in his career, but nonetheless personally for him it was a success. Won the Cup of Russia 2006/07, signed a new long-term contract with the "locomotive" for more favorable. In 29 games, the CR-2007 forward "Loco" has scored 11 goals, which is significantly greater than in the previous two years. And as for what fans abused from the stands ... It would be fought on the field for themselves and for the guy, there would be no claims, as well as half of the championship matches were tormented and tortured the fans themselves!
. Ahead of season 2008 with a new head coach Rashid Rakhimov, and the new president Nikolai Naumov
. Fans can only hope for best.

As once correctly remarked Sergei Ovchinnikov, a new generation of Russian players - this generation of winners. They are not afraid of anyone or anything, they are confident in themselves and they still play against an opponent. Besides, having to play against Ronaldo or Zidane, they are philosophically, because it is in life Zidane, but on the field are all equal, all - football.

In one of his interviews Dmitry promised to help "Lokomotiv" win the Champions League, as ever Russia's club should take this trophy. And somehow it seems to me that Dmitri Sychev will keep his word, "because if the stars are lit, it means that someone needs" ...

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  • TiSHa, . t "o4en 'tmno rassywdaew.Ymnica! Ya, . kak 4elovek s bol'woi fytbol'noi bazoi dann "xv golove, . soglasna s toboi polnost'yu. No vse ravno y Dimki talant, . glavnoe, . 4tob "on ego prodolwal razvivat '. Xorowii mal'4ik. Nadeyus' on bydet takwe xorow na World-06, . kak i Ronaldu na Euro-04,
  • football_girl for Dmitri Sychev
  • Ei, . bab "! V" 4e bol'n "e?! Sovsem s yma posxodili?! Mowet Dima i klev" i, . no 4e za fignya? V "ewe napiwite 4to-nibyd 'tipa" ya otdamsya tebe, . esli t "soglasen". Gde vawa wenskaya gordost '? Pacan dolwen b "t' pacanom! I sam dolwen dobivat'sya devywki.Ya predstavlyayu, . kak tyawelo Dimke.Vse sami na tebya vewayutsya.Mil "e devo4ki, . piwite emy ly4we powelaniya ili kakie-to zame4aniya.A ewe ly4we prosto obsywdaite ego v sporte, . v wizni, . ved 'vse ravno on tyt ne b "vaet.A ewe na svete o4en' mnogo wikarn" x mal'4ikov (ne obyazatel'no vnewne). Krishtiano Ronaldu, . Arien Robben, . Yein Runi, . Hose Antonio Reies, . Robinio, . Carlos Tewes, . Fernando Torres i tdEto we bydywee pokolenie Zidana, . Figo, . Carlosa, . Desaii, . Rivaldo, . Ronaldo.A nawi mal'4iki?! Diniyar4ik Bilyaletdinov, . Igor 'Akinfeev, . Sawa Samedov, . Sawa Pavlenko, . Nikita Bawenov, . Denis B "strov, . Sawa Kerwakov, . Andryuwa Arwavin, . Wirkov, . Lebedenko, . Gogniev, . Kysov ... Ix we t'ma ... Podymaite o nix.Y nawei Rossii prekrasn "i potencial! Mal'4iki, . m "v vas verim!,
  • PRINCESS for Dmitri Sychev
  • SYCHOU-BEST!, I adored him ! And all who do not like him .....
  • ???? for Dmitri Sychev
  • ???? for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sichik MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST BEST ! I simply adore you! OH most talented, most beautiful and simple SUUUUUUUPER!
  • JENNIFER for Dmitri Sychev
  • I love him! ! ! 1 I am dying of love for him !
  • JENNIFER for Dmitri Sychev
  • SAMA DUUUUUURA ! And I ITS ROBUST I hug in the sponge ! ! ! ! ? ?!
  • Phoenix for Dmitri Sychev
  • Yes, you're right. We have you and you BELIEVE !
  • ta, which is not for Dmitri Sychev
  • he still an idiot ! painted, pimply, and a terrible bore
  • FOXFIRE for Dmitri Sychev
  • if you are so want to communicate with people, . as Sychev, . and even more so to make them aware, . you yourself have something of a present and preferably no less than your idols, . generally be at! so do not go crazy and do not suffer from unrequited love, . scribbled messages on fan sites, . hoping for a response, . and sovershensvuytes themselves, . srvershenstvuya and the world around .. and then you can get it and, . maybe he was and would not you want,
    . with respect to your feelings, Foxfire /
  • Rin for Dmitri Sychev
  • Photos you megakachestvennye! Do not even guess without a signature, who is on it
  • Julia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimulka wish you UDACHKI let you all will just ???????! I love you very junior ...
  • _elis_ for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitry you ??????? and you're super cool if you could write me a couple of words in the post-alise90@inbox.ru waiting for an answer and I dream about meeting
  • Alina for Dmitri Sychev
  • I love Dimochka Sychev, and I want to marry him! He is super, I want him! "He's mine! Clear to all of you ugly! Dima Alina = LOVE to the grave!" And I love the group of plasma, where I Maxim bed love you! Clearly all! They are mine!
  • Lori for Dmitri Sychev
  • Lori for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka GOOD LUCK TO YOU! YOU JUST SUPER! YOU SO IS YOUR styling! YOU Charming! KISS on the cheek!
  • LARISSA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Lokomotiv "SUPER! DIMA YOU Charming! ALL YOU beautiful! You tell me NRAVISHSYA! KISS on both cheeks!
  • Larissa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Larissa for Dmitri Sychev
  • "locomotive super! bob you darling! you're so pretty! well, just SUPER !
  • Lariska! for Dmitri Sychev
  • bob you are just super! well, very very pretty!
  • 1 for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIMA, how I like you, JUST DO NOT PASS ON ...
  • Anya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sychev is the best striker in Russia
  • KETA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Is still the case Dima is generally without comment ... Dima and a great footballer and a man.
  • Max for Dmitri Sychev
  • Tell mail Sychev, who knows
  • qwertysv for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi. First, write correctly, and then horror as unpleasant to read your recognition errors. Second, do not you think that it is clearly your "sweet" does not like, he's a man, moreover, present, rather than a girl with pink bows that likes sweet cotton. Third, he lad, a real fighter. I wish him good health, and he was right, that does not expose his soul to show.
  • $ okol for Dmitri Sychev
  • I know ICQ Sychev)))
  • the one for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim, you of course dear ??????? ... ... but your fans almost do not know what you ... your character ... you would have more contact with them ...)))
  • tne one for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim, you of course dear ... ??????? ... but most of your fans did not know you ... your character ... You would have more contact with people ...)))
  • poison_girl for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, please write me at the e-mail ... unless of course you do see this comment ... Ha)
  • cherity for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimka ... you wonder)))
  • KAT for Dmitri Sychev
  • I respect Dmitry for his football talent. To achieve such success in such an age, indeed, need to be able. I have a feeling that you all have forgotten who actually Dmitry. He is not a model, it is a great football. And, turning to him, we must first think about it. And you, Dmitri, thank you very much, that you adorn our team.
  • krisrri for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima-clever! Hello, that there are still people who really know how to play football!
  • inSomnia for Dmitri Sychev
  • And why do you all get the idea that he sees these crazy posts?)) People, you're mad)))
  • ???? @ for Dmitri Sychev
  • =) for Dmitri Sychev
  • ahahahaahaaah ... ??? )))))))))))) Expect everything! right now he'll write and a declaration of love !=))))))))))))))))))) Stupid people ...
  • Zyuzya for Dmitri Sychev
  • I love you!
  • Susanna for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka, I love you very much! It's true, you are cool and cool, you are playing superbly! Write me please, if you have time! Look'll wait! Susanna2007_91@mail.ru
  • Nastenko for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimasya you milaha !
  • Evgenia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Girls, girls, I read your messages, and sometimes they just scare me ... But see you are watching football purely feminine-like beautiful boys running around ...
  • I do not play football for Dmitri Sychev
  • After seeing these comments I was sick on behalf of DIMA, . if I go out and see at least one Dima, . I faint ! Girl you look like complete fools! It can not, . can look around yourself and find someone much better Sychev! Sincerely Sasha (I play basketball) and Ina (I play tennis),
  • baby for Dmitri Sychev
  • very nice and simpatishnoy would like to talk
  • Nastenko for Dmitri Sychev
  • I will not write what I want to marry you, as do the rest. I believe that we must love real people, something no stars. You're certainly very ???????, but your face just nothing compared to how you play. You're very talented, I wish you more luck and of course good health, which do not have enough players. And please do not become conceited, as do other celebrities
  • pumachKa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, I love thee thou Zai! Best, smay talented, most handsome footballer on Earth, I thee abbazhaayu! Love! And Pts Pts Pts respect, sun!
