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Stevie Ray Vaughan

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Stevie Ray Vaughan
Born: October 3, 1954, Dallas, Texas, USA (Dallas, TX)
. Died: August 27, 1990, East Troy, Wisconsin, USA
. Genre: Blues-rock
. Style: Modern Electric Texas Blues, Blues-Rock, Modern Electric, Blues
. Instruments: Vocals, Guitar (Vocals, Guitar)
. Record company: Epic (10), Sony (4)

. Stevie Ray Vaughan his amazing guitar filigree technique initiated the revival of the blues in the 80-ies
. Just having absorbed the performing style of such bluesmen, . as Albert King (Albert King), . Otis Rush (Otis Rush), . Muddy Waters (Muddy Waters) and rok'n'rolschikov like Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix) and Lonnie Mack (Lonny Mack), . and "wandering" guitarists like Kenny Burrell (Kenny Burrell, . he created a unique guitar style and sound, . unlike anything one famous guitarist, . with, . regardless of the genre of performance,

Vaughan eliminated the dividing line between blues and rock, but it failed to make any musician from the late 60-ies. For seven years, Stevie Ray was the guitarist, who is equaled in American blues, his concerts were sold out with, his albums became gold. The tragic death in 1990 gave a special mystical significance of his impact on American rock and roll and blues.

Stevie Ray was born and raised in Dallas. As a child he began playing the guitar, taking a cue from his elder brother Jimmy, and his school years playing in various "garage" groups, which from time to time receive an engagement for one-time performances in local clubs.

. At age 17 he left school to devote himself entirely to music
. The first real group Vaughan was "The Cobras", which played in the clubs of Austin in the mid 70-ies. After the collapse of the group in 1975, he formed a "Triple Threat": bassist Jackie Newhouse (Jackie Newhouse), drummer Chris Layton (Chris Layton), and vocalist Lou Ann Burton (Lou Ann Barton). In 1978, after several years of performing in Texas bars and clubs, Burton left the band. Group agreed to continue performance under a different name - "Double Trouble" - the idea of the name came from the Otis Rush song of the same name, became the group's lead singer Steve Ray. In the next few years, Steve Ray and "Double Trouble" played at Austin, becoming one of the most popular ensembles in Texas.

In 1982 the group performed at the festival in Montreux. This performance attracted the attention of David Bowie and Jackson Browne. David Bowie has invited Steve to play his new album, and Brown suggested that the group's free to join his studio "Downtown" in Los Angeles. Both proposals were accepted.

In 1982, Steve Ray proceeded to record a guitar track on the album Bowie's "Let's Dance". Soon, John Hammond suggested that Steve and "Double Trouble" contract with record company "Epic", and the group for a few days, recorded their debut album "Texas Flood". This album went on sale in the summer of 1983, a few months later an album Bowie's "Let's Dance". Participation in the project ensured Bowie Steve Ray attention, but "Texas Flood" was a real blockbuster blues, receiving positive feedback from both the blues and in rok'n'rolnyh publications. Bowie invited Stevie to become the leading guitarist in the upcoming 1983 tour, but he refused, preferring to play in the Double Trouble. Stevie Ray and "Double Trouble" were successfully perform in concerts and soon recorded their second album "Couldn't Stand the Weather", which appeared in May 1984. Album turned out more successful than the previous one, reached the 31st place in the charts. And in late 1985 the album has become the gold. In 1985, for "Double Trouble" Uaynens joined by keyboardist Reese (Reese Wynans). The band recorded their third album, "Soul To Soul", which was released in August 1985 and also had success, taking 34 in the charts.

Steve's career developed rapidly, and he is deeply immersed in alcohol and drug dependence. Despite deteriorating health, Vaughan continued to work, firing in October 1986 a double live album "Live Alive". In early 1987, he went to the American tour. During the tour, got into a rehabilitation clinic. For a long time spent in the clinic has not passed unnoticed, and the following year for Stevie and "Double Trouble" was inactive. In 1988, Vaughan took part in several concerts, . including a performance at the Festival New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, . and recorded his fourth album "In Step", . which appeared in June 1989 and became his best album, . received the prize "Grammy" in the category of best blues-record,
. Six months after the disc went gold.

In the spring of 1990, Steve Ray and his brother Jimmy recorded an album, which was assumed to leave at the end of the year. In the late summer of 1990, the Vaughan, and "Double Trouble" went on a tour of America. August 26, 1990 in their hometown of East Troy, they were in the final jam with Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan and Robert Kreem. After the concert, Stevie Ray Vaughan sat in the helicopter, fly to Chicago. At 0:30, a minute after takeoff the helicopter crashed to the ground. Vaughan and four passengers were killed. He was only 35 years old.

"Family" album, recorded a duet with Stevie's brother Jimmie, was released in October and took the 7 th supenku in the charts. This drive began a series of posthumous publications, which have become as popular as the lifetime albums Vaughan. Album "The Sky is Crying" - collection of studio recordings, compiled Jimmie Vaughan, was released in October 1991. The disc went platinum three months after. "In the Beginning" - live recording "Double Trouble" in 1980 appeared in the autumn of 1992, but a collection of "Greatest Hits" - in 1995.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan, photo, biography
Stevie Ray Vaughan, photo, biography Stevie Ray Vaughan  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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