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Comments for THE BEE GEES
Biography THE BEE GEES
Robin Jibb (1949) - vocals
. Barry Jibb (1947) - vocals, guitar
. Maurice Jibb (1949) - vocals, guitar

. In the history of world music, some are three most influential giant letter "B" (THE BEATLES, THE BEACH BOYS and THE BEE GEES)
. On the merits of the latter, we'll talk more in detail, . because Jibb brothers still stand in, . maintained and supported by good weather on the musical horizon of four decades, . what they melomanskoe big thank, . and close the five great musicians (Elvis, . THE BEATLES, . Jackson, . McCartney and the BEE GEES), . who managed to sell over 100 million records,
. At the same time The Bee Gees wrote their global hits exclusively for yourself, without anyone outside help.

The history of this legendary team leads us in the post-war Europe, the British island of Isle Of Man, where a family of musicians Hugh Jibb born sons Barry (Barry, r. 1.09.1946 g.) - he broke out of turn - and the twins and Robin Morris (Maurice & Robin, P. 22/12/1949), who had to wait three years and to share the same womb. From early childhood, when Jibb moved to Manchester in the eerie music, the whole trio with great trepidation captures every sound, which is extracted from the father of the guitar. He was the leader of the local rock and roll group, and often their children acquainted with the musical innovations. That he sons were obliged to his early propensity for singing and playing musical instruments. Children heard the harmony of sounds, and since 1955 with his father began to pretend to be a real family rock band in local theaters.

In 1958 the family emigrated to Australia. There, kids grow up in her eyes and soon established a group of BEE GEES (acronym for Brothers Gibb). Their musical career began with a presentation on the clubs Brisbane, where they are perceived not as a way of amusing the kids on stage. After signing to Australian record label Festival Records, . teenager trio Jibb was storming the Australian charts in the first half of the 60-ies, . received a good reputation on the mainland kengurianskom, . but remained unknown outside,

For the first time brothers Jibb appeared in an Australian TV show in 1959, performing a couple songs of his own composition. Second appearance, had the rank of "stars" of the local scale, took place in 1963 with the unpretentious song in the style of "pseudo-folk" "The Battle Of Blue And Grey" - they formed the basis for the first single Bee Gees. At first the trio did not look too presentable - mouthed teenagers yesterday with his buck teeth sticking out and a frozen smile on his face, of course, could not compete with their idols - a charming quartet from Liverpool. But even then began to show the individual features of each, which further enabled the Bee Gees to buy your own, easily recognizable face. The charisma and appeal of Barry supplemented with high, slightly tremulous timbre Robin for a long time became the "first voice" of. As for the shy and almost voiceless Maurice, he gladly depicted in the group edakogo Ringo Starr (for whom he became strongly resemble age). Modesty and sea awkward charm made Maurice as a necessary member of the group, as well as his more talented brothers

. Responsibilities of the group allocated simply: Barry took the hard work of the composer (by the way, . first appreciation of his efforts he received in 1965, . when a local radio station awarded him the title of "the composer of the year"), . Robin is responsible for vocals, . concurrently putting his hand to the works of Barry,
. For four years the Australian career, the brothers recorded about 60 songs of his own, not counting the obligatory rock-n-roll hits and popular groups beloved The Beatles headed. All this material was quite of a good quality (what can see the happy owners of two-plate anthology Birth Of Brilliance or trehdiskovogo collection Rare Precious And Beautiful), . However, international hits, no song is clearly not pulling,
. However, at first the brothers were content and the title of "Best of the Australian group", received in 1966. However, before returning to England in 1967 - the brothers decided to try their luck at home - the plate "Spicks And Specks" was headed by Australian chartsy.

January 24, 1967 took their fateful meeting with the manager Robert Stigvudom, a former assistant manager of the famous Beatles' Brian Epstein and director of his company NEMS. Stigvud long floated the idea to grow his own "The Beatles", and was very pleased so suddenly fallen down into his hands with happiness. He was particularly pleased that, unlike most other groups of that time, the brothers themselves wrote entire repertoire and subtly capturing the mood of the audience, present them with exactly what they wanted to hear. First thing Stigvud decided to turn the trio in the quintet, is inviting Australian musicians Vince Miloon and Colin Peterson. This was followed by contracts with the British company Polydor, and with the U.S. Atlantic, and the band released their first UK single, "New York Mining Disaster 1941". Already in this thing we could see the distinctive characteristics of musical styles The Bee Gees: melodic, distinctive vocals, remarkably harmonious combination of votes. The song entered the Top 20 singles in the U.S. and Britain, and the first album - in the Top 10 in both countries. Then followed the wonderful ballad "To Love Somebody", "Holiday", "Words" (this thing played and Elvis Presley) and "I Started A Joke", and "Massachusetts" (1967) and "I've Gotta Get A Message To You "(1968) led the British chartsy.