  • Manyunya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimusya you're just super! Do I like very much ... You are so fun to play! As you come out on the field, then immediately scores a goal! Course you have many admirers, but I'm better of them!
  • Manyunya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim know ... I can imagine how much you have been women! Course because you're so sempotny! Friend dazh I say: you forget it you will have up to 100 times cooler (no offense). Of course, . perhaps it's just vlechenie.Ya Well those dazh the character did not really know! "That's why I can not love, . that it seems to me, . you're the most beautiful of none but thee, no! It is important for me to basically not beauty, . and what chelovek.No so little simpotny byl.Vot example, if a guy met a handsome, handsome and all pre devchenki on it to dry, . and spoke to a moron! "Only one thing on his mind laughing like a bull and face all beat!,
  • Manyunya for Dmitri Sychev
  • You ??????? guy, but pliz do not zaznovatsya! You are not fit! "You know all your fans say: I love Dima! I want to marry you!. I will not be so govorit.potomu I do not know what you, I want to marry to who will love me and I'll lyubt it all really! You know in our school uchatsya players and I would not say that they are very smart! "But they simpaticheye!
  • Manyunya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim simpotny you, you just do not conceited for God's sake! "Of course I am too small for you will be back in school studying in 9.Ty weather is zhinis yet!
  • Nastka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, but to me you NENRAVISHSYA! My advice to you: poienshe for a courting, you guy, in the end.
  • ..:: DoCh_SaTaNy ::.. for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sportswoman for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you're cool, but your team in the ass (sorry for the truth)! I will never believe what you read all these comments. This is complete nonsense. All of these sites where you can leave your opinion complete bullshit. No footballer is not what they look about him, write. Never. A great pity! All your fans would be very nice to chat with you. Including me. I respect you as a player. But you miss a lot of good moments. It spoils you. You're not my ideal. I do not get sick for your team. I prefer "Zenit". Just wanted to wish you happiness and good luck, love and Veri that your team win! "Just Believe!
  • MAHA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Coco in the ass, but you pomoemu Dim generally MEAT ! I do not want to write how I love thee ... And vosche I'm sick for CSKA! Vprin. You vosch. not read this, so I write to you charged electric fans! HORSES they rule FOREVER! REMEMBER: suck! sucks!'ll suck!
  • CAT for Dmitri Sychev
  • CAT for Dmitri Sychev
  • KITY for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello vsem.Esli Dima screen the sites himself, he probably insanely nice to read all. I also want to make all this his little leptochku. Dima, thank you very much for that football, which is our gift to you in every game. It sounds corny, but you dystvitelno talented, and that is what you like, millions of people in our country. Know that in this world, except you, in your work need lyudi.Idi to many victories, new heights, not a seasoned achievements. We believe in you, love you and look forward to your eovyh pbed.
  • Ilyas for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're the best player, I respect you!
  • Masha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello, Dimka, if you log in to this site, you certainly read my post:) watching your game since 2002. and very much respect you above all as a strong personality and, . course, . as a talented football player! so keep! Dim, . After all, you really proved, . that you are not a player one-day, . as many thought after your diskvalifikatsii.Ya then, . honestly, . very worried about you, . as for the native, . even prayed, . imagine! and you have all turned out, for you young man, . real fighter! Many of you have read and subtracted from, . that you very interesting person, . something spiritually close to me, . which is always a pleasure to talk! know, . believe, . that you have a lot of cases and very little free time, . but I will be eternally happy, . If you cherknesh me a couple of lines:) I leave my mail - write, . man sometimes so little to be happy:) elarsun@yandex.ru your Masha,
  • ;)))))))))) for Dmitri Sychev
  • people I do not understand why the topic you write here ????????? he proooooochteeet! advise to love real people! "The world is a much nicer, . than he is ... the more he enjoys the makeup!))) And he wants to believe in such silly as you do, the popularity (and popular-dough). And they all need even, . if so its decently ...)))),
  • yulyalya for Dmitri Sychev
  • yulyalya for Dmitri Sychev
  • my dear friend! "Is it so difficult to communicate with these lovely girls?
  • ;)))))))))) for Dmitri Sychev
  • People you ee pancake?? Know how many of those this-He has no time for each of them pyaletsya, look! You Tupac ???:) He trenerovochki .. And tell you where he tusit-in at the Atrium Belarusian !:) Buhaaaeeet ....:) They can get acquainted with him !:)))))
  • OLYA for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIMA SYCHOU Sugar, handsome boy and I could LYUBLYU.A YOU ALL Lochy
  • Marina for Dmitri Sychev
  • I just really like Dmitri Sychev's all!
  • JKL for Dmitri Sychev
  • Wicked you. This is not a site of Dmitry =) He did not answer you here =)
  • Christin for Dmitri Sychev
  • And for me it ?? freak and the girl had also match for him:) so ugly
  • enomay for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sychov condom and Judas
  • Evgeny Shestakov for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim me (Eugene) urgently need to contact you, but I do not have your phone number if you can call me (89228758159), I'm not a fan, I'm a player, I play left leg, please help me get to what - something molodezhnay Club. (Eugene, 16, Orenburgskaya oblast, Totskiy region, city Totskoye)
  • Evgeny Shestakov for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim me (Eugene) urgently need to contact you, but I do not have your phone number if you can call me (89228758159), I'm not a fan, I'm a player, I play left leg, please help me get to what - something molodezhnay Club. (Eugene, 16, Orenburgskaya oblast, Totskiy region, city Totskoye)
  • Pussycat Dolls for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka hello! You are very cool, handsome, clever, interesting. You're better than anyone else play football. And in general, you're such a pretty!
  • I for Loko for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're the best footballer in the world ! We emphasize a couple of lines of the most devoted fan.
  • Marie for Dmitri Sychev
  • I have twenty minutes laughing over your comments. Of course, Dmitry visit here and write to anyone of you''Marry me''. HA HA HA HA HA ! Do not tell more so, shrimp. Chao-cocoa. Your Marie
  • Alenka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim, and Th at cha girlfriend prvda ugly, as they say about her? I vmdala! You even have photos to show it. we porzhem !:)))))
  • DaryaYa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Surely not all of you run ??? preed him and for him? And you believe, . that he will read your messages, . let alone give phone and address? FUNNY! It is not necessary ... and right ... Well, if there really so ..., . Dmitry ??????? you when you pas beguyut ...?! Eeeuw! Aj, . disgusting ...,
  • Loko Tajikistan for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima Prado you pokidaish Loko?
  • ~ [DiFCheNA] ~ for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka! I adore you! I am looking for an opportunity at least to get your autograph:) I found your friend, (he said that was friends with you when I was in Loko, and ? it in "Moscow")! In short, I cannot: (You're the most:) I love, kiss: -* I want more:)
  • Jessica for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you are guilty misrepresented that taught me to football! And I want to say thank you for this, because to live without him I can not! And without you, too! You (Lokomotiv) are the best, I believe in you!
  • rPmShLb =) for Dmitri Sychev
  • dynlb ? uhretulyk nbmshyuyl th yztbeysh pzhyzeoop.S vsch pyueosh I want a ????? dthtsyfsh.fsch mhyuyyk !=)
  • BELKA3S for Dmitri Sychev
  • Well, I just do not know, feeling THAT ALL S Uma POSHODILI. YES nicer. YES TALENTED, BUT IT SO FAR WHAT KILL! PROYATO wish him Getting Started as before, GOOD LUCK TEAM IS WAITING. And with it the rest of us ORDINARY FANS!
  • ksenechka for Dmitri Sychev
  • the best guy on the planet. Football like only because Dima
  • belka for Dmitri Sychev
  • eh, , , , . Girls, ,
  • belka for Dmitri Sychev
  • sorry for the mistakes committed in the words I'm just typing quickly and sometimes do not notice!
  • viktoriya-kirillova for Dmitri Sychev
  • you're so cool! you do not pristovlyaesh as I like you!
  • I! for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima you are the best in the world! I love you !
  • Lenusik for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka! I am certainly not going to tell tales about bezotvatnuyu love, but nevertheless, you can ask you to throw off your E-mail! I'm going to wait!
