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Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder)
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When the family a little Stevie Wonder moved to Detroit, his mother was afraid to let his blind from birth of seven sons play on the street. Since then, strictly speaking, and began his musical career future. Order somehow to pass the time, little Stevie hours worked so that the knock spoons on pots and pans rhythm, trying to play along with tunes he heard on the radio. Eventually he learned himself to play several musical instruments and began performing in local church. Soon about gifted boy already knew the whole district.

His fame reached, so to speak, "critical mass" when he came to listen to prodigy Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown. Hearing the response of ten musicians, Gordie same hour the same sign a contract with him. Wonder's first album with Motown "12-Year-Old Genius" and gave his first hit "Fingertips, Part 2". Together with artists Motown boy goes on tour and write songs "Uptight (Everything" s Alright) "," For Once in My Life "and" I Was Made To Love Her ".

While Wonder was a co-producer and composer of his albums and he played several instruments, the framework of Motown were cramped for him. As soon as he turn 21 as he left the group to begin a solo career. His departure from Motown was a difficult step, but it allowed him to start their own studio experiments. I Wonder There are some records, which combine elements of different styles: gospel, rock 'n' roll, jazz, African and Latin American rhythms. In the end, Wonder again finds common ground with Gordy, Motown and helps him in implementing the album "Music of My Mind". In 1972, Steve went on tour with the Rolling Stones, to open their program. The tour brought the musician known among the white audience and became a turning point in his career.

In the period from 1972 to 1976 Wonder one after the other creates a few hits, some of which have already become classics ( "Superwoman", "You Are The Sunshine of My Live", "Superstition"). A terrible car accident in 1973, nearly costing the life of a musician, made Wonder rethink much in this world. He begins to pay great attention of charity and assistance to disadvantaged. Wonder puts pressure on the federal government to make the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday. In 1982 he gave a concert of the world, promoting nuclear disarmament. And of course, he composed many songs for the rights of black and for the achievement of racial harmony (including with Paul McCartney's "Ebony and Ivory"). Wonder wrote the famous "We Are the World", dedicated to the fight against hunger. Not so long ago for his contribution to the struggle against apartheid, he received a personal invitation and a meeting with South African President Nelson Mandela, who uttered the following words: "Stevie Wonder - My son and I say to him with great respect"

. In the 90's Wonder recorded the soundtrack to Spike Lee's sensational film "Jungle Fever" and produces vaunted criticism album "Conversation Peace", . which took eight years for its completion, . but, . the opinion of experts, . worth the time spent on it,
. Wonder's long career is remarkable not only because, . it is, . undoubtedly, . musical genius, . but those, . it throughout this time bravely overcame numerous obstacles and barriers - and most importantly a physical disability, . blindness,
. Take, for his part in a recent charity auction, when he sat behind the wheel and drove to the scene at the famous James Bond's BMW Roadster.

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  • dasha for Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder)
  • Jan for Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder)
  • I really like Stevie Wonder, I'd like to get to his concert in Moscow.
  • rustem for Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder)
  • attentively listen to a concert st.w. --and you will understand that this music can and should live ...
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    Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder), photo, biography
    Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder), photo, biography Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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