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Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)

( Actress)

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Biography Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
photo Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
Name: Jennifer Eve Garth.
. Born: April 3, 1972.
. Place of Birth: City Urbana, Illinois.
. Now lives: In Jenny has a home in Los Angeles and a farm not far from Santa Barbara, where her parents live.
. Parents: John and Carolyn.
. Brothers: John and Chuck.
. Sisters: Lisa, Kemi, Wendy, Lynn.
. Hobbies: Horseback riding, gardening around the house.
. Children: June 29, 1997, by Jenny and her husband Peter Fatsinelli daughter, who was named Luca Bella

Jennifer Hart was born April 3, 1972 in Urbana, Illinois. Place of birth did not promise anything stellar and outstanding. The farm is 25 acres, rural lifestyle, large family and the provincial routine. Her father, John Hart was a school administrator, teacher and mother, Carolyn. Jenny was the youngest child in the family, she had to continue wearing the old things her sisters and brothers. However, it is impossible to say that she was unloved. She has always treated as the youngest in the family and not pinned much hope. Its fate was virtually solved. Birth of a provincial city in America meant a special kind of life characteristic only for Srendnego West. Particularly outstanding success in the school, Jenny did not show, so that the parents were thinking about the device its work in what a grocery store or something better - in the office secretary. To the place where she lived, it was not very bad, and even in some degree is prestigious, so did many. After high school, many girls went to stand behind the counter or to pick papers on the desk chief. Some, of course, continued their education in college, but there was not much. After studies at the College of supposed special relationship with the parents, independence, and what is particularly relevant to life in general. Besides tuition fees had to pay, and few agreed to work only in order to ensure sobstvennoke training.

All the way would have been if the family moved to the city of Phoenix, Arizona. This happened when Jenny was 13 years old. The purpose of this move remains a mystery to me. Perhaps the best knows this herself, Jenny. One way or another, but this fact of her biography is a watershed in terms of her career. There she meets the director of ABC Broadcasting Corporation. It was he who first noted the talent and ability to Jenny's acting skills. This meeting sosotoyalas the competition "Young Beauties", in which Jenny Accepted as part debutante. Then she received a proposal withdrawn. Tempting offer was prinyatno, and at age 15 with his family, Jenny moved to Los Angeles. Since moving to California she still have the impression. Los Angeles struck her with their beauty and unusualness. Here she started filming a TV series called "A Brand New Life". This was her debut as an actress. The success of this series brought Jenny popularity, she earned a name and it appeared first fans.

At the age of 18 years, it was in 1990, she was invited to the role of Kelly Taylor in the television series "Beverly Hills 90210". This project has glorified it to the greatest extent. Her heroine Kelly Taylor, a girl who lives in Beverly Hills - an expensive and prestigious raione Los Angeles. In this series we are introduced to the life and relationships of young people living there, . witness the many events, . occurring with, . we are able to trace a large part of their lives, . from school years and ending with the release adulthood,
. This episode, Jenny has brought the global popularity. Career actress was held, at the age of 18 years, Jenny has been known throughout America, magazines were full of pictures and more and more producers and directors offered her lucrative contracts.

. Jenny co-starred in many films, her participation in numerous television series has brought her enormous popularity
. Now she has a house in Beverly Hills and a ranch in Santa Barbara. She has a daughter Luca Bella, born June 22, 1997. In terms of her hobbies include dancing, horseback riding and gardening. Jenny is also involved in numerous campaigns for the Protection of Animals PETA. Careers Jenny and the ability to pursue its role model for many.

Films and serials with Jennie Garth:

"Growing Pains" (1985) Denis in episode: "Great Adventure Ben and Mike"
Brand New Life, A (1989) (film) .... Eric
"Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) TV series .... Kelly Taylor
Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) (film) .... Kelly Taylor
"Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990 )............... Mies. Sausvit in episode: "The Real McCoy"
. "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990 )............ Michael Carson in episode: "Time will come today"
. "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" (1990) Herself in episode: "The great tragedy"
. "Larry Sanders Show, The" (1992) Herself in episode: "Sitko Larry"
. "Melrose Place" (1992 )................ Kelly Taylor
. Star (1993) (TV) .... Crystal Wyatt
. Without Consent (1994) (film) ...
. Laura Mills
Lies of the Heart: The Story of Laurie Kellogg (1994) (film) .... Laurie Kellogg
Falling for You (1995) (film) .... Meg Crane
Unfinished Affair, An (1996) (film) .... Sheila Hart
Loss of Innocence, A (1996) (film) .... Chelnisiya Bone
Power 98 (1996) .... Sharon Penn
My Brother's War (1997) .... Mary
Telling You (1998) .... Amber
. "Total Request with Carson Daly" (1998 )............. Herself

. Jobs producer:

. Without Consent (1994) (movie) Executive Producer
. Falling for You (1995) (film) creative exclusive producer
. Unfinished Affair, An (1996) (movie) Executive Producer
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. Photos of Jennie Garth

Photos of Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)

Photos of Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)

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  • Garpun for Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • What a beautiful girl! I have a wife!
  • Vova for Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Rare combination of excellent external appearance with expressiveness, sensuality, reflecting in the eyes and facial expressions. Good actress, can be comical and dramatic.
  • Dia for Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • I adore this actress!
  • Anita for Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • very beautiful actress! :)))
  • Andrew for Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)
  • Hi Jenny. You very beautiful girl, maybe his wife. You are my most п?я?я?я?п°я? nravishsya actress and I am very, very much. I see most п?я?я?я?п?п№ your film. He liked me and you withdrew it is beautiful. I kiss your a fan of Andrew.
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    Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth), photo, biography
    Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth), photo, biography Unitary Jenny (Jennie Garth)  Actress, photo, biography
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