  • Hare for Dmitri Sychev
  • He is such a bunting I adore his adoring I play football !
  • Lkomotivka))) for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sychev Dimulya - the best football player! I want him to reach even greater success! And not only in sports ...!
  • FaNaTkA for Dmitri Sychev
  • No problem, does not care HOW WE ALWAYS SYCHOU To Score !
  • ???))) for Dmitri Sychev
  • ZNAESHSH, TY I DO NOT KNOW TO FIELD (FOOTBALL NOT SEE) but know you're an excellent man and class guy! SO .. SHORT .. TI ??????? ... ??? ...))))
  • Victoria for Dmitri Sychev
  • But I am indifferent to football ... and in general that you stuck to the man? But his work is such a + a lot of fun to play football ... and you are such a noise organizing a ... I just really funny to look at you, you look at Dmitri Sychev as ?????? and Bogatova football ... and not as a person ... And what pleases me most is how you rush to where people do not sit, even information about it) Heh, you are pathetic ... It's disgusting to even look!
  • Dasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, Russia show that you are a good player! Let the whole team will show what it means to our beloved Russia! After all, you are representing our country!
  • Valerie for Dmitri Sychev
  • Super Dimochka tear them all! ty best!
  • daxa diesel for Dmitri Sychev
  • The most-most-best player in football on the planet! And not only the player but as a person ? the best! and who talks about his horrible to ...! Bunny !=)))) ??? in chetchku: -*
  • Alincha for Dmitri Sychev
  • I'm not interested in soccer, . but when I saw you, . Dimochka, . in my soul all perevernulos.Ya do not even know that with multi sluchilos.No when I look at your picture, . I know that we can not be vmeste.No you'd know, . I rejoice, . looking at your sparkling eyes, . that you are all very horosho.S your love Alina!,
  • Kenny for Dmitri Sychev
  • Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! Russia! Next! Sychev! I believe in you! You're doing fine, besides handsome! If something is too soon - will triple root for you at the Euro ! :-))
  • Tanichka and Arinochka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima simply SUPER! Dima just a class! And who does not like to get straight in the eye!
  • Tanichka and Arinochka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima simply SUPER! Dima just a class! And who does not like to get straight in the eye!
  • Katya for Dmitri Sychev
  • hi bob. I want to meet you. you're very nice
  • Sychev, Jr. for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIM, remained just what you are, your game simply bewitching, YOU greatest players and smaller TRAM AT THE FIELD YOU !
  • FOOT Jack FOOTBALL for Dmitri Sychev
  • EURO FOR COMMENTS Dwarf? Do not disgrace, my brother PYATIKLASHKA And it is reasonable WHAT YOU ALL together. OUR TEAM ???? and Swedes WE Beat!
  • DIMA SYCHOU for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi everyone, I love you all, I. .. OH, your mother, CAN NOT Append, HA HA HA HA !
  • Assozel for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimulya you certainly simpotichnyyi good player. But Roman Pavlyuchenko for mneya ideal.a so my sister comes down on you crazy. if you saw her she would you like ponravilasyumy with her inveterate bolelschitsy.my believe in you
  • marynia1 for Dmitri Sychev
  • I would like to chat with you. I like you, I watch all the games with your participation in 2002. I remember your tears in a match against Belgium in World Cup 2002. Write me. With love, Marina
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, let you call ...,( bad). I believe in you. Loc. my favorite team, I know that you did not bring her little head, and you Become a better. And of zbornoy Russia. You bring all the luck. Your path to football is not easy, but you and him came, not a subspecies of us please, and know that for me you are a champion, victory will follow you. I believe in you, Dima!
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • Loko I love you, Sychev Score a big head and everything will be OK. I believe in you
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • You Set Dog Show, I believe in you. Dima you are the best team on earth. I love you all. RUSSIA CHAMPION. DIMA you are a champion.
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • If Goossen Hiding will not put you in the next match, I strangle him. Why is it so yesterday I reviewed the entire match, and you invisible. Why did you not replying??
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dima. Russia yesterday so obloposhila Holland, you are a very strong team, after this game I started to love football more. It was just amazing. We yesterday was graduation day, but I still watched the match. Goossen Hiding, vsetaki let you, but in the end, sorry that you did not manage to score another goal, but nothing. Of course if he had let out early then it all could happen. While the whole! Dimochka ....
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, I certainly do not want to join all your loving fan, but I do not know why already more than 2 weeks you dream of me, I will not say more, well, generally on the football field. Leave if you want of course your email address.
  • Anya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimul a pity that EURO2008 you very little to participate in the game. For you, running around the field, I would like to see more!
  • Gallery Administrator Luff Sychev and Pavlyuchenko for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you're the best ......... yes you all the best answer ..... write .... very Luff football ... and the game itself is in it ... in short ... write wait. . skakalka94@mail.ru .... and still give one's entire team .... smack on the cheek ...
  • Girl for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi! Dima if you read this message then write to me. I think you are an interesting person and therefore want to communicate. Do not think that I'm one of your female fans and is ready for you to the ends of the world, no. I just want to chat! Bye!
  • Anuta for Dmitri Sychev
  • u tebya est devushka? ti super !
  • Anastasia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello vsem.Mne strongly dislike, . what happens to most girls! Namely, . I do not understand how you can fall so low and so painful, . that Bosko no other thoughts except: "I love you Dima!" or: "I'm selling soul to the devil for the night with Sychev!." What nonsense! Look around, . how many fine young men walking near, . and your choice stopped on such wretchedness! Well look at it, how can like a guy who changes his hair color and hair on the mood! Yes, . he, . maybe, . trains each day, . but the main muscle workouts, . apparently does not bother yourself! And as for, . that girl needs Sychou level MGIMO-nonsense! If Sychev and need a girl, . a dull and ???????, . that did not trouble his head painted intelligent conversation! In general, . dear girl, . should strive, . to this very Cychev pushed in the queue, . to take your autograph, . not vice versa!,
  • Anna for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima actually that is a girl. Her name is Kate, she was 24 years, such as ... So. Not fate of us, virgin. Not fate ...
  • Tanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Girls! Read comments and was horrified! In every second - >ot;
    (right after all "cute"), "invisible", "dream of"; devyatiklassnitsy please wait for her and not "zhinitsya ... Well if you're not sure of the spelling of the word, the dictionary, look in the end!:) And another thing: these 2 lots - one says "Dima most ??????? ofigenno and running, the other - that he had no one to call him any way ... The strangest thing that all this is written by 100 times with no response! But you can not footballers be judged by looking or not he runs across the field. Yes, very nice, yes, class player - but you give nothing new to say, he is many, many times heard, as professionals, capable of truly accurate assessment of the game, with you there ... And those who criticize, the council - you first Achieve at least a small part of what made Sychev, and then speak up. You do not know him personally - where such hatred? More like jealousy ... In general, all the luck:) and does not suffer nonsense!:)
  • AlInOchKa! for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka! YOU ARE SUPER! I always loved you, . I love and will love! YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! ALL, . Who does not love you let them go in the. GTC! ALTHOUGH .. They just envy you! For you the coolest, . STRENGTHS AND VERY BEAUTIFUL BOY IN THE WORLD! In my town, . Everyone who does not love you I SAY ABOUT YOU BAD, . GIVEN the snout! I will not SUCH, . That someone said something about you BAD! I did not love so, . HOW YOU! AND NEVER WILL LOVE! I really want to see you! REPEAT: YOU ARE THE BEST, . MOST BEAUTIFUL! AND I JUST VERY VERY VERY LOVE YOU!,
  • Zhenya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Lord, well and comments here at devchenok ... I'm shocked =) Why is the writing?))) Dmitry, you're super =) good luck!
  • Dasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dima.Davay friends
  • divelle for Dmitri Sychev
  • One can not understand, you actually met with him to build a friendship, love, let the family through this site ?:))))))))))))
  • Mula for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitry, Thank you for having us raduee its igroy.Prodolzhayte in the same duhe.Udachi!
  • CPMP for Dmitri Sychev
  • mapaap
  • Elia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Progress is being made? He said?
