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Comments for GATHERING
Team History words drummer Hans Rutten: "The trio called GATHERING appeared in October 1989: it was composed of I, Rene Rutten (guitar) and Bart Smith (vocalist). Napoleon's plans, of course, at that time was not a trace: we know myself pinned, playing something in the spirit adored by us all dreaming of CELTIC FROST and write at least one decent demo tape. Rehearsing, experimenting ... and dreams began to slowly come to pass: after DEZ-Dumova demos "Moonlight Archer" group has matured as much for the whole album! "Always ...", . as we have decided to name, . were a all the same doom / death, . but with many other elements - such as synthesizers and female backing vocals (provided by Marike Groot),

. Yes, . you say, . in those days did the same PARADISE LOST on his famous "Gothic" - but we were quicker! Speaking as something with "Paradise" in Belgium, . we simply reproduce the entire studio sound of our album "live", . they completely failed ..,
. The lyrics were completely at the mercy of Bart - and he was talented devil! Eternal Love, . transience of life, . dreams and attempts to translate them into reality, . global problems of humanity - all mixed up in his fancy, . but beautiful and poetic texts ..,
. Now I do not communicate with him, and it would tell more in detail! Lucky for those who managed to get one of the vinyl records from our first album: they were released only in the number of 1000 pieces ... If we talk about sales in general - we did not know how many copies were sold. Surely our former office Foundation 2000 something on this poimela, but the crappy contract that we signed with them, we know almost nothing given ...

The following is the worst part of the band's history - a period when we parted company with the two vocalists, Bart and Marike, and took the vacant place Nilza Duffuesa and Martin van Loon. It was polneshy nightmare! I, . sure, . still think our next album, . "Almost a Dance", . very strong and the quality of work: There are present and interesting harmonies, . and thoughtful arrangements, . and an experimental spirit - all the best of all would be just super ..,
. if not a "but".

The fact that in itself Nils could sing, and quite well, as Mike Patton of FAITH NO MORE, or something like that, but his singing is absolutely incongruous with the music we were doing at the time. As for Martina, she could not sing at all, but it was still so bad. Much worse was, when it became clear that they Niels simply lethal way hate each other and completely incapable of working together. They have not even talked to each other, and when we were going to rehearsals and concerts, started a natural massacre ... I've never met people who rage at the sight of so of each other! All this is, you know, it was intolerable, and after the 12 th or 13 th concert Niels had to expel from the group.

Not long, however, endured and Martin - she was fired after the team scored one important Session ... Album bezzhalosno criticized - and reviews every day grew worse and Khoja, and concerts have become a living hell, with a nasty screaming and throwing various objects at the unpleasant scene. This was, again, a terrible period, a black stripe of our lives, but had to endure and harden ... In early 1994, we had to go with Rene in the army for nine whole months, so rehearsing only on holidays and weekends - at the time the group was already five people without vocal. The main problem was to restore the old spirit, the old enthusiasm and a desire to do that order poistrepalis in numerous scrapes with the label and within the team ... At one time, wanted to continue in a purely instrumental form - but then realized that it would not roll, because vocal opposition of pure angelic voice has always been important feature GATHERING.

Began the long quest - people came and went, but nothing perfectly appropriate and not loomed ... until such time as one of our mutual friends did not take us for a rehearsal of his girl. Her name was Anneke - and very soon the group happened to replenish the magic - for one person, but what! The thing with this very second went just like clockwork. Century Media offered a contract, we Renee finished their service, songs were written quickly and easily ... Anneke turned our whole world! It was a real miracle, one of the main parts of which became a regular album, "Mandylion". I will not praise him now - too much has been said an enthusiastic criticism ... The first song, "Strange Machines", instantly became the single? 1 in Netherlands.

Success, however, was slightly marred by the death of one of our good friends - the album, in general, is dedicated to him and so tragically-emotional atmosphere is present on every song, it is impossible not to feel and not feel. Actually, originally for this work was written nine things, but one of them, "Solar Glider" seemed to us very happy and relaxed for the sad "Mandylion", and therefore remained "overboard". Then followed the albums "Nighttimebirds" (1998), "How to Measure a Planet" (1998) and the live album "Superheat" (2000) - but I do not want to give all this, any assessment ... maybe later ... Much more interesting, perhaps, to talk now about the new release, "if_then_else", while fresh sensations and memories ... He received, in my opinion, a "fatal," stringent than the "How to Measure a Planet", but along with the energetic there are, of course, and the gentle, delicate, quiet songs, albeit in a more experimental vein, and severe than previous album. We are too tired of relaxation "How to Measure a Planet", . at this stage wanted some speakers, . power, . rate, . finally! I am personally very pleased with the result, . and hope, . that "if_then_else" GATHERING will be another step on the ladder to success "..,
. This is what told Hans Rutten ... now you a very "important miracle" team, Anneke.

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  • With just п+яLпTпЁп¦п+п+п¦я¦, and above all versatile, all advise.
  • Nick for GATHERING
  • With just п+яLпTпЁп¦п+п+п¦я¦, and above all versatile, all advise.
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