However, a succession of triumphs and setbacks followed: overindulgence in drugs and disputes over the leadership of the fabric of the group-hot. In late 1968 the group left Miloon, then and brothers quarreled, and Robin - then he was the lead vocalist - has decided to start a solo career. His single "Saved By The Bell" became in 1969 one of the most famous of British hits, and the remaining brothers, as it seemed to many, doomed to self-destruction - they drove Peterson. However, as a duo, Maurice and Barry still succeed - and the equal success of Robin - with the song "Don't Forget To Remember Me". But shortly after the release of this single of his resignation and said Barry Jibb, and for some time, the group ceased to exist. Then the decay Bee Gees many seemed logical - a century-bit groups explicitly expire. However, this is clearly not suited Stigvuda, who pulled the reins tighter and persuaded Barry to stay, and Robin - return. Since then - since 1970 - the brothers did not break up, and although each of them went solo records, the unity of The Bee Gees seems indestructible.

Left at next year's singles "Lonely Days" and "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" sold millions of copies in the U.S.. Reborn Bee Gees changed the image and musical style - the place came to bat melodic pop in the style of Elton John, . flavored with a little bit of psychedelia and art-rock (this is especially clearly manifested in the album Odessa), however, after several transatlantic hit positions BEE GEES again shaken, . but for objective reasons,
. They began to imagine how unfashionable old men, to cause only seizures of nostalgia. This led them to conclude a three-year club in the north of England, in places, not very suitable for performances of world stars. Barry recalled, . that there were many wonderful good people, . who liked their music, . BEE GEES but did not want to finish his career in cabarets Yet crisis of the early seventies could not affect the work, . and own company Stigvuda RSO, . which was now to produce products of brothers, . refused to publish their album, . recorded in 1974,
. However, this was partly for political reasons - in this album, the brothers allowed themselves to some reckless statements about the war in Vietnam.

In any case, a temporary break from Stigvudom group went to the benefit of. Jibb have a new producer, Arif Mardin, which is slightly reoriented their work in the direction of soul and funk. Recorded under the guidance of Mardin, the album under the playful title "Main Course" and the single "Jive Talkin '": The album has sold a million copies, and the single was released in the first row of American and British chartsov. That Jive Talkin became the first clip in the disco hits of Bee Gees, which they, in fact, owe their fading is not yet popular. And although the sweet voice of Robin still is best manifested in the ballads, change the orientation of the group to dance motifs, no one in doubt. For the second half of the seventies musicians working in the disco, and so much success that in 1977 Stigvud decided to release a film about the "phenomenon of disco" with John Travolta. It was called "Saturday Night Fever", almost all music to him recorded and performed The Bee Gees, and the soundtrack became the most replicated "movies, album" of all time - the record is not broken and still.

Around the same time as recording "Saturday Night Fever", a grand debut of another family member Jibb, younger brother Andy. 19-year-old Andy Jibb started with his debut album "Flowing Rivers" and within a short time has become a real idol of teenagers. Andy Jibb forever marked in history as the first solo artist who has consistently achieved first place in the charts with three of his singles, which, by the way, as well as other songs from the five emerged from Andy's album were written by his brothers. This family has Jibb to the early 80's an interesting result which was expressed in unchangeable leadership alternately records Bee Gees and Andy Jibb. Unfortunately, promising Andy sat on the needle in the mid-80's and later turned out to be bankrupt

. Now the brothers themselves their work was produced - in collaboration with Karl Richardson and Albee Geylatinom, . their belongings, . they wrote for other artists (Samantha Sang, . Yvonne Elliman, . their younger brother Andy), . in the late 77-th - early 78-th years held all the top ranks of American tables,
. Song "Too Much Heaven", "Tragedy", "Love You Inside Out" continued the list of their victories, and then Barry Jibb wrote the main thing for the movie "Grease", and the group as a whole appeared in the film Stigvuda "lonely hearts club Sgt Pepper". In this tape Stigvud collected, in addition to Bee Gees, the whole clip first-magnitude stars - Peter Fremptona, group Aerosmith and Earth, Wind & Fire, Alice Cooper ... The resulting mixed team "played" a very controversial subject, based on the songs of Beatles, but at the same time and played almost a full repertoire of Beatles album Abbey Road and Sgt Pepper proper. Artistic value of the film (and in particular "frozen" game the brothers Jibb) immediately raised doubts, but the soundtrack turned out to be extremely successful. Blagogovevshie before The Beatles brothers Jibb more carefully other participants reacted to the film songs, originals, and some of their versions still looks very decent.