  • ???? for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimachka! I love you very had very much love! Watching your game since 2002! You're the strong, courageous player. I.. You're very handsome guy, I just strongly love you))))
  • Vasilisa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Doooo girls ... even write "I want you to be her husband and two children accompanied ... Yes you are crazy poshodili! Yes, I really like it too as a player, he's handsome and all that. But it is light here is not crazy! His vanity, of course, they cater to your cries, but no more. It was the case I myself sobbing into the pillow, "Well Th for garbage, why did not I" and this and that. And who was better? Let me guys are hung and I'm not on them) I have a beautiful bastard, to)) And most importantly intelligent to the extent that more than a celebrity does not fall in love .... Well, let's say, he is your guy and what's next? What do you want something from him? His celebrity? Money? Appearance? or that - something like "Ooooh, he was just so close!" Well before. Sure. It is simply bigotry. KILLED fanaticism. And he, I think, need a girl that he will understand, appreciate, after I discovered that he like. And not the picture in the magazine ... How can you judge a man not knowing his personality? I might be in love with him if she knew would personally. as human. But with the same success I can fall in love and in homeless Vasya, and run on garbage "Vasenka, beloved, be with me". For in love does not matter either of the above money, appearance, etc.. And only the sincerity and honesty. Do)
  • NaFYufKa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimka samyyyyyy super-duper Is HHHH
    ! !
  • vikucha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you just super. I watch football just because of you. You just klasssssssssss !
  • electric barbarella for Dmitri Sychev
  • start neighing with comments, thank you), the authors apparently have not yet crossed the 12-year abroad), girls, your mom does not approve of what you are willing to give adults and even unknown to the peasant)'s because of people like you, cheerleaders loco dubbed Sychovka. I have long believed that these really exist until they came here and not convinced of this. sad. believe in love on the internet? naive), create a clone of Dima in contact with and marry him, you feel better) good morning)
  • LAPAchka for Dmitri Sychev
  • WMS enough poor uncle fester! Th you think that he will answer each? If he comes here and then, sure, he has time to answer each Pts Preoce little! out would be better Bilyaletdinov (do not know how to correctly) also wrote .... Then another and children go ... not only personal data ... Dimka, sympathizing with me! And respect ogromenny! Chmak all
  • mery for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you throw this show business, enough to hang out! Time to show the real football! You are mozhesh.udachi!
  • meri for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, good games for you, lots of heads!
  • Tanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • hello my friend Masha from thee madness she wants to meet with you! you'll be in Moscow, then call this number 89067796141
  • olga for Dmitri Sychev
  • Well done, keep so!
  • Manyasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • who knows the number asi Dima please contact sot.89049811951 Asya 428709788 and 495532648 or fantik951@ya.ru lapulya239@rambler.ru Dimochka and if you read this write me please
  • Curly for Dmitri Sychev
  • I ?? you (as a football player) and would like to better poznakotsya
  • Mermaid for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you do not tell us when you have plans to start a happy family, very interesting to know! Thanks.
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Loko. as you all things. Say hello Sychev, I want to say that he is the best football player, and most nicer. And also to convey greetings Bilyaletdinov, Torbinsky and generally throughout Lokomativu! You are the best guys !
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • I'm really looking forward to play when lokomativ and I can see on the field Sychev. That such things!
  • Kate for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're the best! This is like talking to you in Always)))) We'll meet with you in Moscow))) I wish you and the team wins !)))) smack
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • Today uvas had more chances to defeat Spartacus. Dmitri Sychev Set a good pass and Bilyaletdinov ??? scored, and Sychev scored a stunning goal, it must be seen. In general, you should know that even if you lose and we do not turn away from you, as fans SPARTAKA Set! SYCHOU FOREVER!
  • Number 1 for Dmitri Sychev
  • Devchenki now read your sooi I feel sorry for you, because he already has a girlfriend! Now let's see if this matter comes before the wedding. Well, I'll give you advice, find another idol!
  • *! KsyuNe4ka! * for Dmitri Sychev
  • ta, which is not .... at first to see who else is a boa constrictor! Dima best and if you do not like that then fell in the other side neher write any shit !
  • MaShuLKa for Dmitri Sychev
  • soup and cutlets with potato pyure.Znaesh seems to me that we have with you and the characters pohozhi.Dimul if you will have free time please write me I would be happy to talk with you! my number is 89067796141 and my Asya 446818654.YA'll wait) ))),
  • AAS for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sychou of football as a dancer Pugacheva ! Ie he shit though like he reads my podruzhke.Nadeyus eto.Izveni but the truth is who should skazatARShAVIN THIS ,.... these players learn ..... ..
  • *! KsyuNe4ka! * for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima luck at the match Loko-Zenit! Tear you all! PS: And Th Pugacheva as a dancer is even anything:)))
  • Dashusya !!!!!!!!!! for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you super class you are the best ! I love you ! love you tear all I believe in you! ! you better Arshavin ! locomotive breaks zenith ! I do know for
  • Kit for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimka you're super! You are very beautiful and a great game))))
  • Nusya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima you are the best! And you'll get a great success. Good luck to you all, and tear all your rivals.
  • And LENUSYA NIGUSYA for Dmitri Sychev
  • dimulya hello! you the coolest dude! we all love you! Novosib.: 0)
  • Yulik-Mulik for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimka Pts prof.futbolist) Girls, . Pts had a beautiful face and body, . but you did not you know, . that in him and what he had in life) I've read his blog, . he's so funny)) a lot of jokes) Respect to him) Oh, . sorry, . I'm not one of those, . who can touch the stars and not get burned ((Good luck to him with his chosen one) Pts want him to be happy!,
  • Katyusha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dima! Write to me at my e-mail: katyshok.ru.90 @ mail.ru, and write all ????'s talk !=))
  • Katia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Korshak IV for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dmitry, . We brought you from Omsk replacement, . him zavut Sasha him 7 years, . from now engaged in Lokomative, . has an excellent technique, . He scores a lot (396 goals 2goda classes) now he fills 208raz, . change you rostet, . You want success and goals!,
  • Smertyuga for Dmitri Sychev
  • UEFA not clear to you, OH MY !
  • N555 for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitri Sychev not property, . he-man. A declaration of love is known only blonde with brains in a matchbox. I do not like when they say: he is my, . love him. You do not know him personally, . We all see it on the field, . but in real life who knows what he really is. If you everywhere and all, . even Sychou talk, . that they say you're so good, . beautiful, . Sugar, . you - mine. Then if he does not want to and communicate with you. Think of Mr. fig him such, . latch then not unhook!,
  • Beauty for Dmitri Sychev
  • you are idiot Th privezalis to man, he is already tired of you! and the star he was only on the screen! be it a simple guy nafig it you would need!
  • Beauty for Dmitri Sychev
  • way, he does not read these messages! nafig you just the girls he wanted! Princess Give it ! 1
  • Beauty for Dmitri Sychev
  • He does not read these messages! him Princess Give! interesting as it is generally said to someone?
  • Ljerka loco for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sych, super! And it does not matter that the CSK, we do not win .. anyway we are the best! Just not lucky ((well in the match with Nalchik we obyazatalno should win! I believe in it! Dimka, Pts Khotsa chat with you )) write, if that)) will be friends))
  • Lerka_krasotka! for Dmitri Sychev
  • He said komu_nibud in general?
  • SyChenyShSh for Dmitri Sychev
  • ????? you have me, kids. Well, I still will not answer ... I do-that is, the girl whom I love very much, her name is Lena. She is very good. so stop bothering me. all the best.
  • Helen Zavjalova for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka Sychev is the best I am very Lulu ..... Dimasya super Burn You are the MOST OTHER A D. .... tmog tmog you
  • Katia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima I just losing my scrip for you, Dima get well soon "Lokomotiv" without you "locomotive"
  • Tanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka! you simply wonderful! I'd like to meet you and chat! If possible I hope that you answer! Expect from you the answer!
  • 489411370 ASI _NOMER 365188201_ESCHE ISSUE for Dmitri Sychev
  • Natasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you are the very best ! I adore you !
  • Natasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you are the best, most likeable guy in the world ! I cha LUBLU ! 1
  • N @ @ Dechko for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimasya ty just Zaya ! ! I cha Lyuyuyuyublyu sina sina sina! We name the whole room hung with posters only yours ............. I get up in the morning with only the thought of you ............. and I go to bed with the same ....... nacherkay me even one word! with Love! Nadechka! I'll wait!
  • GOGI for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitri Sychev Loch! Prokopenko-BEST ! UUUUUUUUUUUUuuaaaaAAAAAAAAA
  • Olesya ... for Dmitri Sychev
  • I like how you play really want your child's photograph) if that'll write my Asya 427608355:)
  • Jan for Dmitri Sychev
  • I am a huge fan, If you read something ogrrromneyshy hello;) ??
