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Comments for Ilya NOSKOV (ILYA NOSKOV)
Young talented actor - Ilya Noskov - lives in St. Petersburg for almost 10 years. Since then, as not finishing school in New Kakhovka Kherson region, came to do in Petersburg Theater Academy. Admissions lied, that the certificate will bring later, and when the deception was opened, he began to combine their studies in the academy with classes in night school. As a student, he starred in advertising "Stimorol" and a few minor episodes of serials. This fame has fallen on him after the television series "Azazel", where he played the role of Erast Fandorin. Now he's an actor Alexandrinsky theater and engaged in a huge number of performances.

Before "Azazel" he knew very few. Especially when you consider that fans of the theater in Russia is much less than moviegoers. But it is in the Alexandrinsky Theater Ilya Noskov held as an actor. Is not surprising that his first film role - the main role. As we know, only on the stage brought great professional film actor.

Ilya Noskov was only twenty-three years, when he was invited to play in a "Azazel". Director of the film was Alexander Adabashyan, and the script he wrote the same novel by Boris Akunin (real name - George Chkhartishvili). They were directly involved in the selection of actors. In the role of Erast Fandorin author of the novel saw Oleg Menshikov, but eventually agreed that the young actor to play a detective of the same age. And Oleg Menshikov to play already adolescent, Fandorin in the film on another novel Akunin - "The State Counselor".

"It was a complicated process - says the director. - We have a very good director Casting - Natalia Kremenskaya. She and I watched a lot of graduates from acting schools in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Natalia to my arrival in St. Petersburg has already selected a group of artists. And I, as a dentist, took them one by one. Among them was Ilya and. We rehearse a little - and a sense that it falls perfectly into the image. In my opinion, this is the perfect choice ".

Boris Akunin, seeing the actor, insisted that he, as two drops of water like his hero. "We Akunin talked for two hours - said Noskov. - When he saw me, once said: "Oh, I see that you - Fandorin".

"Before I adopted the role of Fandorin, Akunin's novels I read - says Ilya Noskov, - and here at once, overnight, literally" swallowed "" Azazel ". Amazing: a man with words creates a full sense of the era. Once - and I get while. Besides, I was amazed at the incredible coincidence: my solo performances, . example, . on the "Bronze Horseman" and "Twelve", . also from the nineteenth century, . moreover, . seems, . I like my open and enthusiastic character to, . that in my life, too, there were many cases, . when he had to extricate himself from acute situations, . quickly make a decision,
. I really wanted to play the role of Fandorin, because I thought - this is my. But the other novels I read Akunin does not allow, because they Fandorin some quite different.

. According to the actor, with his Fandorin combines propensity to madness: "I am one of those who usually say: Do not go there, there you shall eat the gray wolf, and I, on the contrary, it is going there, having rejected all advice
. I generally like to climb somewhere. In the book Fandorin walk along the ledges, drowning - and I am in my life, too, was sinking and made his way along the ledges. Well, on the eaves let somehow tell the girl to whom I climbed into the window ... "

The venue for the European period of investigation of the case "Azazel" were Prague and Karlovy Vary, this is where the first shots were filmed with the participation of the leading man. Moreover, they remind Ilya Noskov a truly stunt adventures. All the tricks he played without a backup. "When the shooting took place in the Czech Republic, I was crawling on the roof with a gun in the first day of shooting. Moreover, under the eaves no bedding. And there is low - ten yards - but still do not want to fall. In the wall of the notches are narrow, and the shoes I have coarse, thick-soled, barely into these grooves stuffing. And then the rain came. Slippery ... Miraculously, not broke! But the horror was when I was drowned in a bag. Pure rivulet at Karlovy Vary, full of trout, only the temperature is plus two degrees. I was wearing a wet suit to keep warm, but still it was cold.

Oh, sorry, underwater filming was not! I had to swim out from under the bridge. And while waiting for the water calmed down, sat on the pillars of the bridge, clasping her hands and feet, as any bear, koala on a tree. "

Filming for Ilya Noskov become a real test. Especially if you remember corset "Lord Byron". "I did aspen waist - complains actor. - In a corset and breathe, it was impossible, and yet it was still and moving. When I wore it, he understood why the men in those times in fifty years, died. In the longer jacket and not live! "

Shooting Stage - something completely different, different from the stage. As previously Noskov played only in the theater, then this contrast for him was the most obvious: "In the theater you play the draft - and normally. And here my head is not vertical. We must get it published, then in the shadow ... "

. One of the most remarkable performances in Noskova Alexandrinsky theater was the premiere of the play "Veter", combining two mystical poem of St. Petersburg - "Twelve" by Alexander Blok and the Bronze Horseman by Alexander Pushkin
. For a young actor's work on this performance was an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity. "For an actor can express themselves only by their roles - said Ilya. - I hope this performance. He lives in me for six years. Initially, the idea to make a play on the "Bronze Horseman". Even in the Theater Academy I was very fond of Pushkin read his works on Yahontovskom contest. We not only worked on by the text of the poem, trying to discover the author's meaning, but also learned an enormous amount of literature about the "Bronze Horseman" and the life of the poet. So all the time is internal work, suddenly opening up new meanings. I do not like bias towards beginner dancers: "A young, hot, wants a lot: Yes, I'm hot and cool, like many others, I do not want. Not want to become stale. If young, it does not mean stupid or do not know how. We also each given something. And the internal work should be a constant. Everyone is for something to hold, at least ask ourselves the question, at first glance, a simple: "Why should we live?"

Even as a child, Ilya decided that would be an actor, and therefore make every effort to achieve its goal. He was born in the Kherson region, a small town in New Kakhovka. It is not finished school, came to St. Petersburg and had the courage to enroll in a theater academy, with no passport, no diploma. And when passed, said members of the selection committee: "Well, well, and the documents I will give you then - I have not graduated from school ... "

"I studied at night school and also attended the Academy illegally - says Ilya. - Then immediately got on the second course. I had a terrible Ukrainian accent, a professor of speech from me all this knocked four years. "

Despite the fact that the actor Ilya Noskov - a new identity in the starry sky, the paparazzi have not pursued it and books about it do not write. Nevertheless, some facts of his biography is not hiding from the media's attention and his fans. For example, well aware that he has a wife, and together they have three years. Her name is Irina, her makeup artist, working in film and theater.
. Maria Alexandrova

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