The last successful album was the 70's "Spirits Having Flown", which became a sort of quintessence of creativity Bee Gees. Incidentally, this disc was written as a time during the filming of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band "in the most severe drug intoxication, and is still considered the most consummate pop album of the UK. After his Bee Gees released a "Living Eyes", which did not repeat the success of the previous album, and in general has turned a rather weak. In the early eighties came down to no disco boom, . and with it, and the popularity of The Bee Gees: continuation of "Saturday Night Fever", . film "Staying Alive", . released in 1983, . was far less successful, . solo projects brothers also were not to the public to taste, . and during this decade, the brothers, . mostly, . did the, . they wrote music for other artists, . such as Barbra Streisand, . Kenny Rogers, . Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross,

They returned to the charts in 1987, writing "You Win Again", received a special award "for twenty creative contribution to British music" in 1988 again began to perform live. But by that time hobby brothers drug reached its logical conclusion - the youngest member of the family died Jibb Andy. He died from an overdose of cocaine in the age of 30, 10 March 1988, when he was already lying in the hands of a new music contract with Island Records. "Personally, I believe that he is still with us, - says Maurice Jibb. - He went through many tragedies in life, but now these horrors were over. He is now with her father, and I do not think of him as dead, I know that he is with us ". Minute of silence. Morris continues: "Bad. This road does not lead anywhere. People think that cocaine and ecstasy - is one big, gay party. But nobody thinks that all parties end. I remember how it was and marvel at how much you have to be trusty to live as we lived ".

In "ESP" (1987) were more albums - "One", "Size Isn't Everything", but the Bee Gees music as if it lost its expressiveness, has become more commercial and, consequently, less interesting. Realizing this, the brothers in 1993. decided to take a break and a break that lasted for a good four years.

1997. marked by the release of the album "Still Waters", . which immediately went into the US Top 10, . documentary "Kepple Road: The life and Music of the Bee Gees", . 4 international music awards (whose names I will not give, . because they still will not tell you anything) and the huge profits from the sale of the old album "Best ц╝f ц▓he Bee Gees", . also making the top ten, . but in England,
. In one day with the release of Still Water Bee Gees hit the "Hall of Fame Rock and Roll" in Cleveland. Showered down the wave of remixes made fashionable dance groups N-Trance, Take That and Boyzone, on the basis of which soon went out and tribute album We Love You Bee Gees. The first single "Alone" from "Still Waters" was one of the most loved tracks radio listeners around the world in 1997, . and the album sold well, . clearly complaining Jibb return to their favorite rhythm and blues of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder and provoking another public nostalgia for the good old Bee Gees,
. And then 20-year anniversary of "Saturday Night Fever" arrived,. Robert Stigvud, producer of the original film version and the soundtrack, decided to make a theatrical production of the same name, and the classic Bee Gees songs revived. Plus, what the brothers wrote for her one more song "Immorality", performed by Celine Dion. The role Travolta played a young Australian actor. In the autumn of that year the band went to the most ambitious of his career as a tour of four continents. Concert in Las Vegas, they liked the most, and 25 of his songs Jibb included in its new live compilation "One Night Only", which comes out September 7. In short, now old men BEE GEES vivid of all living, so please, enjoy the health of their harmonious music, and do not forget to ask the parents in what was popular or that song. History need to know.


Bee Gees sing and play 14 Barry Gibb songs Polydor 1965
Bee Gees 1.st Polydor 1967
Horizontal Polydor 1968
Idea Polydor 1968
Rare, precious and beautiful, vol. 1 Polydor 1968
Rare, precious and beautiful, vol. 2 Polydor 1968
Rare, precious and beautiful, vol. 3 Polydor 1969
Odessa Polydor 1969
Cucumber Castle (Barry and Maurice Gibb) Polydor 1970
Two years on Polydor 1970
Trafalgar Polydor 1971
To whom it may concern Polydor 1972
Life in a tin can RSO 1973
Mr. Natural RSO 1974
Main course RSO 1975
Children of the world RSO 1976
Here at last .. Bee Gees .. Live RSO 1977
Saturday Night Fever RSO 1977
Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band RSO 1978
Spirits having flown RSO 1979
Living eyes RSO 1981
Stayin 'alive RSO 1983
ESP. Warner 1987
. One Warner 1989
. Tales of the Brothers Gibb (4 cd / lp / mc) Polydor 1990
. High Civilization Warner 1991
. Size Isn't Everything Warner 1993
. Still Waters Polydor 1997

. Solo albums:

. Now Voyager (1984)
. Hawks (1988)
. Robin's Reign (1970)
. How Old Dare You (1983)
. Secret Agent (1984)
. Walls Have Eyes (1985)

. Flowing Rivers (1977)
. Shadow Dancing (1978)
. After Dark (1980)


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THE BEE GEES, photo, biography
THE BEE GEES, photo, biography THE BEE GEES  Music Group, photo, biography
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