  • Vika for Dmitri Sychev
  • Welcome to Dimon. You're the best footballer in the world.
  • Taska 11 for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello everybody! Dim you can and read this and maybe net .... I'm not going to say that I love thee, . you said it to many, . huge thanks to you that, . you happy about us playing each of its, . you are very talented, . more victories to you ... We love you very much ...... Stay still Ibid,
  • Elena for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka-you're the best! I want you! Call 89517120104. will wait!
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Taska for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dima! Maybe you and prochtesh that we'll write and maybe not ...... Senya 26.10.08's your birthday .... All the fans congratulate you ..... uh .... ... well, you would like to wish all the best ......., . Main health, . great love, . happiness, . many many victories, . and so that your career was moving farther and farther away .............. We love you very, . Thank you great that you're happy about his playing us ...... You're a very talented player. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !,
  • Jan for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dima! I would like to talk with you, you I like you very cool! Please answer me, I'll wait!
  • Jan for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dima! you're very cool guy, would like to chat with you. Answer: Please'll wait. kiss and hug!
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • THE BEST for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima ! You're the best! I say this, the man who knows that better than me there.
  • FCSM for Dmitri Sychev
  • You Sychev Ida threw Spartacus as condom!
  • Ksyusha for Dmitri Sychev
  • bob hello I Ksyusha, from your hometown omska.ty let's often scored slaughter, and then relax!
  • Tanya Sychev for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dear Dimochka - you're a great player, best player of the locomotive! Continue to play well in the same spirit!
  • TEma for Dmitri Sychev
  • CYCHEV best, Loko CHAMPIONS ! ! !
  • Bilyash for Dmitri Sychev
  • Girls do not argue ... Dima is already occupied, . for he marries Natasha Maskevich ... they are for a year together ... and you did not know?? be read on his site ... so you girls pripozdnilis Maaleh ... and do not need to go into private life, . in its sort things out ... like read the book ... "turnip" for example ...,
  • Svetunya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Yes ... ... read da.Ya valid, he had a romance with Natashey.Ne know what this will evolve, not in the course they all gravely Bilyaletdinov like not going to get married, it seems he does with his broody rasstalsya.Nikto not know?
  • Brunette for Dmitri Sychev
  • Diniyar not parted, but this mymra infuriates me ! ! or is it broke? "People write who he knows.
  • Tonya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, I myself play football, I'm sick of the locomotive ! you are my only idol, did not disappoint me, you are to me is only important in sports! In general, you are great FOOTBALL PLAYERS !
  • yuli4ka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka SUPER ! I adore
  • AK Bars for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIMA YOU world's best footballers.
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • he is the best, I adored him. I never missed one game with him.
  • Lena for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dima, you are great futbolist.Hotelos be with you poobschatsya.f-lena93 @ ramber.ru
  • Nike for Dmitri Sychev
  • Yes Th fools like you all write and write, as if he is reading
  • Julia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Mitri, you are the best footballer in the world. I do ?? !
  • :) for Dmitri Sychev
  • Baba, you idiot! Lol. Listen to yourself! In the real world Millions of guys as good as your "Dimochka, Dovoyte improve the demographic situation in the country, and not stare at the screen image.
  • Footballkid_11 for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimasty better Seh! If someone does not like it, then okay: I will get more =))
  • Maria for Dmitri Sychev
  • I love Dimulya! class footballer, but because of him I love Loko!
  • Gallery Administrator for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dmitri Sychev! I'll ??. You're the best. You're fun to play football. I look at you and think who you are so you get (or got).
  • Disney for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima you are a wonderful person, great player and generally the most Kulnev in the world:) And you have a good friend Diniyar Bilyaletdinov:) you're just super :)! Your Disneychik:)
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dima, I love you so much you just klass.Otvet to me at 1 edinstenny the question you are in contact and what is your id ask skazhi.Spasibo you in advance.
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Devchenki, I too like you're a fan of Sychev, but you must understand him like we have millions! Listen to yourself! He is like a star, he had not'll last! indeed, not to suffer! I wish you all good luck and find real love!
  • Lilya for Dmitri Sychev
  • hello))) I can not say, . that football fan, . just once I saw you on TV, . . I myself aspiring TV presenter, . and work in their city at the local televidenii.Mne would very much like to talk to toboy.I I'm not one of those abnormal poklonnits.Esli will be little time and desire, . Write me on icq 409-773-666 or Email lil9412@yandex.ru,
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • ANKA for Dmitri Sychev
  • I just love Dmitri Sychev and general football ! as possible in touch with you? If you can answer.
  • Elena for Dmitri Sychev
  • I am proud that you are my countryman, always get sick of you, zabevay goals, it turns out you ???! the success of your team.
  • Tanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • you just bunting
  • NATASHA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Lenka for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're super ! The best football player!
  • NASTYUFFFKA for Dmitri Sychev
  • CFGH for Dmitri Sychev
  • Privat! I nihochu or anything to speak of this as the rest I do not even get sick or for the locomotive and for Spartak, I get sick for CSKA, and I just love your game ! ! I myself play football and I like it turns out!
  • Victoria Iron chyzg for Dmitri Sychev
  • ////
    .......... And Dmitry, . SORRY forgot MIDDLE, . JUST ?????? / \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \,
  • Victoria Iron chyzg for Dmitri Sychev
  • \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Sorry I did not finish like to say that Dima just ??????, . I saw him in the St.Petersburg metro \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \,
  • PRINCESS for Dmitri Sychev
  • I started watching football since 2002., With the World Cup. Thanks to you I learned what it is! Thank you! I'm sick FOR YOU !:)
  • Kirill for Dmitri Sychev
  • you're super!
  • Katya for Dmitri Sychev
  • ! ! ! ! DIMASYA-YOU SUPER! SUCCESS TO YOU IN EVERYTHING! Dimka Let's be friends (358833636-ICQ)
  • Sasha Nechaev ??? for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sami, you fools, I am glamorous scum and authority Sashka Nechaev! I love him! "He is my, . and only mine! That's how! I Swiecko lion, I'll burn with Dimas Sychev in the fire of our passions! We are made for each other! That's how! Remember all, . I Sashka, . Sasha Nechaev! ????????!,
  • Dima for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sychev you ???? prsto super naschet like you to give me an email and password and I tozhe zavut DIMA and the name of Hrustavoy Sochirca I hope das email
  • Sasha Nechaev ??? for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sami, you fools, I am glamorous scum and authority Sashka Nechaev! I love him! "He is my, . and only mine! That's how! I Swiecko lion, I'll burn with Dimas Sychev in the fire of our passions! We are made for each other! That's how! Remember all, . I Sashka, . Sasha Nechaev! ????????!,
  • Dima for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima is my email Sokirka_1998 and password 160898 and write to me let's be friends is in Miro agent
  • Sveta for Dmitri Sychev
  • For mneya Arshavin BETTER !
  • Dima for Dmitri Sychev
  • Andrian for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hasan for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sychev best player of the world
  • REGINA for Dmitri Sychev
  • watching football a long time, years 5 already. Not skoyu that Sychev favorite football player, always perezhivayu.Ty fellow! We all love you! My mother even began to watch football with me! Always glad for the victory! yet! Good luck!
  • Ilya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima you are my idol you are in sleduyshem season slaughter more luck
  • Sanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're cool I'll uvozhayu will takoyzhe like you!
  • Sanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • light go on x *************!
  • Julia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim know that I love you! LOVE! LOVE! Most of all !
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Gela for Dmitri Sychev
  • you're just super! I adore you!))) you have a great game)) here's my number: 02) call me! Here is my address: d Gadyukino, per.Nechistoy Force 13, house 666. write letters, I'll wait, look)))
  • Reid for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you're the best I love you! You're the coolest footballer.
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • YOU ??
  • Christine for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitri is the best football player! After seeing him, he immediately began to watch "his football." Dmitri Sychev - THE BEST!
  • Christine for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka, you're the best, most beautiful, most intelligent! Never met a handsome man than you! I love you so much! Good luck!
  • Roman for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitry! You are a great football player, not only Russia but also in Europe! Appliances amazing! Brilliant game! Many of your fans think, and not without reason, . that you have long deserved the prize Golden Ball! Excuse, . please for the audacity, . and you can get from you, . the ball with your photographer? with respect, . your fan,
  • Sanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • without a name you piece of shit. Sychev and steep
  • Emily for Dmitri Sychev
  • Surely you all so stupid and think that Dmitri is to read everything and still telefonchik your write, and you can meet him yet nznachite ????? idiots .....
  • Irishka for Dmitri Sychev
  • )))))))))))))))))))) and all it's interesting ............... who is right ??????
  • Diana for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka Sychev is the best and most beautiful, as well as a great footballer. Very nice guy, just super!
  • Ksyusha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello! And you have children ????????????
  • Rasilya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you very-very! I adore you! You're the best football player! Please reply if you can! Will be very glad))) kiss !
  • Rasilya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka, you're the best! Adore you, your game! Please reply if you can! Will be very happy!
  • jen for Dmitri Sychev
  • how can I contact you want to meet you
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • pozitiffnaya for Dmitri Sychev
  • YES, Dima cool! If the girls like it, then vac sexygirl and sychenysh without regard to what you finally work! not need to write about what it has got the fans! Sit and Drach.. on the screen! YOU SHEEP very real! Girls write Sychev and pleasant to him and have hope that he will answer! A ?? SYCHOU OR NOT TO BE OR NOT YOU DECIDE! Fans! only believe in the reality! Believe me around, too many cool guys! UDACHKI ALL :))))
  • pozitiffnaya for Dmitri Sychev
  • JULIA for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIMA, in Chita ???? LIVES HIS 14 YEARS. They call it too DIMA SYCHEV.ON played football for locomotive. OVERLAP!
  • Valentine for Dmitri Sychev
  • Lokomotiv super! Dimochka and Diniyar you MORE, MORE !
  • Ksyunka for Dmitri Sychev
  • LOCOMOTIVE-very cool soccer team! A Dimulichka Sychev and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov = very ... very cool ...., . beautiful .... I'm short on you crazy! Dimochka and Diniyar, . I love you Lu-... and kiss on both cheeks !))) I LOVE you !=* (Ksushka9508@inbox.ru) ... even if just to talk!,
  • Ksyunka for Dmitri Sychev
  • And I, too, with Omsk ..... also with Chkalovsk )))))
  • Julia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim, you had excellent season in 2008 )))))))))
  • Lech for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimon you the best ! who would not say that! !
  • Lech for Dmitri Sychev
  • podkin a numbered tag ????
  • Katia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, but you can really find out your personal site?
  • Katechka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you can actually TELL YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE?? My sayt-Romanova_8508@mail.ru. I had been watching football with your participation!
  • Eugene 17l. for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dima! Not going to write high-sounding words, . like "I love you", . "To live without you I can not" (Kaka others do it)! Just want to say, . that thanks to you was watching football! Now I'm just delirious im.Hochu wish you a great career in football, . and quickly found his second polovinku.I remember that you did, . lest you should say you always will love,
    . And in my heart will always live love for football and for you!
  • N @ t @ lI for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitry know how to do what is best to play and score, do not lose self-confidence in yourself and everything will be as you want. We cheer for the locomotive and for you ... Good luck)))
  • Alex for Dmitri Sychev
  • like normal from the outside, who knows. : D
  • Nastya for Dmitri Sychev
  • I ?? Dimochka Sychev
  • Infinity for Dmitri Sychev
  • People, . Girls! mad poshodili .. Judging by letters, . age girls do not exceed 14 years. Girls, . nice, . dear! Wake up ... it is absolutely trivial, . appearance, too, are there in your city is not blue-eyed blonde, . Although you do not understand, . realny Does this hair color Sychev .)))) His energetically promoting, . ua help in this personal stylists,
    . Look at him at the age of 17 years!?? Usual, the average Russian man ... such mnogo.Ne become victims of what inspires you SMI.vY do not KNOW him as a man! I agree with those girls who is written. I am sure that your love somewhere ryadom.A Sychev certainly not at all enough!
  • Del Piero for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIMA! you are the best! my father works on the railway and supports Loko! I followed his example! Now, even when Loko proigravalo I am still rooting for you! rather than the euro have released 5 minutes before the end of the game and you have not been able Set! is not fair! your a fan of Ivan Zagarsky! spasobo for everything!,
  • Larissa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka, you're the best!
  • Vladlen for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, I adore you)))) I know not surprised! but really! when you go out on the field, I expressly bloom) I love you very much), write!
  • TATKO for Dmitri Sychev
  • And I think that your SYCHOU NOT EVEN ?????????, he did LIKELY to some proteins (especially on the first pictures with the ball). But to recognize in love man who does not KNOW YOUR PHONE leaves him, please call - this is at least NON ORIGINAL. USUALLY CELEBRITIES never cared YOUR LIFE with fans. So, guys, today is not your day. And anyway ... Be ill for CSKA!
  • Gena for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you are so sexy, you have such a beautiful body. It is difficult to admit this, but I WANT you!
  • MARINA for Dmitri Sychev
  • MARINA for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIETER for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello OG, how are things, I wish you to make Spartacus, TSSKCH And play in this and subsequent years in the Champions League!
  • dim23 for Dmitri Sychev
  • cool play
  • Ferby for Dmitri Sychev
  • I read, and wonder! Well devchenki write to him, but the boys! "Nowhere else had ever seen!" That is really funny!
  • Masha for Dmitri Sychev
  • you are a man for whom I was ready for people coming to the Tulu not regret it .......
  • Enyusha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Girls! Enough to ask Dima to leave your phone! Well clearly the case will not leave! Give it a rest! He is also a man whose own personal life! We have it pulled up! I also love it. but neither do what I can not, in Moscow is to go to him! In general, be ill for Sychev, for Loko .... and do not bother Dimka!
  • Blonde in chocolate for Dmitri Sychev
  • And I want to say that your Dimka no more than ????????? lecher!
  • Ferby for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dechenki, but he did not leave your phone does not come to Tula .... he did not even read it.
  • Natalie for Dmitri Sychev
  • ex c. play
  • Natasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimon Hi Rodolfo
  • Nastyona for Dmitri Sychev
  • Even if he does not read, let others know that he is the luchshiy.Zhelayu Dime success in football and in his personal life.
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • hello bob! you Tokoy cool, I really like how you play.
  • Lelka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitri remarkable athlete !
  • vikuska for Dmitri Sychev
  • My boyfriend loves you and I, too )))))))
  • Dmitry for Dmitri Sychev
  • All greetings! Accidentally looked into this chat and there so many records of course thanks and I am very happy but I can not sit and answer you!
  • ALENA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Fanatochka for Dmitri Sychev
  • hello. You ??? play just super. and the whole team just crazy
  • guldaniya for Dmitri Sychev
  • DIMA-the best, Diniyar-fellow!
  • Julia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dima! ty my best Ljubisa player! I love hm! and tee vasche fun playing! ty clever! let correspond??
  • GOTKA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello ! You're the most beautiful ! 1 I wish udachki ..... Forward. Respect.
  • GOTKA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Katia for Dmitri Sychev
  • I'm your best fonatka I love you you're the best footballer in the world
  • Katerina for Dmitri Sychev
  • I try to watch all the matches between working and studying excellent igraesh.No you do not have to turn up their noses, just deloy that you know how to perfectly. Sorry for that remark. Always say what I think though I understand that life sometimes interferes. I hope that you letter prochtesh. you just fellow. hope to answer.
  • anyusya for Dmitri Sychev
  • you are the luchshiy.luchshe you better than anyone in the world was not and never will
  • Alina for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima you are the BEST FOOTBALL PLAYERS !
  • alenchik for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, you're super! you have a great game! people, respect and love Sychev! he class !
  • alenchik for Dmitri Sychev
  • I fell in love !
  • Sychev Olenka'DiMa the best'Chaynikova for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim, you're beautiful! true!)
  • Sanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dovno am following your game and yes Dmitry playing Lokomativa too, and can not stop marveling at your best driblengu in Russia!
  • Aizhan for Dmitri Sychev
  • You Dimka SUPER football we love you want success, we believe in you
  • Irishka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima certainly a good and talented player, but it should not be overestimated.
  • ellik for Dmitri Sychev
  • Listen, well, LOL, reading your endless correspondence. You'd better case some useful took up)
  • Alinka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima is the best ))))
  • lbishka @ @ for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimka Sychev ???-best :-)
  • Olga Parish for Dmitri Sychev
  • horror of some! I would place Sychev home afraid to go after these comments here (you still my ") horror some interests, . these girls love to stupor Football, . itself, . love? or just Sychev in football? Hold, . Dmitry, . they are so easy you will not leave .)))) And good luck in the new season,
  • LarIsO4Ka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello! Very cool! My mother and your mother worked together! In SU Bank on Mayakovsky can you remember? But my mom remembers you very well! And says, . that you were a little cool! And what about your mom, . Dad?? Your father is still the coach work?? Can answer me ??! Write on ICQ 471539293 or on the box evg7823@yandex.ru! Mom and dad a big hello pass it!,
  • realist for Dmitri Sychev
  • Girls, do you really think that he was then reads from these stupid messages! certainly he and about this website does not know .......
  • Maroussia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimul, we would have scored more beautiful ! Oh try! Rejoice devchenok! Smack-smack!
  • Angelica for Dmitri Sychev
  • A realist, I agree with toboy.Nu owl really beautiful, but it does not mean you need to forget about all the kids in the world and think only about syche! This is very stupid, all these Alinki, Maruska, etc.. uma.Ostavlyayut descended from their rooms and think about Dima and waiting for him zvonka.Naivnyeeee ....... Oh wait, and pomrete.A we poklonitsy owl, he does not need! nafig Then we need him? Let with their 63 lights boyfriend !
  • Daria for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you can write your email if you have either your address or teleofn, and where you can find your songs?
  • Oksana for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimulechka you're just super, hare ))))))) ??? a Honey)) Let's be friends))
  • Galya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima you do not like vse.Ty best.
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dima! I know that you do not answer it in full course! But still you're the best player)))) Good luck !
  • Anya for Dmitri Sychev
  • SYCHOU YOU MY ! ! ! CLEARLY ????
    ! ????

  • Rada for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmytro you a great football player, handsome, clever), CD), I think you are very good people, good) I'd love to chat)
  • Rock for Dmitri Sychev
  • Who wants to pogvorit Sychev write me on icq 436-917-045
  • katyunchik for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka Sychev)) I adore thee)) I love most of all: -*
  • Uzz for Dmitri Sychev
  • If Sychev will leave football, football will benefit! Just make space for a really talented guy!
  • Dasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka thou SUPER football! Cool guy! Good luck!
  • Nadia (EUR) for Dmitri Sychev
  • The best team - it is our locomotive ! ! I love Loko! Dmitry, I want to wish you all the very best!
  • ANYUTO444KA )))))))) CRAZ_Z_Z_Y ))))) for Dmitri Sychev
  • HELLO TO ALL ))))))) I am very fond of football, and STILL MORE I LIKE THE BEST IN THE WORLD FOOTBALL PLAYERS Dmitri Sychev ))))))))) And I can not imagine what will happen in ??????? Football without DMITRI)))) GOOD LUCK TO ALL )))))) ))))))))))
  • ANYUTO444KA )))))))) CRAZ_Z_Z_Y ))))) for Dmitri Sychev
  • DMITRI, b if you can, ANSWERS PLEASE ))))))))))))))))))=*=*=*=*
  • Rita for Dmitri Sychev
  • you super
  • Regina for Dmitri Sychev
  • The most cool and talented footballer
  • ALENA for Dmitri Sychev
  • FOOTBALL PLAYERS for Dmitri Sychev
  • FIND SYCHOU IN MAIL TO "MY WORLD" He rarely BUT been there for him AGENT OTVEChAET.Tam not only Dima, but Zhirkov (for those who do not know)
  • Christine for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you super ! I taschyus from you! ;) I love football, especially as you play!
  • lily for Dmitri Sychev
  • you are very cool player, creative successes and achievements to you in your career you super ! :):):)
  • Tanya 25 for Dmitri Sychev
  • you are the most handsome footballer Russia
  • Marina for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're the best, I adore you !
  • ALINA for Dmitri Sychev
  • HELLO ! YOU ARE THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYERS ! contact me at ICQ: 492421041
  • Nastyona for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dima .... you are very cool, nice, interesting .... I like you you are! as a person and football player! Keep it up ..... you're the best!
  • Katia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima hello! I am writing you from Irkutsk. I like you very much. It would like to meet you but I know that it is not possible. you're the best.
  • ANYUTO444KA )))))))) CRAZ_Z_Z_Y ))))) for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitry, write to me at least something on my Asya please 436-919-005 )))))))) )))))
  • Inessa for Dmitri Sychev
  • girl for Dmitri Sychev
  • ty cool football
  • Aird for Dmitri Sychev
  • s a s a s a
  • Angelinka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka you are the best ! I really want to meet you: *)
  • Ultras FCLM for Dmitri Sychev
  • OMG, . girls, . I feel sorry for you XD you really have nothing to do?))) Life goes by, . and you're on the cute mug strangers uncles suffer) Whether there all the small children and stupid, . whether we have a contingent of female half of Russia's population))) Sychev, I have already forgotten how to hit the ball,
    . Although a pancake Th-then put into the field. Let him back in Sraptak pussy
  • Marinka for Dmitri Sychev
  • And the beautiful and talented ......... really worthy classroom devchenki =)) good luck with that =))
  • Katia for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're very, very lu4shy Forvord )))))))) Loco-super)))
  • alena for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitri Sychev play as well as in the past you super from Shemetova Jury
  • Elissar for Dmitri Sychev
  • Plague HERE so hot on these PUPORYLSKIH COMMENTS Dima bad plays in futbl he became old ugly dalboebom all I can say
  • Nastya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Say hello to Dima Torbinski
  • Victoria for Dmitri Sychev
  • yah .. Sychev fag _
  • Elissar for Dmitri Sychev
  • schaz convey how old you darling
  • Madeleine for Dmitri Sychev
  • hello shladky I love you I Kaspiysk
  • Julia for Dmitri Sychev
  • whether this is what you
  • Kiska for Dmitri Sychev
  • You than all the patients that there ????????? Every garbage pishite.Vse is YOUR SYCHOU will not read it ! And even if it reads, then ?? send!
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • armani_emporio@inbox.ru - e-mail Dimochka Sychev! Divchenki, then try !
  • Vladislav for Dmitri Sychev
  • Diman, . you super, . please write your mail to kirpichev.vlad @ mail.ru, . I want to please their friends from the class, . she loves you ...!))) plizzz !)))) >)))
  • ala for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimka, you super sun, but the game is better ! Do you have a girlfriend?
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima you just Forever.kogda you go out on the field ????????????
  • Roma for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're the best player lokomativa =)
  • Lech for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimon you cool igraesh.ya your admirer!
  • Allochka for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimachka you're just super, I was 1 time for tvaey game Kuban and me on you crazy. I thought the fans Kuban enya for you kill
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • Tatiana for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello! Dimochka, and yet we're countrymen! Let's chat? I'd like!
  • Lada for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dimochka! only because of you was to watch football and do not miss a single match. You play just super! And anyway you're just a good man! My dream is to see you, although I know that it's just unreal! I Altai. Write to me, very much hope ..
  • Rem Chechen woman for Dmitri Sychev
  • bob you just super Throw me your email or phone. wait. 89286434163
  • Rem Chechen woman for Dmitri Sychev
  • hello bob how can you find why not otvechaesh Throw your number or address.
  • Anton for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello, I Dimon watching football for 7 years and sick of the locomotive you are the best, but in 2009 somehow did not play as well ranshe.Dima let Zabey more goals this zhoponogim nitwits, and become the best player RFPL. I will always be rooting for you ! You're super Dimon please call me 89232996895
  • Tanyuha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dmitri Sychev best ! ! 1
  • Tanyuha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello ! We're fellow countrymen, let's talk ! When you play for the national team ???????????????
  • Igor for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima when you begin to clog
  • Jan for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dim, collect, why are you so relaxed? I hope your career is going uphill, I believe in it, because of you might have become a great footballer, but at the moment, I'm sorry, you're not so happy ... good luck
  • Julia for Dmitri Sychev
  • hi
  • Alsou for Dmitri Sychev
  • you're a great football player good slaughter but not seen downtrodden ................... good luck
  • Eugenia for Dmitri Sychev
  • That's interesting, and Dima at least somebody here replied?
  • Katia for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi Dima, I just learned that the man whom I madly in love marries another ... why I am writing to you? simply no one more than all my friends now because tusyat Youth Day, even online nobody. I crawled on your site, I saw you and decided to share. I just do not understand why one does not stop the tears and in my head sounds a question "what am I doing wrong ?"....
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • But someone already tried to write to him at the soap? he is responsible?
  • Man who loved for Dmitri Sychev
  • PEOPLE! You ever think, . when all of this email, . huh?? "I want Dima", . "I want to have children from Dima", . "I love Dima, etc. Explain to me, . how can love a man, . not know more of him? Suddenly Sychev will narcissistic balvanom (if it is read Dmitry, . unlikely that, . no offense, . right), . who is obsessed with his glory, . eh?? Suddenly he turns babnikov (again, sorry), . from a girl who needs only one thing - sex, . huh?? Activities Or are you willing to have sex with a perfect stranger if only it was Sychev, . huh?? Then you can be called a prostitute, . with only one difference - you, no one will pay money for it ... I, . sure, . understand - Dmitry handsome man and a great football, . but this does not excuse him confess his love, etc.,
    . To, . to love a man, . to know it, . talk ... Dmitri! Now I obrayusch to you (if, . sure, . You'll read this, . I do not think). You, . like that, . when your female fans write this?? This fanaticism! And in the pogubnom its manifestation ... If you like, . ALL THIS, . you really narcissistic balvan (sorry) You are very good footballer, . I admit! I sincerely wish you success in your career and I ask you only one thing - not zaznovaytes, . ????! With best wishes, . man, . who loved you, . Dmitry,
  • Margot for Dmitri Sychev
  • I wish you good Dmitry zvorovya, and you'll get the rest of himself.
  • Daha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Girls, . You poooooolnye, . naive fools ! Think, . that Dmitry will read this, . and even if they will (which is unlikely to think !), . that he will answer you on?? That fools! What are you naive fools Ms. ! Now appeal to you personally, . Dmitry (if, . sure, . You'll read it, . I do not think !)! You like, . when you walk over the crowd and asked to poklonits telefonchik?? If, . yes, . I can tell you diaznoz - YOU ZAZVEZDILIS! Liu, . Dah! =))))),
  • Daha for Dmitri Sychev
  • PS If you offend Dmitri, then sorry, but .... Liu!
  • Andrew for Dmitri Sychev
  • you have Vkontakte? Give your id
  • ?? ?? ?? C ?? I ?? P ?? b ?? d ?? C_ ??? ?? n ?? j ?? Y ?? Y ?? C?? for Dmitri Sychev
  • ??? ?? b ?? E ?? e ?? d ?? a ?? b ?? S, ?? P ?? b ?? d ?? a ?? X ?? e ?? W ?? P ?? U ?? e ?? I ?? P ?? a ?? T ?? a ?? a ?? a ?? d ?? d ?? a ?? d ?? b ?? a ?? a ?? d ?? d ?? a ?? E ?? W ?? a ?? b ?? Y ?? Y ?? P ?? b ?? X ?? e ?? Y ?? d ! ! ?? I ?? P ?? b ?? b ?? a ?? k ?? k ?? k ?? k ?? k ?? k ?? k ?? k ?? k ?? b ?? k ?? k ?? k) ksyffka1@mail.ru
  • Firs for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dawa Diman visible to the medals Loko!
  • Darin for Dmitri Sychev
  • That's all so delightfully written! Just want to admire his game, . not his own! You do not even know it! Yes, . ??? cute, . but why divinize! And sorry for all players, . hockey ... They also breathe do not give these young profursetki! Another phone and ask! Naivnyak! So you and he wrote!,
  • Tanya for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hey Alina, have a rest ointment, he never yours will not, he's mine. Tanya
  • Kirill Danilov for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello Dmitry! I'm your fan, I am 12 years old, I want to chat with his idol! Please write me in ICQ! My yin 557563926
  • marmoset for Dmitri Sychev
  • Sychev with Ball, as a cow with a brick !
  • Ermolenko for Dmitri Sychev
  • You're a real honey, I love thee. at different current games you and Bill ! ! br>)
  • Daha for Dmitri Sychev
  • LYUD ! The question of life and death ! What a Sycheva wheelbarrow, body ????? Toning is ??????
  • Anonymous for Dmitri Sychev
  • dimusik, you are the best football player for me
  • 231119831 for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, . I'm not the most devoted fan of yours (so is your mother), . but I want, . that this message is not passed by your beautiful glaz.Ya wish you luck and success in life. guy asked me constantly, . I want to get on 30 September at his day rozhdeniya.U me two answers: either the children, . a meeting with toboy.I if the children and family, I will, . a meeting .... I'm waiting for it since 2002, . ~ What do you think I should continue to believe? "I hope to God and leave the room: 89099101367.Nastya.A fan of yours, . as I, . I wish more faith in you and support our team.,
  • GoLuBoGlAzKa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima as you and I can contact? Write! I am the youngest (probably) your poklonitsa))
  • Eugene for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima, we love you so love watching all matches with your participation we wish you quickly voiti Russia's national team
  • SYCHOU for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hands off! DIMULYA MY ! you first in the mirror posmotrite.i in the left cheek, but I can not kiss him!
  • val for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima Hello ! you are the best !
  • Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Dmitri Sychev
  • All greetings! Writing to you Oksana Bilyaletdinov) Hands off my friend Dimas! Dimka generally with Olga meets long!
  • Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Dmitri Sychev
  • Come away from it ALL! He was my friend actually found something! They are each other's love)
  • Marina for Dmitri Sychev
  • I fell in love
  • Ranai for Dmitri Sychev
  • Girls! Respect yourself
  • Larissa for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hello everyone! Dima, I wish you good luck and health.
  • Natasha for Dmitri Sychev
  • Incidentally, I also heard that Dima has a new girl, and her name is Olga! True ?????????????????
  • Margarita for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima-sample men ... courageous, well-groomed, attractive! I wish him success in everything! Dima, have time to get married while playing football and raduy female fans
  • Ulyanochka for Dmitri Sychev
  • I just love you and all
  • Yulchonok for Dmitri Sychev
  • you so Zaya !
  • Marinochka for Dmitri Sychev
  • C Natasha, I agree) he has another girl Olga
  • Lena for Dmitri Sychev
  • What is Olga?? He did not Balota accidentally found it ???????? creature as Surkov
  • Olga Sychev for Dmitri Sychev
  • Listen, "Helen", I'm Olga. That which you called "creature." So, do not go to you on ... If you all are in the swamp, it does not give you the right to offend all podryad.Ty just jealous, dull BITCH !
  • Vasilisa for Dmitri Sychev
  • agrees that it is a creature
  • Lena for Dmitri Sychev
  • Herself Knots Dwarf! Hate you .... Dimochka MY!
  • Olga Sychev for Dmitri Sychev
  • Listen, bitch dull! DIMULYA MY! I ??? do you love me or hate, Dima never yours WILL NOT ! Do you understand, EBLANSHA !
  • Olga Sychev for Dmitri Sychev
  • Vasilisa, go to hell, along with Lena !
  • Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Dmitri Sychev
  • YOU are tents swearing!
  • Dashunya;) for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima ochent talented! Sychev Sychev super-class! Nebylob Sychev ... nebylo to us! Dima ????!
  • Nikula for Dmitri Sychev
  • Alexander! for Dmitri Sychev
  • Alexander! for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dima Th I do? if I want to play football prfessionalny, . but at no clubs in the area! if I have a chance right now to get a professional club! in their school I'm the best player and our team, no one can beat, I am a childhood dream to play football! What if you could help! Thanks for earlier! bye!,
  • MISSOCHKA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka, YOU-BEST!
  • MISSOCHKA for Dmitri Sychev
  • Jeanne for Dmitri Sychev
  • not interested in football, but with the fact that Dmitri ??? attractive agrees. alas .. stars are not up to us
  • Q for Dmitri Sychev
  • what are you Nuts
  • Vadik 12 years for Dmitri Sychev
  • Vadik Okulov 12 years for Dmitri Sychev
  • Hi bob I wish you victory if uvidesh Karel Say hello to a son Evo saseda at Novosibirsk St. serebnikovskoy I was a little More kagda he lived there he was walking with my dog attsom ================ ====

  • Sveta for Dmitri Sychev
  • Do you have a wife
  • Lena for Dmitri Sychev
  • bob you better footballer
  • Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimochka, I congratulate you on the Day of Rodzheniya!
  • Olga Sychev for Dmitri Sychev
  • Dimulya, Happy Birthday! I love you!
  • ????? for Dmitri Sychev
  • Happy Birthday You're the best
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